When the novelty is gone….. by _jellytot_

There was a time when He would answer my texts within 5 minutes, now it can be 30 or more…waiting-for-your-crush
There was a time when we would email dozens of times a day, now i am lucky if its 4 or 5
There was a time when we talked for hours each day, now its just once or twice
There was a time when i would dream of Him each waking hour, now i am able to concentrate on other things…

Well now the novelty is gone………

But don’t feel sad for me, in the back of your mind don’t say awwww..

Why? i will tell you..

Because i got the reality

i got to wake with his arms wrapped around my body, holding me so tightly
i got to look in his eyes, just inches from my face
i got to feel his strength when he road tested our toys
i got to wear his marks that he so lovingly gave me

So, yes, the novelty has gone, but in its place
i have stability
i have security
i have a man that adores me
i feel settled, complete, loved

When we talk every word is important,
When we email every conversation means so much more
When we text, i can see Him rolling his eyes at things i have written
When he tells me how much He cares, i have no doubts

The novelty has gone, but i couldn’t be happier as it has been replaced by something that means more than a fantasy, something that means more than a passing phrase…

You can keep your novelty, with all its worries, concerns and anxiousness as i wouldn’t trade it in for what we have now…. REALITY….. 🙂

The Original was posted on Fetlife by _jellytot_ who gave permission for it to be shared here

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Anonymous Blogger

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When the novelty is gone….. by _jellytot_

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