Naked Day at the Beach

The yacht weighed anchor a fair distance from the beach, the couple looked at it each thinking it would make a great spot for lunch after a dive.

“Baby, you need to put on some sunscreen.” Said the 6’2 foot dark haired male tossing the bottle of lotion to her after grabbing some for him.

“Thanks Jimmy,” she smiled squirting some lotion into her hand and liberally applying the lotion to her skin. Her bright green bikini clung to her curves. A boy leg cut style pants displaying her ass to the best possible advantage, with two tiny triangles covering her generous c cup breasts. Grabbing a hair tie she gathered her long red locks and tied them into a pony tail.

“Mickey,” Jimmy said holding out a lightweight lycra suit for her.

“Do I have to? Even this kini feels too hot. We could swim naked babe, no one around.” She teased reluctantly taking the offered garment.

Jimmy smiled at the thought and would have easily shugged his shorts however, “Sorry sweets, been a few incidents of jelly’s in the area and these will protect us from any stings. Much as I like your suggestion. Perhaps later on that beach over there. A little wine, some cheese, me?”

IMG-20130710-WA0022Mickey laughed sensually at the cheesy line.

Jimmy quickly pulled on his rash shirt and casted an eye over the way the blue lycra suit molded to his wife’s body.

She was gorgeous, stood 5’5 in bare feet, fire red hair and the temper to match when needed, blue eyes that he felt rivaled the ocean, a smile and two gorgeous dimples. Mickey smiled as she looked up at Jimmy staring at her. “Quit perving buster or I will get a restraining order.” She ordered tossing his fins over. Jimmy laughed and moved in closer capturing her in his arms. “Well in that case I may as well upgrade from perving to groping.” His hands brushing across her breasts then around her back and down to that scrumptious ass of hers. Pulling her tight against him, she felt his arousal through the suit. Her fingers grazed teasingly across the hardness, Jimmy groaned and reluctantly pulled away from her. “We won’t be diving if you keep that up.”

The pair teased each other as they dressed in the suits and gathered their dive gear, ready for their swim.

The suiting up process and dive check was always a fun time for the couple; the equipment had already been assembled with the tank attached to the BCD and the regulators and gauges attached to the tank.

Checking their own equipment over, turning on the air and checking the pressure of the tank, taking some test breathes through the regulator. Mickey lifted Jimmy’s BCD up so he could slip into it. He leaned forward to take the weight of the tank while adjusting the BCD. Mickey moved to the front and helped with some of the adjustments, after diving together for so long they knew how the other preferred their equipment to sit. Kneeling she clinched the waist belt, Jimmy looked down at her stroking her head as she cheekily leaned forward and tongued the outside of his suit leaving a wet patch on his groin and a very hard erection.

Jimmy groaned and moved to lift Mickey’s BCD and assisted her in comfortably suiting up her gear. Mickey leaned forward taking the weight of the tank on her back while Jimmy adjusted the fastening straps. Smiling he pulled them snug across her chest his hands splayed out over her breasts tantalizing her as they fluttered down to her waist. Her nipples hardened and small buds stood hard against her suit. Jimmy smiled as Mickey gave that same groan he had moments earlier, one of lust and need.

With more serious faces Jimmy and Mickey went through the predive checks of the BCD operation, inflating and deflating them as well as location of dump valves. Ensuring the other’s regulator, position and function of the octopus regs. Checking the air pressure. With thumb and index finger making a circle they gave each other the final OK. Each grabbed their mask and fins and moved to the water lapping at the edge of the yacht. Putting the masks and fins on they did a giant stride off the yacht and into the water.

Both swam to the anchor line and descend down, it’s quiet under the water; the only sounds are the ones of their breathing. Following down they explored the underwater world. They moved silently through the water for some time, enjoying the fishes that swam around them. As normally with their dives the couple could not stop touching, fingers stroking each other, hand signals indicating something worthy to look at. Jimmy running a hand down Mickey’s side as she moved off excitedly, over the curve of her hip, then ass and down her leg as she swam.

Fingers entwined the couple walked down to the beach. They made a striking couple. Him with Sandy blond hair a little long, looking like your stereotypical surfer with the blue eyes, physique and tan to match. Just topping the six foot mark, his fingers wrapped around the hand of his girl. She was a raven haired pixie. Her black hair cropped in close to her scalp, feathered down to her head giving her the semblance of a pixie, with her tiny frame of 5’2 it helped cement the idea in most people’s minds, most of her nicknames were pixie/fairy related. She looked up at him, warm brown eyes sparkling wickedly.

