“A House of Colours” Part 2 – The Hotel

All week, Poppy couldn’t get the mystery woman out of her mind. She had placed the still as yet unopened bottle of wine on her dining table where it stood alone with the note and that number, that number which she had already memorised, written on her calendar and programmed into her mobile simply denoting ‘R’ in the name field. The days of the week passed slowly, and she often found her mind drifting back to the events of Saturday, and to guessing what the ‘R’ might stand for. She desperately ached to know. The subject of her fantasies needed a name.

Her emotions rolled like a roller-coaster which was gaining momentum as she reached Thursday morning – nervous, anxious, yet excited by the anticipation of what may be. Before she left for work at the dental surgery, Poppy stood over her dining table and held the card once more in her hand, re-reading the words that had shaken her to the core, and tried to identify what exactly it had been about the events on Saturday that had brought about this incredible impact. Slowly, she began to realise that it may not have been merely the sexual contact but maybe, just maybe, it was the attention she relished.

There was no question that the mystery woman had protected her. At first, Poppy believed she had done so selflessly, but was there an ulterior motive? There usually was, and this woman HAD followed her from the previous bar after all. Why had this Lioness strayed from her usual hunting ground to pursue Poppy? The possibilities made the girl tremble with nervous excitement. And the questions she kept asking herself were simple ones: Did she want more of the same? Yes. Was this purely sexual? She assumed it was, but somewhere buried deep inside, hoped it was more. As she left for work, Poppy decided that tonight was the night – she would make the call as soon as she got home.

The day seemed interminably long as she plodded through her customary menial tasks alongside the dental surgeon, handing him his next implement of oral torture. It wasn’t until 7:00pm that she finally turned the key in the lock and opened the door to her apartment. Still dressed in her green “scrubs,” Poppy slumped down at the table, reaching for the number and her phone. For an hour she sat there, each time pressing the first nine digits only to hit “end call” before dialing the tenth. Goosebumps rising on her upper arms and chest as a flood of thoughts ran through her mind – from the potential dangers to the potential pleasures – that one phone call could lead to.

In the end, Poppy swallowed hard and dialed the tenth digit. And as she did, a wave of panic rose up as she wondered what to even say.
“Hello” a familiar deep gravelly voice answered. “er, Hi, it’s umm Poppy and er you said to call?” she stammered, her nerves preventing her from speaking calmly. “Have you decided what you want?” the confident reply bounced right back at her. “Er, well yes I guess, you told me to call.” “Do you always do what you’re told Poppy?” The stern voice cut through the phone like a head teacher. “I merely gave you the choice to call me.” “umm, I guess so.” Poppy suddenly didn’t feel very gazelle-like to this Lioness, but rather more of a mouse.

“So tell me what you want Poppy, say the words on the card that have been ringing in your mind all week.” “Well I want, er I want…” Poppy couldn’t find the words. “It’s your choice my dear, take a moment,” and as that glimmer of reassurance came through the line, Poppy actually thought about it. What DID she want more of? “I want more of the same…please,” she quickly blurted out. “Very well my pet, listen carefully,” the mystery woman replied, “Saturday…the Grand Beachfront Hotel…Room 113…8:00pm sharp…Let them know you’ve arrived, and DON’T be late!” The word ‘pet’ caught Poppy’s attention. “But, I don’t know your name,” she replied. “Oh, and wear something to impress me my pet,” the mystery woman replied as the line clicked and went dead.

Poppy sat there with those parting words echoing in her head, most especially that last word. “Pet?” she said to herself, as the hairs on the back of her neck pricked to life. “No name?” she gasped in frustration as she leaned back on her chair and threw her hands up in the air. Slowly, however, the realisation kicked in – this wasn’t some dream, this was actually happening. She nervously wrote down on the business card the room number and the 8:00pm meeting time. Taking deep breaths, she struggled to recall the other important details from the conversation. “Wear something to impress!” How on earth was she supposed to interpret that? How could a timid gazelle possibly impress a lioness? But the thing that intrigued Poppy the most was the specter of exactly what the “MORE” consisted of that she wanted and which this mystery woman seemed more than willing to give her.

