The CE quality mark

Always choose condoms that carry the European CE mark, a recognised safety standard. Don’t use novelty condoms unless they carry the European CE mark.

Condom before contact

Always put one on before there’s any contact between the penis and the vagina, mouth or anus.

New sex, new condomCondoms

Use a new condom every time you have sex.

30-minute rule

If you’re having a long sex session, change condoms after 30 minutes because friction can weaken the latex, making it more likely to break or fail.

One condom at a time

Never use two condoms together. Whether that’s two male condoms or a female and a male condom. They will rub against each other, and this friction can weaken them and make them more likely to break or fail.

Don’t put them down the toilet

Wrap used condoms in a tissue or piece of paper, and put them in a dustbin. Don’t flush used condoms down the toilet.

Keep condoms cool

Heat can damage condoms, so store them somewhere cool and dry.

Check the date

Check the expiry date on the packaging. Condoms don’t last forever.

Safer sex on holiday

Buy condoms before going on holiday to avoid problems with language and trying to find somewhere to buy them.

Don’t use lotion or oils

Use plenty of water-based lubricant, such as K-Y Jelly, especially for anal sex.

Don’t use body lotions, moisturiser, massage oil, body oil, lipstick or any other oil-based product (such as petroleum jelly, or Vaseline) with a latex condom. This is because they can weaken the condom, making it less effective.

Oral sex

Using a condom during oral sex can help to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including those that affect the mouth or throat, such as herpesgonorrhoea and chlamydia. Try using flavoured condoms for variety.

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Getting used to condoms can take a little practise, but it doesn't take long before they start to feel like an essential part of your sex life. Here are some of the main things you need to know.
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