Sex on LSD


More on the subject of Sex and Drugs. Again we cannot and do not condone the use of drugs in anyway. We just thought this shared experience was interesting.

My girlfriend L and I decided to take LSD together one beautiful Sunday morning. We’d tripped together on acid at parties a couple of times, but never in a more intimate setting. After the success of our MDMA trip together a few weeks previous, I felt that the time was right. She’d never done a day trip, so we decided to take the acid briefly after waking up.

At approximately 10:00 a.m. we rose, spent a few minutes getting ourselves awake, and ate our drugs. I took three hits, she chose to do only one. After we took the acid we spent a short period of time hanging out around the house, deciding what to do. Before long, we decided to take a walk to a nearby park. By the time we made the decision, I was starting to feel the acid. As usual it first made itself known as a slight tension in my chest and a faint but definite feeling of altered awareness.

As we walked away from my house L briefly wondered if she should have taken more. I offered to go back and get her another hit, since I had one left over. She considered it briefly but declined, saying she would take another when we got back from the walk if she still felt she needed it.The walk was only very slightly altered, a mild opening, but it was quite nice. The day was warm and beautiful, and the sunlight seemed crisp and jewel like. The day had a feeling of being charged through with a magical aura, a feeling that anything might happen, but that it would all be good. L, on the other hand, seemed a little paranoid to be out in public. I believe that the difference in our reactions stems largely from our respective degree of familiarity with psychedelically altered states. She is a relative novice, having tripped just over a dozen times, while I have had over a hundred trips. In my early experiences it was much more common for me to be “creeped out” or paranoid while tripping in a public or semi-public setting.

Once we arrived at the park we sat on a bench and watched the world go by. As I mentioned it was quite a nice day, the sun was shining, kids were playing, birds and squirrels were making the most of a beautiful early spring day. We sat and made idle conversation and just enjoyed the environment and each other’s company. Before long L decided we should head back, since the acid was working very strongly for her and she was a little uncomfortable being in such an exposed situation.

As we walked back the effects were increasing. I was starting to see trails from objects as we walked by them. L said she felt like she was walking a foot above the pavement, not even walking but merely gliding along effortlessly.

When we arrived at my house there were several people there, hanging out with my roommate. We greeted them, then L went into my bedroom and shut the door. I took a few minutes to exchange amenities with them before following her in.

In my room we talked about listening to music but couldn’t really agree on anything. We did manage to get a few minutes into one album but L found it a little too heavy and asked me to turn it off. Around that time I heard my roommate and his guests leave so we decided to go into the living room and hang out there.

After some discussion we decided to listen to Spiritualized’s Lazer Guided Melodies. I put it on and we sat on the couch to listen to it. Before long we started kissing, and before too much longer that progressed into caresses, fondling and general fooling around. Shortly after that we decided to move back into my bedroom in case my roommate returned.

It wasn’t long before we were naked. Sex on acid is one of my favorite things and I was eager to introduce L to its charms. Unfortunately she was having her period, which involved a fair amount of discomfort, mostly lower back pain. We would fool around for a while, then she would get uncomfortable, which distracted her to a fair degree. On acid, once distracted it is easy to get even more distracted, and it took a while before we were able to actually have sex. We were both enjoying it, but it wasn’t quite as all encompassing as sex on acid can be due to her discomfort and the distractions that caused both of us. We both managed to maintain a sense of humor about it and after maybe half an hour or forty five minutes we decided to stop and take a bath together.

I went into the bathroom to run us a bath while L relaxed and tried to deal with the pain she was experiencing. Knowing how unpleasant any sort of physical pain can be during a trip I empathized with her a great deal. It made me think of how weird it must be to be a woman, which in turn caused me to reflect on how weird it is to be a male and the beautiful yin/yang dichotomy of our separate sexual existences.

As the tub filled I thought also about how well the trip was going so far. In many ways what psychedelics do is strip away layers of masks and half truth to reveal the essence beneath. It felt very positive to me that L and I were getting along so well and that she seemed equally pleased with the somewhat “elemental” persona revealed by the LSD as she did with my every day identity. I had expected as much, but it felt good to be validated in such a manner.