Friday she worked, running through every possible permutation of the various outfit she might wear, as she sleepwalked her way through her mundane job. She stayed in all day Saturday, having spent the morning lounging in bed and fantasising about what might happen that evening…and questioning exactly what she WANTED to happen. This was to be no chance encounter, and she pondered what she was letting herself in for, not exactly fearing, but worrying nonetheless about what this woman might be capable of behind closed doors. Based on her public performances so far, Poppy assumed the answer to that question was probably “a lot!” From 3:00pm on, she began clock watching as the hours slowly counted down. Too nervous to eat, she bathed and trimmed and laid out her outfit of choice on the bed. A simple little black dress cut above the knee, with thin straps over the shoulders. She was determined to wear heels this time, adding her usual small amount of makeup and no glamorous jewelry, not that she had any, just her simple seashell pendant round her neck. Poppy was ready. And looking at herself in the mirror fully dressed, she found herself hoping that she wouldn’t disappoint the mystery woman.

Poppy parked her car a few streets from the hotel. It wasn’t really the sort of car that would have looked right in the car park alongside the Range Rovers, Mercedes and Porsche’s usually found there. She walked the few blocks, feeling herself getting more and more nervous.
As she arrived in the huge, ornate lobby, she walked slowly up to the reception desk where a middle aged concierge met her eye. “Good evening miss, how may I help you?” he peered down at her. She had been ready for this moment. Taking a deep breath in, “I’m here to meet a friend. They are in room 113. Could you let them know I am here please?” she spoke in as confident a voice as she could muster, but feeling her entire body trembling. “Certainly,” the polite reply came with a warm smile as he flipped through the notes behind the desk. “Here we are, Miss Poppy is it?”

Surprised, she kept her cool despite the excitement of being addressed in such a polite formal manner in such a venue. The gentlemen lifted his phone and dialled the room. “Good evening Madame, Miss Poppy is here.” He paused momentarily for the response at the other end. “Yes Madame, it’s ready and you may go straight through.” Another final pause. “Very good Madame. I shall tell her to take a seat.” Placing the receiver back down he looked up at Poppy “Please take a seat Miss Poppy. She is on her way down for you.” “Thank you,” Poppy replied, realizing that she still did not know the name of the woman coming to collect her. She turned and headed over to a chair in the reception area, settling herself down, directly opposite the lift.

After a few short minutes the doors to the lift opened, revealing an elderly couple who gingerly hobbled out. Poppy smiled as she wistfully wondered how many years they had been together…until she noticed the figure that had been behind them and was now emerging from the lift. Poppy swallowed hard as she took in the mystery woman’s ensemble. Knee length black boots met by a dark crushed velvet dress ending in a pencil line just below the knee, but with a daring split rising high up one thigh. A small black cropped leather jacket did little more than cover her arms and come half way down her back, certainly not designed to button up in the middle, with a low revealing neckline to the front of the dress, finished with glistening diamond earrings and the same silk choker collar as before. The most noticeable adornment, which Poppy naturally settled her gaze on as the woman extended her hand to greet her, were her glasses. Instantly, Poppy had thoughts of a Head Mistress, with their thin black rims almost oblong in shape perfectly framing the dark brown eyes behind them.

“Hello my pet.” She spoke softly as Poppy stood up, holding out her hand to mirror the mystery woman’s greeting, and allowing herself to be pulled in gently for delicate kisses to be placed on both cheeks as a welcome. “I haven’t eaten yet, and thought we could make a visit to the restaurant before anything else.” And with that, she slipped her arm around Poppy’s, and the pair walked off towards the dining room. The woman striding confidently in her heels, with Poppy doing her best to keep up. As they entered the restaurant the woman whispered “You look absolutely beautiful my dear, I shall make sure I leave room for dessert!” Poppy felt like a fish out of water as they marched over to a readily prepared table, two waiters rushing to hold their chairs as they took their seats. This alone was a novel experience for Poppy, never before having been in any restaurant nicer than The Olive Garden. Her thoughts drifted back to the mystery woman’s earlier comment, wondering exactly what “before anything else” could mean.