The beach is deserted babe we have it all to ourselves. Perhaps after we could do some skinny dipping. Have our own nude day.”

“As much as I love the thought of you naked Angel, we can’t guarantee privacy.” He smiled down at her.

“I know that is half the fun Cody.” She laughed lightly and pulled him towards the large tree that over hung the beach giving a fair amount of shade. “We can put our stuff here, this will be great.” With that she began to remove her singlet and denim shorts. Her white string bikini showed her assets off to her advantage. In spite of being so tiny, Angel was blessed with a pair of size D cup breasts that bounced snugly in her suit. Cody gave the suit an appraising eye and knew that the moment it was wet everything would be displayed for anyone to see. Putting their picnic basket down he loved his girl and she did like to show herself off at times. Her exhibitionist streak turned him on no end and she loved to tease him.

With a giggle and the toss of her clothes to the ground she ran towards the water. Raced in, dived beneath the waves and then stood in the gentle surf. As Cody looked up from removing his shirt, he could see the visible thrust of her nipples straining at the fabric. Moving towards her, his cock leapt at the sight, she had obviously removed the liner in her bikini bottoms as the cloth molded around her pussy lips outlining their every crevice.

“Angel you look scrumptious.” He smiled moving in closer, his cock jutted outwards from his body tenting his shorts. She smiled and moved in beside him. IMG-20130710-WA0023

With a jump she leapt and wrapped her legs around his waist, his hands easily supporting her cupped her ass, massaging the sexy rear. Angel ground her pussy against Cody’s cock feeling him harden even more. Lips nibbling on his ear lobe she whispered “are even better if we got rid of these shorts.” And began pushing the waistband down. Cody glanced up and down the beach. No one was around, but that didn’t mean anything.

“There is a yacht out there. They could be watching.” He said pointing out to the craft moored several hundred yards off shore.

“It’s too far out and besides, let them look, I don’t care.” Responded Angel and with that she pulled the sides of her bikini. “I am declaring today Naked Day, and that is just what I am going to be.” Suddenly she held out two tiny pieces of fabric and Cody realised she was naked. Gorgeously naked in front of him. He groaned at her perfection. Smiling she threw her hands up over her head, pushing those breasts higher to tease, dark brown aureoles with half inch nipples standing very erect, and then she leaned back and fell into the waves. Cody watched her disappear into the water like some kind of nymph.

Cody looked for Angel as she hadn’t surfaced immediately and knew where she was when he felt his shorts pulled down. She rose and pressed her naked body to his.

“Hey gorgeous, welcome to nude day.” She winked. “Looks like you came prepared.” Stroking her hand around his 7 inch cock. “I would love to play with this water toy.” With a groan passing Cody’s lips, she slipped to her knees in the water and engulfed his thick cock into her mouth. Red lips parted and pulled him inside her.

The warmth of her mouth, the tongue stroking along the underside of his dick, Cody moved his hips, in and out, fucking his girls face. Balling up their swimsuits he threw them up the beach landing them near their picnic gear. Cody’s hands pressed to her head pushing her back and forth over his cock, he felt his balls twitch as she used her thumb to stroke from his ass to his balls. He went wild at that, with the added sensation of the water lapping at his hips it was mind blowing.

Precum began oozing out of the end of his cock as Angel worked her mouth over the cock. Pulling the foreskin forward as she sucked. Her fingers stroking and playing with his balls. Cody knew he was about to cum, his dick twitched as he felt himself explode into Angel’s mouth. She stared up at him, lapping cum from his cock, swallowing the strings of milky cum in her mouth. She stood and took his hand and pulled it towards her pussy, shaved smooth Cody ran a finger over the smooth skin. Angel sighed in pleasure and inched forward edging his fingers inside her. He slipped his fingers into her pussy, two digits all the way in. His thumb gathered at her nub and began rolling it in circles. His other hand he used to support her and moved deeper into the water. As a strong swimmer he pushed himself out to where he was treading water with his legs while teasing Angel’s clit. Thrusting his fingers in her, her warm juices coating them. Clenching around his fingers tightly as he teased her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and used her arms to help support them. His cock hardening as she rubbed her pussy against it. Cody held out his fingers for her to lick, tasting her sweet pussy juice and the saltiness of the water, Angel sighed and lifted her hips to allow Cody to push his dick inside her.

