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Beyond ‘Daddy’: Exploring the Flip Side with ‘Mummy’

The post explores the use of terms like “Mummy” in relationships, highlighting its role in challenging societal norms and gender roles, and expressing intimacy. It is tied to desires for comfort, security, and nurturing, and promotes open communication, thus fostering deeper connections and understanding of diverse relationship dynamics.


A Dummies Guide To Selfies

Yesterday evening I decided on a whim to take photos. It was a race against the sunset. An hour in hair and makeup then trying to pose.

Coulrophilia A Thing For Clowns 0

Coulrophilia A Thing For Clowns

WTF! So coulrophilia technically refers to an attraction to clowns alone, many people extend the definition to include other similar types of performers, including mimes and jesters. Coulrophiles often prefer a particular type of...