First Meeting

After months of chatting online, talking on the phone
and driving each other crazy, the moment of truth has arrived. I flew
up here to Louisville to check on my branch office, though we both know the
real reason for the trip. We meet in the lobby bar of my hotel early
in the evening. When I see you walk through the door, I’m relieved to see
that you match your description and photos. 5′ 2″, 104 lbs., blond
hair, blue eyes with a pretty face and a great little body to match.
(You’d told me your measurements were 35B-24-34, and I can’t dispute
it.) You’re dressed in a white sleeveless blouse, conservative blue
skirt and white heels. Your makeup is tasteful and not “too
much”. I hand you the single rose I brought; and I greet you with a
light embrace and a soft kiss. The chemistry between us is unmistakable,
and we both feel it. (My dick springs to immediate attention, which
is a pretty good indicator.) You notice and ask, tongue in cheek, if
I’m disappointed. I lightly chuckle as I tell you you’re even
prettier and sexier than I had hoped.

We’re a little nervous at
first. We sit across the small table from each other at, and I crack
a joke to break the ice. We talk – just general conversation about my
trip, the anticipation of meeting and our nervousness, while we relax and
have a drink. Then we begin flirting around and trading light
banter. I love the sparkle in your eyes, and make a point of
mentioning it. You blush a little and smile demurely in response to
the compliment as you say, “Thank you, Michael”. We reach for our
drinks at the same time and our hands brush against each other. We can
feel the energy passing between us again. We talk some more, our eyes
melting into each other’s as we realize this is really going to be
something. A slow song is playing in the background, and I ask you to
dance. We hold each other closely and fall into an easy matched
rhythm – feeling the energy like an electrical charge pulsing between us.
You feel so good in my arms! It seems like I’ve known you forever….
easy relaxed feelings. I lightly kiss that soft hollow on your neck
just below your right ear. I feel your body shiver and I hear your
quiet moan in response as you pull me a little closer. The warmth
from our bodies envelopes us like a surreal aura as we glide around the
dance floor in our own little world.

The song ends, and we walk
back to the table with our arms around each other. I get the waitress’s
attention and order us another drink. We continue to joke
around and chat, the innuendoes becoming more overtly sexual with each
comment. It feels even more comfortable being with you now. The
early nervousness has left us completely. I look you in the eye say,
“Can I tickle your clit now, Darlin’?” You just laugh in response to
the opening line I had used in so many of our online chats. You tell
me that it would be easy enough to do though, since you have nothing on
under your skirt. We both smile at this one. You knew that was
something I find extremely erotic, and you had removed your panties in the
car for me before coming in. You take them from your purse and
covertly show them to me before tucking them into my pocket. Earlier
in our conversation, I had given you a copy of a demo tape of some songs
I’d written and recorded. I playfully suggest that we go up to my
room so you can hear it.

As we leave the lounge, I put my arm
around your shoulder. You respond by snuggling closer and wrapping your
arm around my waist. Our eyes meet, and we smile again. We continue
talking and playing around as we walk. When the elevator doors close,
I draw you toward me and our lips brush in a light kiss charged with
amazing energy. We hug and kiss again – a soft lingering kiss this
time that grows more passionate as our tongues entwine and explore each
other. You feel my hard dick pressing against your soft mons.
Your body is crying out for attention – nipples hard as pebbles, labia
swelling, and juices flowing. Your clit is throbbing in anticipation
as the heat from your inflamed pussy flows throughout your body. When
the elevator doors open, we step out together – a little flushed and a
little anxious. We’ve been waiting a long time for this, Darlin’.

We walk to my room and go in. You make the expected comments
about how nice the room is. Then you put my tape in the boom box and
turn towards me again. We are standing close and our eyes meet. We
embrace and kiss. A gentle kiss that quickly turns into a harder,
hungrier, more passionate one. Our hands are running over each others
shoulders and back. My hands fall to cup and massage your ass cheeks and
draw you to me. You can feel my hard dick pulsing against your mons
again as we sensuously grind our crotches together. Now our hands are
freely exploring each other’s bodies. We continue to kiss and play as we
slowly remove each other’s clothing a piece at a time. I loosen and
drop your skirt, and I see you weren’t kidding – you aren’t wearing
panties. Hmmmm! I love it! The soft blond triangle of
hair on your pussy is neatly trimmed and I note that your swollen nipples
are begging for attention. We stand naked in our embrace
kissing…teasing… licking…nibbling… stroking… caressing –
exploring each other’s bodies for the first time. My hand finds its
way between your slightly parted thighs. You’re so wet that my finger
is instantly slick as I slide it between your labia and across your
throbbing hooded clit. I love the feel of those warm soft lips and
the light fluffy hair on your pubes. Meanwhile, you are stroking and
caressing my hairy chest, my back, my hard dick…. gently cupping my
balls. My dick is as hard as its ever been in anticipation of the
evening ahead.