A bottle of wine was ordered, and Poppy, following the woman’s lead also ordered a chicken Caesar salad. The pair sat across from one another, with the conversation being heavily controlled by the woman. Poppy sat like a rabbit in car headlights, answering all that was asked…her job, her home, her lack of immediate family, her fumbled sexual experiences with boys, and giggling as she recounted her recent sole sexual experience with a woman that occurred in the restroom of a certain bowling alley. The entire time, however, all she wanted to do was to ask the woman’s name. But somehow, the opportunity never seemed to present itself.

“So Poppy do you wish to finish our drinks in my suite?” she proposed.
Poppy didn’t hesitate. “Yes that would be lovely!” The woman raised an eyebrow as her eyes twinkled and a small smile spread across her lips at such a prompt response. And that in itself excited Poppy. It had felt good to please her. “Ok then my pet, here’s how this will work. On entering my suite, you simply do as I say with no questions asked. If you give me your trust, I will guarantee that you have an evening like you have never experienced before.” Poppy nodded as the woman spoke. “If at any time you feel uncomfortable, you simply need say one word and I promise you that whatever we are doing, will stop. That word is Sunstone, okay? Repeat it for me Poppy.” “Sunstone,” Poppy nodded as she repeated the word. “What does that mean?” “It’s just from a favourite book of mine, I’ll let you read it one day, now do you understand Poppy? Do you have any questions?”

Poppy was still nodding as her imagination boiled over with thoughts of what might occur, and then snapped back and quickly returned to the one thing she was obsessing over. “I do have one question that I would like to ask.” She swallowed hard as she spoke. “What is that my dear?” The woman tilted her head softly. “Well er, I don’t even know your name.” “Ah yes, I was wondering when you’d bring that up,” she smiled. “It’s quite simple my pet, for the purpose of tonight you may refer to me as Mistress, is that okay?” “Yes..” Poppy made a tiny lip bite. “Yes that’s fine.”

“Is that OK MY PET?” the woman said more sternly, almost frightening Poppy. “Oh, umm I mean yes Mistress.” “Very good!” She smiled and raised her hand turning for a waiters attention which she got immediately. “We will finish our drinks on my balcony,” she softly said to the approaching staff member. “Very good Madame,” he replied as he removed the bottle and partially filled glasses and left the dining room.

“Now my pet, before we leave I need you to do something for me.” “Yes Mistress,” Poppy nodded wide-eyed awaiting instruction. “Pass me your panties across the table,” was the sly reply. “What, here?” Poppy exclaimed, receiving nothing but a nod in reply. “But…” Her Mistress’ face turned to a dark and disapproving scowl until Poppy nervously looked around, and desperate to please this woman, wriggled her underwear down her legs, trying to discretely pick them up from the floor and place them on the table.

The Mistress’ eyes quickly lit up as she took them from the table. “Well haven’t we found ourselves a little slut here? Doesn’t that feel so much better pet?” “Yes Mistress,” nodded Poppy, smiling at the commendation. They walked from the table, once again arm in arm, through the lobby into the lift. As the lift door closed, Poppy was already thinking about being alone in a confined space with this woman, locked away from public accessibility. She didn’t have long to think, for no sooner had the doors of the lift closed than Poppy was pulled close to her Mistress’ chest and their lips met. Poppy realized that she had desperately wanted this moment ever since the last one had ended in the restrooms the previous week. Now, again in the arms of the mystery woman, again in public. The kiss was sadly brief, but the embrace was held as Poppy felt her dress being lifted high above her waist with her back to the lift doors. Her Mistress looked into Poppy’s eyes as she held her there. “I wonder if anyone will be waiting outside the elevator when it reaches our floor?” she mused. Poppy suddenly felt a rush of vulnerability, but she didn’t struggle. Instead, she was finding herself massively turned on by the moment. It wasn’t up to her what happened next. It was up to her Mistress, and whatever happened, Poppy knew her Mistress would protect her. It was an amazing sense of freedom that heightened the moment for Poppy as the lift settled on the floor and the doors began to open. A flash of fear as she looked up at her Mistress who was grinning wide-eyed back at her. “Oh what a shame,” she said. “No one here.” And with that, she let the dress drop and took Poppy by the arm once more as they walked down the hallway, passing the waiter returning from the room with an empty tray.
part2After punching the code into the door lock, the Mistress rested her hand on the handle, pushing it a few inches and then stopping. “Are you absolutely happy about coming in Poppy?” As if giving the girl one final chance to flee. Without even a slight hesitation, the answer came back. “Yes Mistress, I trust you.” Those magic words seemed to transform her Mistress, as she pushed the door open with a beaming smile and ushered Poppy inside.

