When a stranger cums for you (Part 1) by Harleyquinn21

When a stranger cums for you (Part 1) by Harleyquinn21I came home from a long day at work and sat down. I noticed it was unusually quiet, i knew my husband must be out. I got undressed and walked around the house naked carrying my clothes with me. When i got to the bathroom i turned on the faucet chucked my clothes on the floor. I sat in the bath slowly as i felt a shiver down my spine from the heat, I submerged myself in the water. About 20 minutes had past when i heard a click on the front door, two sets of footsteps walked in quietly. A guy walked across the landing from the bathroom, looked at me and smiled crookedly. My husband walked in and spoke to me.

“How was your day?”
“It was alright, who was that?”
“Oh that doesn’t matter, get out the bath i have something to show you”

I stepped out the bath, still dripping wet i wrapped a towel around me and walked to the kitchen. There stood a man, tall, pale skin, jet black short hair and stubble across his face staring at me half naked.

“This is my friend” My husband said smiling at me
“Your friend?” I replied unsure of what he was talking about
“Let me make this simple for your simple slut brain, me and my friend are going to come and find you and you have 10 minutes to hid somewhere, if we can’t find you after 30 minutes he goes home and nothing happens”
Shocked i stood there any the only thing i could muster up under my breath was “What happens if you find me?”
“We get to do whatever we please, we will force you to cum till you pass out and fuck you till your sore. You’re running out of time”

When a stranger cums for you (Part 1) by Harleyquinn21Quickly as i could i left the room to find a hiding spot, i knew he wasn’t joking and if i stood there and tried to fight against him he would just do it there and then so i took my chances and tried to hide. Running from room to room i finally found the perfect spot to hide. The little crack between the bed and the wall. I pulled back the sheets and laid down and covered myself back up with them looking as still as possible. I heard nothing for a while the suddenly footsteps. Crack crack on the floorboards. My heart began to race, my breathing got quicker, i felt like i was going to throw up i was so scared. The dark terrified me and even more someone in the dark was looking for me, wanting to hurt me. My pants grew wetter by the second from the excitement, my clit began to throb and i started to sweat. Once a minute had past there was footsteps moving away from the room. For a second i breathed out before a hand grabbed the bottom of foot and dragged me from the bed. They had both walked in together, disguising themselves as one person to catch me out. I kicked and i screamed as bounding footsteps approached me and grabbed my other foot, dragging me across the floor. I grabbed on the the door frame, before my hands were yanked off and a hand covered my mouth to stop me from screaming, i was carried gagged and chucked onto a table before rolling off the side and falling to the floor with a thud.

The towel i had on was now completely gone and i was naked sprawled out across the floor like some piece of furniture. A hand grabbed the back of my hair and twisted yanking me onto my feet before standing me before my husband. He walked up to me and smiled, licking the tears of my cheeks and asked me. “Do you like that slut?” Before i could properly react his hand started rubbing my wet cunt. “Your soaking wet. You like being kidnapped in your own home, you sadistic bitch” I didn’t respond. His face dropped. “Bitch when i am talking to you, you fucking talk back, do you understand me?” I didnt reply. “You want to play that game?, lets play it then” Who ever was holding my hair thrust me over the table, there was a full view of my cunt and its wetness. Next thing i felt was stinging hot pain across my ass, i screamed out as lashings of hot pain consumed me, i noticed the spatula was missing from the table and that was what they were hitting me with. After crying out they stopped and thrust his cock into me before taking it out and spanking me again.

The pain and pleasure started to make me cry and my cunt juices started to drip down my thighs. They threw me onto the table with my back laying down and tied my wrists onto the legs. My husband pulled my hand down so my mouth was directly on his cock. He smiled at me before i turned my head away, he yanked my hair back down and slapped me across the face telling me to keep still. “Suck it” he whispered and the second i opened my mouth he shoved his cock down my throat and started fucking me. I gagged and wretched as he forced his cock deeper into my throat at the same time the stranger forced his cock into my cunt and they fucked me simultaneously. I screamed with pleasure and tears rolled down my cheeks, the pleasure kept building till finally i came, but it didn’t end there. Not long after i came they both came, hot cum seeping down my throat and into my throbbing pussy, they both pulled out and i choked on the cum. My husband untied me and foolishly i assumed it was over.

This is part one of “When a stranger cums for you” a two part story from the very talented and beautiful Harleyquinn21 a Fetlife user who’s given us permission to post it here. Head on over to Harleyquinn21’s profile and say hi.

When a stranger cums for you (Part 1)
Article Name
When a stranger cums for you (Part 1)
"Let me make this simple for your simple slut brain, me and my friend are going to come and find you and you have 10 minutes to hid somewhere, if we can't find you after 30 minutes he goes home and nothing happens"
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When a stranger cums for you (Part 1) by Harleyquinn21

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