Plenty of Fish Lol.

I’ve spoken to a number of people about plenty of fish and there experiences. Most people think its a great site, you have to take it pofat face value and be careful not to take it to heart if you don’t get a reply from the person you like or if people send you messages you think are unsuitable.

When looking through profiles I’m really strict on how I reject people based on characteristics of their personality rom their profile or the choices they have selected. This is not about me being harsh but about who I view as being compatible with what I want and who I think I will have something in common with.

Reasons I will reject somebody.

Age range must be 7 years +/-

Children is a preferred option, I have two, my time revolves around them and I always figure if I dated somebody with children they would understand the time constraints and the planning involved.

No cats I appreciate this is a bit weird but I’m allergic and I just don’t like them. My problem not anyone else’s

No ‘Seeking marriage’ As i’ve mentioned before. It sets the wrong scene and feels too needy.

No TXT SPK !!! I can’t bear it. This is your opportunity to describe exactly who you are and what you are looking for, there are sections that say “What makes you unique?” The amount of times I’ve read “I like staying in and going out LOL” Number one, that is not unique, unless you are either severely claustrophobic or agoraphobic and only prefer one option. Even then I’m not sure it’s a laughing matter.

From speaking to some of the women of POF (Oh no I’m doing it too) it seems that a lot of guys have nothing to say for themselves and struggle to string more than a few sentences together often Lolling at inappropriate or unnecessary points.

Apparently men are notoriously bad at actually reading profiles and just send messages ‘fishing’ where they clearly haven’t read the content. I find this strange on two counts. 1. If you haven’t read it how do you know that the person you are messaging is compatible? You’ve clearly based it on looks but without reading the text. 2. If you are a player and basing it on looks and want to cast your net in order to get laid, surely a better tactic would be to actually read the profile and try to make the person attracted to you.

I guess if you want to use a dating site to attract potentially Mr or Mrs Right or even Mrs or Mrs Right Now, you need to work on your profiles. If you really can’t think of anything to say why not ask a friend for a few comments. List films and music you like not just I like R’n’ B but talk about bands you have seen, want to see and last album you bought, give people an insight into your personality and maybe you’ll get more responses but also perhaps you will find ‘The one”

Below is the text from my profile, I figured it’s only fair if I’m going to critique other people that I open my own to scrutiny. (It is currently not live on the site) Feel free to comment!

Separated and looking to meet new people. I’m not necessarily looking for love and romance but would like to meet somebody who is happy with their life but would like to spend some time with someone on a regular basis.
love to learn and discover….(I’m not closed to the possibilities of something growing just not specifically looking for it having been in a long term relationship. Fate sometimes intervenes so who knows!).I’m friendly, outgoing and fun with many different interests and love to talk and listen, I’m just as happy discussing the merits of last nights question time as I am family guy. I can go weeks without turning the one eyed god on though (try it there is loads to do!) I don’t take myself too seriously and can be intelligent and serious and spontaneous and light hearted in equal measure.I’m not carrying heaps of baggage and know what I like, I have a balanced life spending time with my children and then doing the things I like. I’m into film in a big way too many to list here but if you want a topic of conversation…

I easily read a book a week and veer widely from the classics through to fiction of all sorts but also like books on specific subjects such as art, architecture, travel etc. I think I’m a frustrated artist but haven’t found my outlet just yet so am content with decorating my flat with other people’s art or cool objects (some might say junk)

I’ve travelled extensively but certainly not exhaustively and have lived in Amsterdam and New Zealand at various points. For at least a week a year I NEED to ski. Two other destinations are currently on my wish list the first being Japan. I have scuba dived but not for a few years so my padi is probably out of date but I love adventure.

What am I looking for?
Age (over 34 please!) size, looks etc are not really as important as much as self confidence and a willingness to just be yourself with no pressure and no hidden agendas is. Please though no marrieds or in a relationships don’t want the hassle or dishonesty, and I don’t want to have sex with you whilst your husband watches! Nothing wrong with that if it floats your boat just not for me.
Although I’m very up for new experiences there is a line!
I like to keep fit and this takes up some of my time, if its shared time then even better!

I’m originally from the North and whilst most of the accent is gone the cheeky but unassuming Northern personality remains..

I’m 5’11” slim, short hair blue eyes and a nice smile. I like to keep fit, never have as much time as I would like but just about manage although the six pack is allusive its no overhanging beer belly either. I’m getting more and more into running and like the survival events. Happy to meet people who want to exercise with friends or to travel to events together. It’s not obligatory though! I’ve signed up for 3 marathons next year and eventually want to try an ultra event…anyone stupid enough???
Update I’ve done the Brighton one and it was tough!! Not as young as I used to be!! Might do the next one then wimp out to sprint triathlons!

I have two amazing children who have a mother so I’m not looking for a substitute or a replacement, I spend a lot of time with them and have no wish to change this but there is still space in my life.. I can wash, cook (im a GREAT cook!), clean and I’m not looking for somebody to fill a void or stroke my ego.

I’m ‘inked’ so if tattoos are not for you then no problem but I like the art and am interested in it. It’s not a pre requisite that you have them!

So if you fancy the odd night out away from normality, a laugh, some intelligent conversation or just laughing and taking the piss then say hi.

I live in Eastbourne and spend 3 days in Kent and 2 in Maidstone for work a week so practicalities need to be taken into account. If your lovely but far away it’s just not going to work..
I have my own place, will happily talk on the phone and won’t be asking you to send me loads of pictures then never getting in touch. Equally I’d prefer to chat with people who genuinely want to meet and have read my profile and thinks the same way, I’ve not ticked the relationship box as I think things happen if they are meant too, not everyone is suited but it can be fun finding out!

Finally I wrote this on my I phone so any dodgy words are auto corrects I really can speak and write and everyfink! Oh and ladies please come equipped with the ability to construct whole words and maybe even sentences… Saw a profile that said looking to get to no you (if you don’t KNOW what’s wrong with that then move along..)
My face is like a kaleidoscope it looks better when it’s moving!
Finally cats make me itch! I must be allergic, dogs seem to be ok and horses are ok as long as there is a fence between us!


First Date

Lunch or coffee? Drinks or dinner? A chance to chat but enough going on around us so we can share a joke or observations on the passing world. There are so many cool places in B…. E….. and H……  that it should be easy!2nd date? Really that’s great! I saw someone had put theme park, that’s an amazing idea I’m nicking that. Cheers
Happy Fishing!




Man. Two Kids. Mid Life crisis. Read my brain dumps here. Joint owner of youonlywetter, generally all views are my own. Unlike my brother (Jonthenudist) I think Dr Who is shit.

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Plenty of Fish Lol.

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