Mickey watched as James moved off slightly to study something else, she moved behind him, her hand ran up the inside of his leg up to his thigh, tugging his shorts down she held his cock in her hand. She knew he was smiling behind the regulator as she began to stroke his thick member, inspiration struck her as she removed her reg and suctioned her mouth around his cock.

Sucking on his dick as they floated in the water. Pulling off him, Mickey breathed quickly and looked up at Jimmy, noticing movement above him she looked further up to see a naked couple wrapped around each other about ten metres to their left. Mickey nodded up to the couple and pulled Jimmy over to position themselves beneath them. The two of them swam underneath and watched as their air bubbles moved up and around the naked couple. Jimmy and Mickey teased each other through their suits and watched the couple above them.

Angel gasped as she felt the diver’s bubbles; Cody also was startled and about to withdraw. “Noooo.” Cried Angel. “Feels too good.” Sliding her pussy over his cock and clenching her muscles tightly. Bubbles began to explode around them; Cody had to admit it was like nothing else.

The pleasure of having his cock deep inside Angel and the bubbles tickled every part of his body. His dick felt amazing as he slid out and the air bubbles rose around it. He could tell that Angel loved it as they climbed inside her wet cunt. Moaning she pulled him hard and fast to her. Her orgasm complete as she came over his dick. Angel was a squirter and her cum surrounded him sending Cody over the edge. Streams of cum shot inside her pussy adding to the sensation.

Cody began to move towards the shore, Angel just spent against him, as he did so, and he could see to his right the two divers also emerging from the sea. One male and one very much a female walked out of the ocean. Shrugging their dive gear off Cody could make them out clearer. At hip height he stopped, waves lapping at him.

“Hey, could you toss me a towel please.” He asked politely.

“Why?” smiled the red-head. “I think we have seen pretty much everything.”

Cody blushed at her comments but was relieved when she walked over and picked up two towels and brought them to him. He moved further out of the water wrapping the towel around him and handing one to Angel. She didn’t seem to be so concerned and simply tossed it over her shoulder and sauntered out. “She has a point Code. Why hide what they have seen? Hi, I am Angel and this is Cody.”

Cody could not believe her, though it seemed the other guy was quite pleased at the sight and was almost drinking her in with his eyes. Cody was about to say something when he heard the sound of a zip.

Turning he stood stock still and watched as the red head lowered the zip revealing a tiny bright green bikini. She flashed him a smile and held out a hand. “Hey, I am Mickey and this is my husband Jimmy. James. Whatever you prefer.” Cody shook her hand and then James’s watching the two as they began to remove their suits, displaying what seemed to be two all over tans. “If you don’t mind me saying, you two got us so horny watching you. Well to be fair we were kinda horny before watching you.” Explained Mickey, “So if you do not mind, I thought I might relieve myself and Jimmy,”

With that she sunk to her knees and seemingly inhaled Jimmy’s cock, Code noticed it might be a little longer than his but not by much.

“Oh fuck yeah. God that is fantastic sweetheart. Yeah suck my dick.” Jimmy stated, his hands on her head pulling Mickey’s head deeper over his cock.

About to say something, Cody was restrained by Angel who stood next to him; he looked down to see her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. Her head slightly back and her eyes filled with lust. Moving one hand she grabbed his cock and began to match her rhythm of slow teasing strokes. His cock responded, slower this time as it was the third time so soon today.

Jimmy looked at the couple masturbating in front of him; the feel of his wife’s mouth around his cock, Mickey was a born cocksucker. Gifted in the art of blowing a man properly.

She would pull his cock deep inside her mouth and then relax her throat around the member. Once relaxed enough for him to slip further inside she would slide her mouth all the way along the length of his 8 inch dick and back again. Her tongue would flick out at the base of his cock and play on his balls, when that seemed like it was all she could take she would deep throat him and push his balls gently into her mouth. Holding them as she suckled on the two sacks. One finger pushing at his ass tormenting him at the edge, as James grew closer, Mickey would thrust her finger deep inside his ass and rim the outside of his rectum. Her free hand frigged her pussy button furiously, pushing open the folds of her pussy to reveal her clit, swollen with need, fingers flying across it.

“Here let me.” Came the soft voice of Angel, kneeling beside Mickey, pushing her fingers aside and using her own to tease, easing them in slowly. Running one digit around over her pussy, the clit and then pushing hard upwards deep inside the wet cunt. Mickey’s juices seeping out and down her thighs. “Cody come here. I want you to taste her.”