They walked to the centre of the grand sweet, as the Mistress turned on her heel to Poppy and grasped her firmly by both arms. “You really want to be here, don’t you my pet?” “Oh yes Mistress, yes I do,” was the eager reply. “Very well then my dear, you have nothing to fear, I will go easy on you tonight.” She glared at Poppy with those big hungry brown eyes, raising a firm hand to the girl’s jaw as she had done before in their first encounter. Gripping her chin and lifting it, she plunged towards her for a kiss. This time Poppy was ready, and gave herself readily, feeling her mouth being invaded by the expert probing tongue. After just a few moments, however, the connection was broken. “Kneel down my pet,” she commanded as she physically forced Poppy to the floor. Poppy knelt before her, lowering her eyes to the floor just like the girls did in the online pornos she had seen. She somehow not only understood this new role, but realized that it actually felt strangely “right.” Simply do as her Mistress instructed, and she would please her, which suddenly seemed immensely important to the girl. Her Mistress reached inside a make up bag, producing a lipstick and flicking off the lid. “Slut red for a slutty little pet! Quite appropriate, don’t you think?” She spat. She unhooked Poppys own Seashell necklace and placed it carefully beside the bed and returned to place her hand beneath Poppy’s chin and lifted it, squeezing the girl’s mouth to purse her as yet unpainted lips. Laughing, she forced Poppy’s chin higher as she crouched herself next to her, scooping her pet’s long hair up away from her neck and preceded to draw a thick red line around it with the flame red colour. “There,” she exclaimed. “Now my slut has her collar. I own you now, Poppy, and that’s a VERY serious commitment!” Although not fully grasping the significance, Poppy felt this symbolic moment change her somehow. She had never imagined that someone commanding her and treating her in this way could so fulfill her needs. Had she finally found the key to filling that clawing emptiness inside her?

“Now stand and undress my pet,” was the next order barked. Poppy stood eyes fixed firmly on her Mistress who was glaring back at the girl while she leaned on the desk with her arms folded, pulling her dress off up over her head and throwing it to the floor. She hurriedly unfastened her bra releasing her breasts as she tossed it aside. And finally kicked off her heels, sinking to her barefoot height. There was easily more than a foot difference in height between the barefoot girl and her heeled Mistress.

Poppy stood with her hands by her sides as her Mistress looked her up and down. She felt so vulnerable and small, almost childlike in her Mistress’ presence. Anxious at what may happen next, the moment seemed to last for hours, Poppy standing there as though naked on a stage for all the world to see. The woman stepped away from the desk and barked her second order. “Undress me my pet.”

Poppy’s heart rate was rapidly increasing. She ached to be in her Mistress’ arms, inside a passionate embrace, to feel her Mistress’ tongue probing her receptive mouth while being forcible held as before. But she realised that this was somehow part of the moment, the denial of uncontrolled lust. She was being taught to wait for that moment. A very subtle but real torture.

The Mistress held out her arms and Poppy started removing the micro jacket from her, one arm at a time. “Be sure to kiss me delicately as you go my pet,” she softly purred. And Poppy took to doing so immediately, kissing down her arms to her wrists as she removed the jacket. Walking around her Goddess, she kissed across her shoulder blades as she unzipped her dress, slowly tracing down her spine, tasting her coconut scented skin. She carefully lowered the dress down her back, revealing a black silk bra, and as she lowered it further, matching panties. Poppy knelt beside her Mistress, caressing and kissing her thighs as the dress was stepped out of, then feeling her Mistress’ hand on her head, guiding her lower towards her boots. The room was totally silent, but for the sound of the butterfly kisses being left by Poppy and the slow deep breaths of her Mistress, relaxing as her pet attended to her body.

