Getting through a breakup

So you’re  in your place will just bring you down. You are in the process of moving on and that means getting rid of certain things. I mean, how can you get over your ex with that vacation picture of you two still sitting by your bed? Now, every relationship is different and so is every breakup.

Getting through a breakup

Therefore, I’m really suggesting trashing mementos from a bad relationship in order to move on. If you had a lovely relationship and maybe a mutual breakup, I still suggest removing certain items from your personal space – but moving them to a box where you can keep some memories.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and those words are BIN ME. Throw away those photos, along with all the bad memories you have now. Burning pictures is a great therapeutic way to release some of your anger and sadness.

Text Messages 

You don’t need to be going back to those old sweet text messages he or she used to send you. Deleting text messages and even your ex’s phone number is a great start to healing and moving forward. Goodbye text —> on to the next. 

Social Media 

You’re not officially single until Facebook says it. So go on and delete him or her from your social media accounts. You can change your FB status without people knowing, or put it on display – it’s up to you. Change your profile pic back to just you. And if the relationship was super toxic, you may want to go back and delete your ex’s presence on your FB and Instagram. 


Cards are lovely and all, but when you’re keeping those cards your ex gave you, it’s just holding you back. Whatever he or she said in that card was probably really sweet, but reading that will just make you sad that things changed. Throw away those Valentine’s Day, anniversary and holiday cards.  


I know, I know, you love that necklace he gave you for Christmas. And maybe you don’t want to throw away that awesome shirt she got you for your birthday. But you need to. You can’t hang on to presents from your ex-lover. You won’t love those gifts if every time you wear them or see them, you think of that dreaded person. Donate them. You’ll be killing two birds with one gift.

Getting through a breakup
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Getting through a breakup
Going through a breakup? Life is hard enough being heartbroken, so don’t make it any harder. Having constant reminders of the love you once had lingering
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Getting through a breakup

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