L came in and we got in the tub. Looking at her I realized again how beautiful she was and how lucky I was to have found someone so compatible with me. I have what I consider to be a fairly weird personality, and although I never have trouble making friends, many people are somewhat apprehensive about getting on intimate terms with me. I have had several potential girlfriends bail on me when they realized just exactly how weird I really was, and for once I felt quite safe that that wasn’t going to happen.

Sitting in the warm water felt quite nice. I sat on the faucet end so L could lie back and relax and we talked. I told her how beautiful she looked to me and asked how her trip was going. She told me she was having a great time and was glad to be with me. Our conversation continued along these lines for a while. It occurred to me that this trip had a lot of lunar energy to it. Lunar energy is tied in my mind not only to femininity but also to menstruation. L seemed to be some sort of moon goddess. In retrospect I sort of wished I had pursued this line of thought further, since I am very interested in archetypal energies such as this and have had some success manifesting those energies during psychedelic trips in the past.

After quite some time in the tub, lounging and basking in each other’s presence we decided to get out and get dressed. L decided she needed a cigarette, which meant a trip to the store, since she didn’t have any with her. We got our shoes and socks on and set off.

The short walk to the convenience store was pleasant and convinced me we should stay outside for awhile. L bought her cigarettes and we headed for a park nearby my house (a different one than we’d been in earlier). Once we got there we spent a few minutes going down the slide and giggling, remembering what it was to be a child. We finally ended up lying in the grass looking at the clouds.

The clouds were incredible, beyond description and nearly beyond belief. Only nature could have produced something so beautiful and chaotic. The clouds were infinitely dense fractal constructs that pulsated and rolled and swirled around themselves in some sort of incredibly complex dance. It was literally breathtaking and I could barely take my eyes off of it. L and I watched this for a while before deciding we needed some juice, so we headed to the grocery store around the corner.

The grocery store was very, very weird. I got a very tense, unpleasant vibe from it. It just wasn’t any place we wanted to be. We wandered around for a few minutes looking for one specific type of juice without any luck while smelling all sorts of unpleasant smells (the seafood department was flat out rank) and overhearing the strangest bits of people’s conversations. Finally I asked someone who worked there if they carried what we were looking for, and of course, they didn’t. We chose to leave and try someplace else, partially because the whole place was just creeping me out.

A small coffeeshop next door provided us with some decent juice and we headed back to the park. L sat on a rock and smoked while I sat and looked at her, once again marveling at how beautiful she looked and how happy she made me feel. I took the time to tell her this and got a warm hug and a kiss in return. We kissed a while and then decided to go back to cloud watching. The clouds were no less fascinating and beautiful than before and we spent quite a while enjoying them before heading home.

When we got back L suggested we try to finish having sex, which I was more than happy to oblige. We went into my bedroom and more or less picked up where we left off. I felt like my arousal had merely been suspended and it took no effort to get me right back to where I was. The sex itself was wonderful, if not quite as colorful and boundary dissolving as it had been earlier, closer to the peak. We came more or less simultaneously to both of our delight.

Afterwards we hung out for a while trying to decide whether or not to go get some food. Finally we decided to eat and left the house with that in mind. Our first few choices were closed, but we managed to find adequate sustenance at a burrito shop a little ways from my house. After sharing a huge burrito we were both more or less down, with only residual effects left. We went and picked up my daughter from her mother’s house and headed home. We ended up hanging out with some friends that stopped by, smoking pot and drinking a couple of beers before heading to bed around midnight.

As usual I felt fine the next day, with no hangover to speak of. The trip left me with a warm glow and a good feeling about my future with L. I felt incredibly close to her, and I know she felt the same way. The trip was very intimate and loving and was more about getting into one another than tripping off into weird headspaces. All in all it was a wonderful, beautiful day. Once again psychedelics have proven to be a wonderful way to accentuate an already great situation into something extra special, even transcendent.

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Sex on LSD

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