We move to the bed and lay side by side facing each
other. We kiss again as I raise up as I roll you onto your back. I
lower my head and kiss my way down your neck until I can draw one of your
hardening nipples into my mouth. I suck it gently – then a little
harder. I draw it deep into my mouth and then let it go with a light
pop as I inhale – drawing cool air across the wet flesh. The moan I
get in response tells me how much you liked that. Then I move to the
other nipple and give it the same treatment, feeling your hands on the back
of my head and neck pulling me into you. Meanwhile my hand works its way
down, caressing your mons… your labia – I work a finger between your
lips again and feel the warm wetness there and the drip of your juices
running down across the cheek of your ass. I spread your juices up
and down the length of your pussy…. probing your vagina a little with my
fingers. Every move is in time with the music… stroking,
caressing, squeezing you gently in rhythm then sliding my fingers deep
inside of you. I withdraw them begin a gentle tapping –
alternating between two fingers – quick fingers developed through years of
playing guitar. Light rhythmic taps all over the surface of your
pussy… your labia… your mons… your clit. It drives you
crazy! After a minute or two of this, you’re overcome by your
first intense orgasm with me – you’re hips bucking as the pitch of your
moans increase to a peak; your body fully arched. I continue my
ministrations to make it last as long as possible and wave after wave pours
through you. As your orgasm subsides, you let out a long slow breath
and lay still for a moment as I admire the rise and swell of your
breasts. We sit up a little and you tell me how wonderful that
felt. We embrace and kiss again, feeling the binding of our souls,
and I tell you that was just for starters.
Our kiss ends, and
you work your way down my body – motioning me to lay back and enjoy. You
kiss and lick my neck and chest as you take my hard dick in your soft
hand. You have just the right light touch and feel as you slowly
stroke it and squeeze out a little pre-cum. Its not much over six
inches long, but its thicker than most. You guide your mouth to it
and lick around the head cleaning off the pre-cum, then up and down the
shaft. You spread my legs farther, and lift my balls to gently lick and
suck them into your mouth in turn – rolling them around with your tongue –
before returning your attentions to my dick. This time, you begin working
it deeper and deeper into your soaking wet mouth until your lips meet my
pubic bone, enveloping my dick with your lips and tongue in a way that
feels to me just like a sixteen year old virgin’s pussy. (Yes, I can
remember that sensation from my teen experiences.) I can’t help but
moan and tell you how great it feels as I lift my hips slightly to meet
your mouth – my hands lightly stroking your scalp through your silken blond
hair as I watch you work. Then you slowly withdraw with just enough
suction to tantalize me – all the way out until you release the head with a
barely audible “pop”. You look and me and smile – knowing you have my
attention and I’ve completely given myself over to your actions. Our
eyes lock and sizzle with shared energy as you give me a mischievous smile
and tease the sensitive head of my dick – swirling the tip your tongue
around it again and again. I guide you to shift around a little so I
can reach your pussy and ass to play with you while you pleasure me –
exploring that sweet juicy pussy, flicking my finger lightly across your
now exposed and throbbing clit, dipping two fingers deep inside of you and
then rubbing your secretions around the wrinkled bud of your ass. You
moan in response and wiggle your pussy and ass against my hand as you begin
to alternate your techniques on my dick. The range of sensations you
create are exquisite. First lovingly sucking my balls, then licking
the shaft and the mushroom shaped head again, dipping your tongue into the
little slit for another taste of pre-cum. The thought occurs to me
that I’ve had so many mediocre blow jobs in my life, and there is nothing
that beats a woman who really loves to suck a dick and knows she’s good at
it. When I can barely stand it anymore, you finally get a smooth
rhythm going… deep strokes all the way to the base… very slow at
first and then a little faster. You can sense that speed isn’t
necessary, the rhythm and the wet sensuous motions of your lips, tongue and
throat will do it. My hips rise to meet you as my dick slides deep
into your throat with each stroke. I can feel the familiar tension
rising in my loins. My breath quickens and I moan even louder as I cry
out, “I’m cumming, Darlin'”. You continue to rhythmically deep throat me
with your velvet glove of a mouth until my balls tighten and my dick throbs
and explodes. I cry out and shoot spurt after spurt of my load
into your throat and mouth as the intensity of my orgasm peaks and waves of
pleasure pour through me. You continue sucking and swallowing, easily
matching my pelvic thrusts, until my orgasm subsides and you feel me relax.
Then you lighten up and keep licking and softly sucking my dick until I
have no more drops of cum to offer. Meanwhile, I notice that your
pussy is still dripping wet from my attentions coupled with your excitement
from sucking me. We rise up simultaneously and share a deep, soulful,
passionate kiss. I can taste myself in your mouth, as I think that you’re
one in a million and I’m glad I found you. When we break for air, I
tell you how really incredible you are as a lover. You reply coyly
with a smile, “That was just for starters, Michael.”

