The Slave Girl Part Six: The Punishment

Sleeping outside had been surprisingly comfortable. Sure the ground was a little rough but lying flat on my back made it more bearable, and the weather was kind. What kept me up instead were thoughts about my punishment. At the slave house punishments weren’t that bad, certain privileges were denied, some spankings and maybe a whipping depending on what the slave had done. Their goal had been keeping all slaves in good condition for sale. Master already owned me so he had no such concern, he could literally do anything he wanted to me.

Despite such thoughts I did manage to get a few hours of sleep. I was woken up by a face full of icy cold water straight to my face. I gasped loudly, trying to orient myself and get a look at my surroundings. Master stood above me, bucket in hand and laughing at my reaction. My hands were still tied together from last night, and I was leashed to a pipe attached to the side of the house.

After Master finished laughing, he said “Good morning slave. Ready for your punishment?”

Feeling nervous and fearful, I nodded, not knowing what else to do. “How will you be punishing me, Master?” I asked, hoping that if I knew what it was I could prepare myself for it.

“Now I’m not going to spoil the surprise for you yet, and anyway, you won’t be punished here, or even by me.” Master said, pulling me to my feet and untying the leash. With the leash he pulled me towards his car.

“What do you mean by that, Master?” I asked, my anxiety rising.

“You’ll see. Now get inside.” Master opened the truck of car as he said this, pushing me inside. I shifted my position so that I’d fit inside more snugly, allowing master to close the truck without me in the way. I heard Master turn on the car and drive away.

I was now stuck inside a small and dark compartment with nothing to do but dread what was to come. It must really be something special if Master was taking me out of the house for it. I had once heard of dungeons that existed purely to punish slaves. Master would take their disobedient slaves there to be savagely punished for days on end. I sweated at that particular horror story; was my offence serious enough for that?

When the car pulled up I was both relieved and fearful. Relieved because It meant my punishment was close and I would finally know what it is, but also fearful of that same punishment. The truck was opened and I was taken out, I found myself inside an indoor garage and I was now nervous for a new reason. I had never been naked outside, ever since I became a slave I had been behind closed doors, either inside the slave house or Master’s home. I know it’s silly considering how much time I spend naked these days, but I couldn’t help the feeling.

Being led by the leash again I was taken inside where a large and beefy man was conducting business with a few other men. He was handing them keys after being paid and I noticed the rows of doors behind him. Suddenly I knew exactly where we were: The Public Stocks.

I involuntarily pulled the leash back, an action that I regretted when Master pulled back with enough force to choke me slightly. “You brought this on yourself, slave.” Master hissed at me. “This is what you get for cumming without permission. You had your pleasure, now others are going to use your holes for theirs.” With a final tug Master got me moving again, towards the man conducting the business. He and Master had a short little chat that I didn’t listen to on account of my absolute misery. Master handed the man my leash, and with a spank on my ass left me with him.

The man led me into one of the rooms behind him, it was small on the inside and a truly sadistic device lay there waiting for me. The main part was simple, a pair of stocks for my head and hands. Once the stocks were occupied I wouldn’t be going anywhere. The next part was a little table-like piece of wood that my body would rest on, with shackles at the base for my feet. The thought of resisting had occurred to me as I was being strapped in, but I knew that the consequences would be severe and I would only make things worse for myself.

The man worked silently, his hands cold and rough. After I was secured into the stocks, to my dismay I noticed him pull out a blindfold. I was about to mercilessly get fucked repeatedly and I wouldn’t even see the men fucking me, not that it mattered anyway I was so helpless. After I was blinded I felt the man put something in my mouth, this felt familiar, something master had used on me often: a ring gag, designed to force my mouth opened.

I was left alone after that, but not for long. Someone else came inside the little room and wasted no time at all. He went over to my head and inserted his cock in my waiting mouth and immediately started fucking me; I guess he only paid for a short amount of time. I sucked on as much as I could, the sooner he gets off the sooner he’d leave. When he finally did cum he left without saying a word to me. He was soon followed by another man who fucked my pussy and another who fucked my mouth again. All these men came in, fucked and left. It was so brief that I was starting to think hundreds of men would have their way with me by the end of the night. I even lapped at a few cunts, although those seemed outnumbered.

Soon I was feeling exhausted and thoroughly fucked. I had been called a cum dumpster a few times, but I hadn’t ever really felt like one until now. I guess business was booming tonight.

The door opened up again and I started to mentally prepare myself for whatever this guy wanted to do, but I didn’t expect to hear my Master’s voice: “Think you had enough, bitch?”

I started nodding furiously. “Yes Master, our slave has learned her lesson. I won’t ever cum without permission again.”

“Hmm, according to you anyway. Let’s take a look, shall we?” Master stuck his fingers into my cunt, which at this point was so sore I barely got ay pleasure out of it. He shifted his fingers around, which only made me groan. Master laughed. “Well you seem like you just had the living daylights fucked out of you. Well I guess I’ll go ask the guys to get you out of here so we can go home.”

I was ecstatic at the news and when I was taken out of the stocks I could hardly wait to see home again. On the way to the car, Master started talking to me. “I hope you don’t mind one more fuck, because I could sure use one. I tried to use Adrian, but he just can’t suck cock the way you do. Speaking of Adrian maybe I’ll let him have a go too, not like it really matters at this point,right?”


Story Teller

Story Teller

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The Slave Girl Part Six: The Punishment

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