Ten Secrets about Doms by Emma_L

1. Doms are attention whores.

Do not turn off your phone, ignore your email or neglect a Dom. They will call you mean names and threaten you with spankings. This is fact. They are so desperate for attention that their inner Dom-child kicks and screams when they are ignored.

2. Doms are incredibly over-sensitive.

Calling a Dom a pussy, a wuss, suggesting that their balls are the size of grapes or implying that they can’t get it up will result in your nipples getting twisted off and mailed to Uganda. They have NO tolerance for these types of funny jokes. If you happen to comment that they hit like your dead grandmother they respond by smacking your ass so hard you feel your uterus hop around against your pelvic bone.


Over. Sensitive.

Ten Secrets about Doms by Emma_L

3. Doms have an insatiable lust for bacon.

I don’t know.

4. Doms are pussies when it comes to pain.

Seriously. Don’t believe me? Pick up a stick and threaten them with it. Instead of bending over to let you smack them, like someone who isn’t afraid of the stick, they will rip it out of your hand and beat the ever-loving shit out of your bum. Now why would they do that if they weren’t scared of the stick?

5. Doms abuse safe words.

Doms call ‘Red’ on shopping trips, tickling, even something as simple as letting you paint their toenails. It’s really quite childish.

6. Doms are obsessed with your ass.

Make an innocent comment about, say, the quality of their cooking and the retort will invariably be: “You’re a pain in my ass.” And when you ask about some odd new toy, “That’s going in your ass” is the answer, like, 99% of the time. And when you call them an asshole, you get whapped on the ass. So. Obsessed with the ass.

7. Doms think they know everything.

Just because they know how to put up curtain rods and get your internet working and tell you how to change your electricity provider to optimize your service and they can put together your elliptical and tell you what tires to put on your car and how to change your windshield wipers and how to pronounce George Takei’s last name and they can compare and contrast Trump and Bernie Sanders’ political platforms and they can advise you on ObamaCare and how to make it work for you. They think they are smart. Morons.

Ten Secrets about Doms by Emma_L8. Doms miss us as much as we miss them.

Oh, yea. They so do. Ok, I have no proof, this is a working theory. I’m usually so upset when I haven’t seen mine that I can’t objectively analyze this point so please provide data if you have any. I cry a lot when I leave and am usually cuddly when I arrive so I have trouble collecting data. Once, I tried charting Sir’s reactions but it was too much work.

9. Doms are not so in control as they seem.

Have you ever seen ‘The Christmas Movie?’ The mom on that movie would wash every Dom’s mouth out with soap SO many times! They like to be so in control and level-headed with us and they are…for the most part. But they lose control in little ways–and one of those ways is their language. My god. The stream of filth would make me blush if it weren’t turning me on so much. I didn’t know you could use the word ‘cunt’ so artistically…

10. Doms love brats.

They do. The more I backtalk and tease, the more toys Sir gets to use. I backtalk and He gets to use the gag. I touch what I’m not allowed to touch and He gets to tie me up. Healthy punishment? Nipple clamps. Bigger punishment? Naughty stick. C’mon! You telling me He DOESN’T enjoy using these toys? C’MONNNNN. He spent money on these things!!! Why would He buy them if He doesn’t want to use them!?!

Sorry to break the Domly code of silence and spill the beans. But it HAD to be SAID!

– Emma_L

Ten Secrets about Doms by Emma_L
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Ten Secrets about Doms by Emma_L
Emma a Fetlife user breaks the Domly code of silence and spills the beans about ten secrets of a Dom the 32 year old sub said it just HAD to be SAID!
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Ten Secrets about Doms by Emma_L

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