We continue
to kiss and stroke each other… relaxing your head on my chest. After a
while, I half whisper in the voice of lovers, “Its your turn, Darlin'”, and
I roll you onto your back. I kiss your lips, your cheeks, your neck…
nibble on your ear lightly. Then I start to kiss my way down to your
beautiful breasts and pinkish brown nipples again. My hands can’t
keep still. You feel my left hand slip down across your belly as I suck on
your nipples in turn – gently squeezing, pulling and twisting the one I’m
not sucking as I feel them get harder and harder. My hands and mouth
are moving to the rhythm of the music again, matching the pulse with my
actions… across your mons… caressing, cupping and gently squeezing
your hot swollen pussy. Your legs spread wider to give me even better
access as you lay back to enjoy your turn. My finger slips between your
labia… dipping slightly into your vagina and spreading your juices up
and across your throbbing clit, now peeking out from its hood. It feels
like my hand and fingers are dancing with your pussy – matching the rhythm
and intensity of the music… fingers tapping again… then darting into
you and withdrawing… I continue sucking your nipples as your breath
quickens and your body spasms with another orgasm. I ride it out
until you relax and breathe again. Then I kiss my way down your body
and shift my position around until I’m between your legs facing your pussy.
I kiss your thighs, flick my tongue over your labia, and plant nibbling
kisses on your mons. I continue slowly exploring your feminine softness,
finding your sensitive spots and relishing in your taste. Then I take
one of your labia between my lips and gently suck it into my mouth –
pulsing sucks with my tongue running across it inside of my mouth as I suck
it deeper. I swirl around your clit with my tongue and dip it into
you a couple of times before sucking the labia on your other side… still
in rhythm to the music. I begin fucking you with my tongue in time,
stroke after stroke, until you cum again with dizzying contractions and a
flow of delicious nectar that I lap up and savor. The song ends and,
during the silence, I look into your eyes as I roll your legs up and back,
holding them wide apart with my hands behind your knees as I sensuously
lick the length of your pussy from the bottom to top a few times with a
broad flat tongue spreading your labia before sliding it down to tease your
ass bud. This you seem to really like, although you’d told me before
that you had tried the ass bit once and it hurt so badly that you weren’t
sure if you wanted to try again. (And I told you the guy was an
insensitive jerk who didn’t know what he was doing. No preparation,
just a little spit on your anus and he rammed it in.) I continue to
dip my tongue into your pussy and move down to press it against your ass
bud until it slips in a little. You moan in pleasure and push back
against the warm wet invader in your ass. As the music starts again,
I move up and begin rhythmically sucking on your clit, swirling my tongue
around it inside of my mouth as I slip my thumb deep into your soaking wet
vagina. I wiggle and twist my thumb around, exploring you and finding
some spots that are particularly sensitive, (judging from your response).
Then I pump it in and out, over and over with the beat of the music,
fucking you with my thumb as I lick and suck your clit. When the
verse of the song changes, my thumb slips out of your pussy. It is
replaced by two fingers reaching deeper inside of you as my wet thumb
massages the rim of your rectum eliciting moans and purrs of pleasure from
you. Then I slip it into your ass a little, stretching your
sphincter, and then back out. The juices dribbling from your pussy
coat my thumb and I rub them around and around the rim of your ass again
before I begin slowly dipping it in and out through your sphincter, pushing
it a little deeper each time as your ass stretches and adjusts. I
begin licking your clit quicker, doubling the time and picking up the
eighth note in the music as I flick just the tip of my tongue across your
clit again and again. Flick, swirl, suck it into my mouth – my tongue
is dancing with your clit in time to the actions of my fingers and thumb
with the music. I suck yout clit into my mouth and swirl the tip of
my tongue around it inside – always in rhythm. The quickness of your
panting breath, the increasing pitch of your moans and words of
encouragement tell me you’re getting close. Your ass has relaxed
enough to easily accept all of my thumb now, sliding in and out with long
strokes. You pump and roll your pussy and ass, fucking back against
my fingers, thumb and mouth. The combined sensations are unlike
anything you’ve ever felt, and you can’t hold off any longer. Your body
tenses and arches as your orgasm begins rise within you. I continue to
suck on your clit and pump my fingers in and out, swirling my tongue around
your clit behind my sucking lips as you cry out, “OH, MY GOD, DANNY”.
Your body is racked with spasm after spasm of the most intense orgasm
you’ve ever experienced. I continue to lick and lap at your flowing
juices as your toe-curling orgasm goes on and on. When it finally
begins to subside, I sense your body relaxing. You shudder a little
under my continued but more leisurely licking – so sensitive now – and I
slowly withdraw my fingers from your pussy and ass. I wipe my chin and
face on the sheet and shift up between your legs. My weight supported over
you by my elbows and knees, we hold each other’s faces and share a loving
kiss accented by the mixed flavors of our bodily fluids. You say, “I
never knew I could experience anything that intense.” I smile and say
nothing. I kiss you again as you cling to me with your arms and
legs. I can still feel little aftershock orgasmic tremors coursing
through your body.
My dick resting on your mons is rock
hard again. After relaxing in each other’s arms for a few minutes, I rise
up and pick your legs from behind your knees again – holding them up and
wide apart. I slowly and sensuously slide my dick up and down the slick
slit between your swollen labia and across your throbbing clit. Over
and over again – just feeling your wetness, your heat, and the soft throb
of your still swollen pussy against the under side of my dick. On one
stroke, I lower you and tilt my pelvis at just the right angle so the tip
of my dick slides smoothly and deeply into your soaking wet vagina as you
lift to meet me. Though your not a teenager, the facts that you
always used pads instead of tampons, never tried dildos and had your kid by
C-section has maintained the tightness and tone of your pussy. It
feels wonderful! We stop when our pelvises meet. I love just
feeling and enjoying the pulsing warmth of your depths. I let go of your
legs, lean over and kiss you again – a deep passionate kiss this time with
dueling tongues. There is a slow song playing on the tape now. I
begin a barely perceptible bumping and grinding motion deep inside you –
about like a rhythmic twitching with no real motion yet. You wrap
your arms and legs around me. I can feel you begin to move and respond
under me – matching the tiny motions in time with the music. Then we
start to pick up the length of stroke a little – still slow little strokes
of about an inch. In…. out…. in…. out… holding that pace
for a long long time with the music… just feeling each other and falling
into a natural easy rhythm, riding it with no trouble at all. Our breath
gets a little faster. The song changes and we lengthen and quicken
the stroke…. harder… faster… deeper. Little by little we
increase the intensity. You’re still matching me stroke for stroke…. so
natural… so effortless. The song ends, and we go at it even
faster, harder, stronger… pounding rhythms now. I can hear you…
feel you. You catch your breath and a shudder pours through your body
as another orgasm hits. I continue to ride you through it…. feeling for
the right pace to keep it going, stretching it out, letting it
build. You tremble and shudder again; and I slow the pace as your
orgasm subsides. We stop and relax with me still deep inside of you
as we kiss again, another lingering soulful kiss.