Poppy moved on down towards the boots, at first gently kissing each leather-clad foot, then giving each one in turn a long slow lick with her flattened tongue. Looking up and seeing a smile of appreciation, a jolt of pleasure coursed through Poppy’s tiny body. She carefully lowered the zipper running down the inside of the boot, her Mistress widening her step, allowing her pet access to her slender calves, as Poppy lavished them with attention. The weight was lifted from one foot, allowing Poppy to slide the boot off and continue her kisses down to her Mistress’ ankle and foot. Then the same slow, delicate pleasure was taken on her other boot. Once done, the girl looked up at her Mistress for guidance, who acknowledged this by raising her arms either side of her shoulders and puffing out her chest. Poppy quickly scrabbled up to her feet, and from behind her Mistress kissed her shoulders delicately as she unhooked her bra, gliding the straps off one at a time. As shiver of pleasure coursed through Poppy as she realised what was coming next. She gently kissed around her Mistress, beneath her arm, across her rib cage until she was gazing up at a pair of pert firm breasts awaiting her attention.

Kissing everywhere else had been fun, but suddenly Poppy’s excitement at being intimate like this with another woman surged into full-blown lust. As her cheek brushed against the chest of her Mistress, Poppy’s arousal was clearly visible, she felt her own nipples hardening as she kissed around her Mistress’ areola. She looked up at the lustful face staring down at her. Her Mistress raised both hands, gesturing to her earrings. Poppy stood full height but without heels, there was no way even on her toes that she could reach her lips up to her Mistress’ ears. Her Mistress, of course, realised this and smiled to calm the anxious look in the girl’s eyes and leaning forward to lower her head, her breasts hanging firm as she did. Poppy continued kissing across her shoulders towards her neck, over the black lace choker and around her ears with the swinging diamond earrings gently hanging. She carefully unhooked one and kissed the now bare earlobe before allowing her lips to trace across her Mistresses lowered brow onto the other ear and doing the same. Her hungry mouth slithered back down her Mistress’ neck, as Poppy moved her hands up to unfasten the black silk that adorned it. “No my pet,” she was interrupted. “Never that!” Poppy nodded and withdrew her hands as her Mistress stood up and smiled. “Just these” she pointed a deft finger at her black rimmed glasses but as she did so stood up straight looking down at Poppy, who then had to lean on her tiptoes to reach gently for the arms each side of her face. Staring directly into her Mistresses eyes as she did so she felt hairs on every part of her body pinging to life as she was looked down upon by this goddess with a cold lustful expression on her face. The girl felt vulnerable looking up at the goddess from her own diminutive size, but she liked it..

Raising one eyebrow, she lifted her wrist to Poppy’s cheek, gently brushing against it with her finger tips, before lowering her open hand and surrounded the girl’s small neck. Looking at the lipstick streak around it, she sneered, “Red suits you, my little slut, now lay down on the bed, arms out!”

Poppy acknowledged her with a nod and another “Yes Mistress” and climbed onto the bed laying on her back. “On your front my pet,” she guided. Poppy rolled over, arms outstretched as the Mistress stood at the foot of the bed behind her, draping something onto the bare soles of Poppy’s feet. It felt like some material, a soft delicate material, dancing along her ankles and then up to her calves, being swished from side to side, leg to leg, in between them, drawn up her inner thighs.

As her Mistress joined Poppy on the bed, she pushed the girl’s legs apart by sliding her hand up the inside of one of her legs to the thigh and slapping it lightly, pushing it open as the soft material brushed high between Poppy’s legs and sent a shudder through her as it briefly passed across her delicate pussy lips. Her Mistress teased the material upwards, crossing her ass cheeks and the two deep dimples of her lower back. The material, evidently silk, began swirling across Poppy’s back as her Mistress’ other hand was slowly edging up the girl’s inner thigh, moving tantalisingly close to where Poppy longed for it to reach. As it slid closer, her hands reflexively retracted from their position stretched out in front of her, gripping the bedsheet on both sides of her head and twisting it to deal with the intensity. “Uh uh, no hand movement!” came the reprimand from behind, followed by a dainty smack on her left thigh. “Oh,” gasped Poppy, not expecting to be chastised. “What was that you little slut?” “Oh, sorry” she gasped again. This was also met with a SMACK on the same thigh, but this time she found pleasure in it. “What did you say my pet?!” she growled sternly as she clawed her nails gently across the impact area of the slaps on the thigh. Gasps again as Poppy controlled herself. “Nothing my Mistress,” she managed to say. “Better” was the response barked back at her.

