The bad


At the beginning of this blogging malarkey I said this would be a record of my journey, the good, bad and the ugly. Well unfortunately for me the bad and ugly and inextricably linked.

I had been out with a group of friends, couples and me as the gooseberry. I never feel like that whilst out but the going home alone to an empty house is tough.

This guy had been messaging me for a while (I also have good and bad POF tales!) His pictures were quite mysterious, no clear image just obscure shots but he seemed friendly enough.

He said he would pick me up from the party and I can only blame the copious amount of alcohol consumed for my subsequent response, I said yes.

I had told my friends I was getting a taxi so when this car pulled up I jumped in. Oh my goodness me… what a mistake. This man literally grabbed my head and thrust his tongue in my mouth. He tasted of stale cigarettes and the kiss made me stomach feel unsettled.

He started driving and pulled into a car park. The lights overhead then revealed the truth. I was in a car with a man the looked like Miss Piggy! He had an upturned tip of his nose,  very round and very shiny bald head and sticky out ears!

Now I admit I am no oil painting but I think I can hold my own. He, however was ‘pig ugly’. He start to grope at my breasts and tried to kiss me again. That’s when I could feel it rising….I pulled away and opened the door just in time to be violently sick all over the concrete.

This was my blessing. He decided I was too drunk to take things further so offered to drive me home. He actually drove me to the road parallel to mine (my sense was returning) and let me out.

The next day I received a barrage of messages which I finally replied with…”I am sorry but I don’t want to see you again”

I have seen him since but funnily enough he ignores me. I think I had a lucky escape that night. So listen up girls, if a picture is obscured it is for a reason! Watch out, Mr Miss Piggy is still about!!!

The Bad
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The Bad
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The bad

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