I didn’t cum
that time. I was controlling myself and trying to bring you through your
orgasm. I withdraw and we kiss again. I roll you over, guiding you to a
doggie position with your knees spread, your head down on the bed and your
ass arched high in the air. My hard dick slides right into your soft
soaking wet pussy as I drive it in to the hilt. I love this position
– the depth, the sight of my dick slipping past your soft labia and into
your vagina, your beautiful ass pointing right at me. I hold it there
deep inside you for a moment, my hands massaging your low back and your ass
– just enjoying the sensations of being so deep inside you again.
Then I slowly begin to pump in and out of you… pulling you back onto my
dick as I stroke you. Slow easy long strokes… almost out… back
in. I wet my thumb in your juices and rub it around the rim of your
ass, massaging you there in a circular motion. Then the tip of my
thumb slips into your ass again and I hold it there, still stroking my hard
dick in and out of your pussy in rhythm. I hold my thumb inside
your ass as my dick continues to stroke. You shove your pussy and ass back
at me, matching my strokes. You reach up between your legs and play with
your clit as my dick continually probes your pussy and my thumb begins to
move freely in and out of your ass. We pick up the pace, harder, faster,
deeper until I can’t take it any more. As my cum shoots into you and
bathes the walls of your vagina with warm slippery cream, you cum with me –
screaming and driving your ass wildly against me. Your orgasm is more
intense than you thought possible after having cum so much tonight. I feel
your ass contract around my thumb with each of your spasms. We
ride through it – stroking hard until our orgasms peak. I withdraw
my thumb and, as my dick softens, it slides out of your pussy. You
roll over on your back and collapse with a smile and a long sigh. I
stretch out beside you and kiss you again, lingering light kisses this time
mixed with smiles and feelings of warm contentment. We lay back in each
others arms and just relish it all. Mmmmmmm!!!