Without volition Cody knelt beside his girlfriend and tasted Mickey on her fingers while she fucked her with the other hand. ‘Different but equally fantastic as Angel’ he thought. Then he moved behind Mickey and began cupping her breasts, running his fingers around over her nipples, she arched her back pressing against him slipping off her husband’s dick as she sucked him to orgasm, his cum shooting out over her neck and breasts.

Cody felt the cum as he smeared it over her breasts. His cock rock hard against her ass. His hips pushing his dick along the crack of her ass. Mickey gyrating back on it, Cody could feel Angel’s fingers stroking her pussy as he slid her ass over his dick. On each stroke Angel would lightly trace along his cock too.

Jimmy stepped back and stood for a moment, this was surpassing his expectations on the day. His sexy wife was being teased to orgasm by two younger strangers. She was almost riding his cock in her ass and the girl was finger fucking her.

She looked amazing covered in his cum with Cody’s hands on her breasts.

“Fuck her ass.” He said. “She loves it. Do it, stick your cock in her ass and make her cum.” Egging the scene on, his own dick hardening again, slowly savouring the image he stokes his cock allowing it to recover to full hardness again.

IMG-20130710-WA0015Cody looked at Angel who nodded, rising Mickey up he lubed his dick by rubbing it in her pussy juices, holding it against her ass she began thrusting back as he inched forward. The head popped through and he held it there for a moment.

He had never had anal before and wow it was meeting and exceeding all expectations. It was so tight around his cock he felt as if he could explode then. Waiting till he calmed down he pushed further inside her till he was buried to the hilt.

Angel’s fingers could be felt through the thin veil of skin separating the two. With each thrust he could feel her matching him, the touch of her fingers against the cock and Mickey tightening her ass around his dick quickly had Cody thrusting hard in and out of her ass. The sounds of his balls slapping against her ass at each thrust, his hands pulling on her breasts, tweaking them roughly, Mickey moaning in pleasure each time Cody slammed inside her ass.

With his sexy girl working her fingers over her clit she was going to cum and hard. Cody grunted as he felt the cum rise, filling her with his cum he shot load after load into her ass as she buckled and clenched against him, cumming juices dripping from her pussy over Angel’s fingers and down her thighs. Then Mickey leaned forward a little with his dick still buried deep in her ass and pulled Angel in for a kiss.

The two women met and lips merged to one as they kissed, tongues entwining they deepened the kiss. Angel moved so they were kneeling in the sand, pussy to pussy, breasts pressed against each other and kissing passionately.

Mickey eased off Cody’s cock and pushed Angel to her back, legs curling around each other as they continued to kiss, pussies grinding against each other, merging their sweet juices.

Jimmy watched the two women and shared a glance over them with Cody. His cock already hard again as they rolled around the sand, bodies pressed against each other.

Cody simply lay back on the sand; there was little chance of a fourth for him so soon again. He just enjoyed the visual display. Jimmy had had his sexy wife tease him for most of the afternoon and the thought of her sucking his cock underwater brought his hand to his cock, stroking it intently.

Mickey moved her mouth down Angel’s body suckling on a nipple. The swollen bud slipping in her mouth her fingers parting Angel’s legs as they moved to part the aroused pussy lips, into the moistness of her pussy, stoking her as she had done for Mickey. Angel lay back on the sand as Mickey assaulted her senses, her body felt on fire with the sweetest joy. Fingers traced the contours of her body, two moved in a steady rhythm in and out of her wet cunt. Flicking her clit sending shivers down Angel.

Jimmy stroked his cock from balls to head. Rubbing his finger over the cockhead, the precum glistening on the head, rubbing it down his cock he moaned that the pleasure of masturbating gave him especially with such inspiring images to cum to.

Mickey was nearing Angel to orgasm; Jimmy increased his tempo to match the women. Angel began shuddering as Mickey readjusted her mouth over her pussy; her tongue buried itself deep in Angel’s pulsating puss.

Licking her juices as Angel started to cum over her tongue, Mickey not moving her position as Angel came. Watching them Jimmy felt his load shoot from his cock and coat over the top of the two squirming women.

Sated they all stared at each other in silence before Angel stood up and walked to their gear. Lifting the picnic basket, “I think you have earned the right to join us. Welcome to our Naked Day at the beach.” She said smiling. Everyone chuckled and moved to help spread the blanket. Sitting they laughed and talked as they shared out the food.

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Story Teller

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Naked Day at the Beach

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