Myths about Men that need to be eradicated!! by Fetishep

Myths about Men

Myths about Men

1. That we don’t like cuddlin’. I will cuddle your brains out. I will cuddle you so good that you will walk funny the next day!!

2. We’re not all emotionally stunted, sex driven idiots who think that women are some enigma.

3. Men are worse parents and less nurturing than women. NOT true, ask MY Tou violations!! better yet, just trust me.

4. Just because I need to be physically attracted to a girl I’d like to date, doesn’t imply that I only like girls for their “looks”.

5. “Men shouldn’t cry.” Screw you, I ain’t made out of stone. I let the woo wash my soul.

6. That men cannot ever be the victims of sexual assault. Yeah, Fuck you and your bullshit culture. And as for bullshit culture, I am pissed at Jimmy Fallon and his bullshit slut shaming on the show the other night. Fuck that.

7. That men cannot ever be the victims of domestic abuse by a female partner.Fuck this shit again, just because I consent to fight, doesn’t mean I always consent to fight. And if I haven’t given you consent, keep your FUCKING HANDS OFF.

8. That men can’t be affectionate, we only fake it for sex. Please refer to #1

Myths about Men9. That we don’t get harshly judged for our appearance. Really, have we met?

10. That we only talk to women because we want to fuck. Okay, you have me here, I only talk and negotiate with women that I want to play with. Because how the fuck am I supposed to discuss STI risks, and Consent, and Limits without fucking talking.

11. That, as a man and father, I’m incapable of changing diapers, feeding and nurturing my spawn, taking them to the park, am generally clueless when it comes to making decisions about household matters, can’t grocery shop, can’t sew or cook, and generally have no clue what to do with my House. Fuck this logic, As a single dad, I have done it all. Often times with no outside help

12. Ladies, really, we have no idea what we did. Stop being mad and explain. How can you expect us to know if the communication is SHIT

13. Commercials make us look like bumbling idiots who can’t dress ourselves. If I had the budget of those commercials, I would wear a tailored suit daily!!

14. All real men are straight and doms. hold the fuck on. Have you met me? I have some of the greatest friends who fall in every gender and sexual orientation possible. It is about the person. I know some great straight male subs, bi male subs, bi male doms, queer doms, queer subs, gay, straight, and everything else under the stars. For fuck sake, if you are closed minded I would rather not know you

Just some thoughts fueled by Robitussin…. YEah, I think when I am sick.


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Myths about Men that need to be eradicated!!
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Myths about Men that need to be eradicated!!
"Men shouldn't cry." Screw you, I ain't made out of stone. I let the woo wash my soul.
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Myths about Men that need to be eradicated!! by Fetishep

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