The material returned to being swirled around her back as the nails became soft fingers probing her thigh and slipping down once more towards her now moistening sex. She was now getting desperate to be touched, but it was evident that it wasn’t to be just yet, as her Mistress stopped and moved to the top of the bed alongside Poppy’s outstretched arms, enabling the girl to glimpse the soft bright red material for the fist time. “Lets do something about these shall we?” she posed, pointing to Poppy’s arms. She assumed the beautiful red silk would be used to bind her wrists and was ready for it. What she wasn’t ready for, however, was her Mistress lifting the pillow by Poppy’s head to reveal a thick, very robust red rope, already tied to the bed. She tugged forcefully at it to demonstrate that it was firmly attached. “A wise Mistress is always prepared.” She glared at a now visibly more worried Poppy, but at the same time, the girl couldn’t help but be aroused by what may happen next.

She wasn’t disappointed.

The rope was woven fancifully and expertly around her wrists locking them evenly together. The silk then was rolled into a small ball as her Mistress gripped and tugged Poppy’s hair, stretching her head back as she pushed the silk ball towards the girl’s mouth. “Open wide my pet,” her Mistress taunted. Poppy anxiously complied with the order as the ball of silk was half tucked into her mouth and she responsively bit down on it, her mouth instantly dry as it soaked up her saliva. She felt her head being firmly pushed down onto the bed and turned onto her cheek, as the ropes tightened on her hands depriving her of any movement. A wave of panic swept over her as she quickly realised that things had suddenly become a lot more serious. She still felt safe however, the silk could be spat out from her mouth if she needed to, and she could remember the safe word.

Her mistress returned to her position behind Poppy on the bed, parting her legs, literally kneeing them open as she then took once more to caressing Poppy’s legs, sliding her hands up the insides of both the girl’s thighs, her fingers circling the uppermost tops of her thighs, and brushing her sex. Poppy breathed deeply, longing for that moment when she would be touched by another woman in a way that she’d never experienced before. She desperately wanted to plead for pleasure, her eyes welling up in anticipation as she bit down hard on the silken ball and closed her eyes. “Don’t you dare let yourself cum until I tell you my pet!” It was a simple instruction, but one which would prove difficult to abide.

At last, Poppy felt two fingers pushing into her folds. She groaned as they firmly pushed inside her, rocking gently back and forth to a delicate slow rhythm, advancing inside her. “On you knees, my pet!” The order was given from behind her, and Poppy was quick to shuffle onto her knees still with her head down, restricted by her arms, as her Mistresses fingers now slid up her inner thighs and once more pushing through her wet labia and diving deeply inside her. A second hand now advanced onto her gaping sex, with two fingers finding her now prominent clitoris and tapping it in rhythm with the thrusting of the other fingers in and out of her. The tapping quickly turning into feverish rubbing.

Poppy felt herself building up to the inevitable outburst once more, groaning and whimpering through the silk gag. Her Mistress could see from the rocking of the girl’s pelvis that she was on the edge, scowling as she reminded Poppy, “Not yet my pet, don’t let yourself come yet, only when I tell you!” But it was far too late for that. Poppy was way beyond any sort of self-control, given over to pure animal instinct. As she heaved and bucked, huge muffled groans emanated from her restricted mouth as she tugged hard against the ropes that bound her wrists to the bed. Poppy’s knees wobbling and buckling as her Mistress simply carried on with her assault as the girl came and came hard, expecting her Mistress to stop as she let herself go. But there was no rest from the fingers on her as she found herself convulsing in orgasm for a second time with barely minutes in between. This time the wave crashing over her longer, as her muscles contracted uncontrollably inside her.

“It’s a shame you couldn’t wait my pet, now we just have to carry on.” Poppy felt her Mistress slide off the bed and heard steps across the room to retrieve something before she climbed back to her position behind Poppy. Fireworks were still whizzing before the girl’s eyes, her brain fuzzy and giddy from two intense orgasms so close together. What snapped her back to the present was the unmistakable buzz of a vibrator starting up behind her and being placed onto her already sensitive clit, while two fingers slid back inside her, continuing the two-pronged assault.

