The Slave Girl Part Five: Entertaining Guests

“Is everything ready yet, bitch?” Master called down to me from upstairs.

“Almost. Just a few more minutes left.” I replied, watching the cupcakes in the oven bake.

Master was going to have guests over later tonight, just a few friends but Master still insisted on everything being perfect. He had me clean the whole house and bake some snacks and even allowed me to wear the apron while I cooked; though he made it clear it was a temporary privilege. He had also ominously said the he wanted me to be the “entertainment”. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I decided not to think about it too much.

Master had come down just as I was taking the cupcakes out of the tray and setting them on some china. He took one out of my hand and bit into it. “Hmm, good enough I suppose. That’ll do, finish up what you’re doing and take off the apron. I want you naked and in the living room ASAP.”

I obeyed and a few minutes later I was naked and on my knees before my master. He tied my hands behind my back and told me to stay in the corner of the room. He threw a blanket over me then walked away.

A few minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. Master answered it and I heard him greet his friends. They all sat down in living room, just a few feet from where I was. Despite that I was mostly ignored while they made small talk.

That changed soon after. Master said “Hey guys, I got a surprise for you!” He then walked over to me and pulled the blanket off. When it was lifted I saw three men sitting on the couch. I wondered what I looked like to them, a naked woman sitting in a corner with a collar clearly marking me as a slave.

The men looked delighted. “Hey, you never told us you got another slave. Say, where’s Bitch Boy?” One of the men said.

“Oh I lent him out to Mandy. I owed her a favour and she asked to take him for a night.” Master replied “Doesn’t matter now, we have this whore. I got her on sale, and damn was she worth it. Show us your pussy whore.” Master ordered.

I dragged myself out of the corner, turned over and stuck my ass out, exposing my cunt. I felt Master insert something into me. I let out a minor squeal, which no one paid attention to. Master then took me by the collar and dragged me to the middle of the room, where I was in full view of everyone in the room. I laid on my side, nervously looking at Master and his friends as they eagerly looked down on me.

“Now whore, no matter what happens, just remember that you’re not allowed to cum. Got it?”

I nodded, thinking it was odd that Master was reminding me of this. I already knew I wasn’t suppose to cum without permission. With growing horror I began to suspect what Master had put into me, and my suspicions were confirmed when Master took out a small remote control.

Master pushed a button, and my cunt was filled with vibrations. I gasped and arched my back, doing my best not to orgasm. It was hard, made even more difficult by the fact that Master hadn’t let me orgasm in while. I took deep breaths as I struggled, I was also vaguely aware of Master and friends laughing at me as they watched me wither in pleasure.

As hard I tried, I could only resist for so long. I came, and I came hard. I took several deep breaths, my face teary from the ordeal. I was in ecstasy from the pleasure and relief I felt, but it spoiled by dread. Maser had never punished me before, and now he had all the right in the world to do so. I had just broken a key rule, and I was about to pay the price.

Master glared down at me, his face disdainful. “Whore, sit up and face me”

I didn’t want to; I was too scared to look at Master. But I didn’t want to give him yet another reason to punish me, so I did as I was told.

“What did I just tell you?” Master asked. I stayed silent, feeling ashamed. “Answer me, bitch!”

I flinched at Master’s raised voice, and answered with a shaky voice. “That I’m not allowed to cum.”

“And what did you just do?”

“I…I came.”

I waited for Masters reaction. I wasn’t waiting for a long; his hand snapped out and struck my face. I gasped out, but I was still prepared for more. No way was that the extent of my punishment.

“Well, I certainly don’t want to ruin this evening.” Master said. “How would you boys like to use my whore? I can punish her later.”

“Well, I don’t know what I’m waiting for.” Said one the men, pulling his cock out. “Get your ass over here and sit on my dick, bitch.”

I got up, struggled with it because of my bound hands. I walked over to man, who pulled small egg-shaped viberater out of me. I then obeyed his command and lowered myself onto his penis. A second later a second man put his cock in my ass. I gasped with surprise, feeling uncomfortable with two cocks in me. Positions were shifted so that the third man could put his cock in my mouth. I felt so overwhelmingly full, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not.

All three of my holes were mercilessly pounded. The men thrusted with incredible force, just one of them could have used me to my limits. They of course paid no attention to my pleasure or comfort, just kept fucking me until I was filled with their cum.

“You guys done yet?” Master asked. “I want to leave the whore outside for the night.”

“Sure, just one more… Yeah…” the man in pussy said as he filled me with own cum. When he pulled out Master took me by my collar and dragged me out the back door. He took a leash out of his pocket, clipped it to my collar and tied it to a pipe. He pushed me into the dirt, and then crouched down to look me in the eye. “Have you learned your lesson, whore?”

I nodded. “Yes Master, I’ll never cum without permission ever again.”

Master slapped me again, this time with more force. “Don’t lie to me, you couldn’t have learned anything because I didn’t punish you. What? Did you think letting my friends fuck you was your punishment?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer this, so I just dropped my gaze in shame.

Master still continued. “Of course it wasn’t. You’re a slave, getting fucked is what your suppose to do. No one gets punished with something their suppose to do anyway. Just wait, tomorrow you’re going to get what’s coming to you.”

Master turned away from me, and went back inside. I could hear him calling out to his friends “Just wait a couple minutes guys, I got some cupcakes for you!”


Story Teller

Story Teller

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The Slave Girl Part Five: Entertaining Guests

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