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Ejaculation Difficulty during sex

Some men are quite normally quick ( a few minutes) in masturbation, but very slow or unable to come in sex. In fact this sort of problem is not uncommon. A lot of men find it difficult or impossible to ejaculate into their partner’s mouth although they may not have any problems otherwise.

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A swift one

Maybe I’m like the Taylor Swift of the blogging world, ┬áIt seems I only blog when I’m angry, upset or miserable which I guess from the serious lack of blogs recently must mean I’m...

Spanking 0

Back on top

The joy of learning the limitations of a new sub is all mine. She’s a defiant one that likes to fight back and behave defiantly, that’s ok but she also likes the spanking. Interesting...

Truth and Lies 0

White ones

So is it ever ok to lie? The answer has to be yes doesn’t it? If it’s a lie that doesn’t hurt but protects? Well maybe. But doesn’t everything have a consequence also? If...


I know you got soul.

Someone recently said to me I had a ‘nice soul’ now once you’ve got past the obvious gags about whether I’m sure I heard her right etc I wanted to try to understand this....


On and Off and On and Off again

Its been a little while. Apologies. I’ve had some mixed things going on recently, still mopping up the messy end of the last thing, a milestone birthday to contend with and the ‘sparks’ friendship...



So here’s the thing, it’s been three weeks since ‘the end’ I have a dilemma that I could do with out but am powerless to do anything about. We met a while ago and...


A whole world of pain.

Firstly apologies, you’re reading a blog on a site dedicated to sexual pleasure and you find one entitled a “whole world of pain” so you’ve set yourself up thinking ‘This’ll be good! something about...