And that was to be the extent of the evening’s attack, Poppy bound on the bed, head down ass up with her Mistress relentlessly stimulating her. At first, Poppy thought “If this is punishment, give me more!” But by her fifth orgasm, the girl’s clit was on fire, her pussy ached, and her body was screaming for rest. She knew she had the safe word, but also that she wanted more as her muffled screams once more escaped through the silk gag. After number six, her Mistress changed tactics, pushing the girl onto her side and coming closer to her, placing the vibrator back on her sex, pushing down and around so the plucky machine buzzed every sensitive spot.

“You can rest at any time my pet or you can carry on, allowing me to use you like this until you break, you know the word!” she said in her gravelly voice and staring into Poppy’s eyes as she removed the ball of silk from her pet’s mouth. “Am I to stop, or does my little whore need to be used some more?” Tears streamed from Poppy’s eyes, mascara smearing her cheeks. She felt on the verge of passing out, but something wouldn’t let her quit. She NEEDED to prove her dedication to her Mistress. The desire for this woman’s approval and affection overwhelmed Poppy. “Use me Mistress, I am yours!” she croaked, and with that, the silk was pushed back into her mouth and this time her Mistress’ hand placed firmly over Poppy’s mouth. Leaning down onto the gag, her eyes inches from Poppy’s and locked onto them as she hissed, “I will break you my pet, then you are mine forever.” A low growl escaping from her throat as once more she twirled the vibrator into the girl.

At around the 7th or maybe the 8th orgasm Poppy felt her vision blur as it had done before, only this time, with the added restriction on her breathing, she fully faded and passed out. Falling into a deep sleep. She woke around the early hours in complete darkness and took a moment to get her bearings and recollect the night’s events. She turned to see her Mistress, propped on one elbow, right beside Poppy staring back at her. She was no longer tied, her pussy ached, and she felt so incredibly weak.

“Here, drink this.” She handed Poppy a glass. “It’s just water,” she was assured. “Thank you.” She held it shakily in both hands and quickly gulped it down her dry throat. “You did very, very well my pet.” This was a softly spoken, assuring Mistress, and her affection brought a grin to Poppy’s face. “I pleased you Mistress?” she timidly asked. “Yes my pet, you did indeed,” was the reply back accompanied by a wide smile. “Do you think you can stand?” The Mistress gently stroked Poppy’s neck across the lipstick red collar, still prominent from the night before.

“If perhaps you help me Mistress, I’m sure I can.” She could tell her legs still felt like jelly. “Then let me support my pet in the shower,” she replied, swinging her legs off the bed and walking around to Poppy. Holding her arms out,she helped her up and slowly guided her into the bathroom. Her arms wrapped around the small girl and supported her while the shower warmed up. As she stood behind her, they both looked at one another longingly in the huge bathroom mirror.

Poppy felt the now delicate strength of her Mistress. For all of last night’s assault, this was now sensual. She was still at her Mistress’ beck and call, but this was now the gentle side. The feeling of another human being holding, supporting, loving.

They stepped into the shower and Poppy was firmly cradled in one of her Mistress’ arms, while the other gently, soothingly rubbed into her sex once more, an altogether calmer experience, kissing passionately beneath the water raining down over them. Once again, Poppy was brought to orgasm simply by the touch of her Mistress’ hand as they shared true intimacy unlike earlier, gazing into each other’s eyes, as one in the moment.

The Mistress gently washed away at the lipstick collar, barely speaking but so attentive. Outside of the shower, she dried the girl like a mother tending her child, both in bathrobes as she brushed and dried Poppy’s hair. At 4:00 am they returned to bed, and it wasn’t long before Poppy again drifted off, only this time snuggled in the arms of her Mistress. As the fog of sleep was just about to take hold, Poppy uttered her final words of the evening. “Thank you my Mistress.” It elicited a tightening of her Mistress’ arms around her, and the soft but definitive whispering back of the one word Poppy most longed to hear. “Mine!”

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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