relaxing for a while, we get up and take a shower together. We wash
each other’s bodies. Kissing, talking, laughing and playing together
– teasing now and then. After drying each other off, we fix ourselves
a glass of wine and sit together naked on the small sofa in the room.
I pick up my guitar to sing and play for you for a while – some songs I’ve
written, some classical pieces, other people’s songs. Your presence helps
me get into my music. It feels real good playing for you. My
fingers tire after a while and its time for a break.

We’re sitting
next to each other on the sofa, still naked, relaxing, watching T.V. and
enjoying our wine. We begin to kiss again, our hands roaming over
each other’s bodies. I reach down to suck on your nipple and it hardens
right away. I like that and do the other one, too. We continue
to explore each other’s bodies. You take my dick in your mouth
again. Its so hard, but I’m not going to cum again very quickly after
having made it twice tonight already. I do enjoy you sucking me,
licking me, taking me all the way into your wonderful magic mouth
again. Meanwhile, I’m playing with your breasts, your nipples, your
pussy and ass. My hands are roaming over your body, stimulating you,
caressing you, and probing your openings. I lift your head and we kiss
again – a long passionate kiss – tongues dancing, tasting each other.
My hand is on your thigh and you spread your legs to give me better
access. Your pussy is so warm, so soft – and it seems to pulse and
throb under my hand. I run a finger between your lips and confirm
that you’re soaked again.

I get on my knees on the floor and
push the coffee table back out of the way. After another embrace and
kiss, I lift your feet onto the sofa with your knees spread wide and pull
your ass to the edge. I start at your left knee and kiss my way
towards your pussy. I flick my tongue over your labia and clit – teasing,
kissing. Then I move to the other knee and start down your thigh.
Back to your pussy, I stay there a while drinking your nectar. I
can’t get enough of your taste. I lick, kiss, swirl my tongue around
your clit – draw it into my mouth to gently suck it. I feel you arch up to
meet my touch, hearing moans of pleasure escaping your lips. Neither
of us is real verbal in sex. I can see your eyes are closed.
You’re laying your head back on the sofa and rolling slowly it from side to
side. I suck on your clit like a baby on its mother’s nipple – deep
pulsing sucks with tongue action that increase the pace of your undulating
hips, your panting breath, your moans of ecstasy. My hands can’t keep
still either. One of them is caressing your breast, pinching and
lightly twisting your nipple – rolling it between my thumb and forefinger
and then massaging your entire breast, squeezing it rhythmically. My
hand moves to your other breast to give it some attention while I continue
to suck and lick on your clit. I dip my tongue into your vagina for
another taste. My other hand is caressing your ass – dipping fingers
into your vagina when my tongue isn’t there or probing your ass
again. Your ass relaxes quickly this time due to the attention it got
earlier. You’re rocking your hips against my tongue and my probing
fingers – pushing back against my thumb in your ass. I continue
licking and sucking until you tighten with another orgasm – crying out and
arching your hips as it hits and peaks.

Then you relax again and
I rise up pulling my fingers out. I slide my swollen dick into your
pussy again. Your so wet I drive it in deep and fast. I bottom out
and begin pumping almost immediately – powerful, long, deep strokes.
Your hips are bucking and matching me stroke for stroke as I bend forward
to kiss you again. Then I take your nipple into my mouth – sucking it in
hard and biting down gently. This drives you over the edge and you
cum again, coating my dick, my balls and your ass with your flowing

After your orgasm slows, I slip my dick out. It’s
still hard as a rock. I lower it just a little, guiding it with my
hand, and rub the tip around the rim of your ass. Soft circular motions
massaging you there with the soft head of my dick. I kiss you again –
a lingering probing kiss. I dip my dick into your pussy for another
coating of your juices before nudging the tip of it into your ass.
You groan a little as the thickness of my hard dick stretches you
wider. I let it rest there for a minute as you relax and adjust to
the feeling. I know you haven’t had good experiences with this and I
want you to like it. When I see your expression soften, I begin a
very gentle, slow and shallow in and out stroke. Just the head in and
out through the rim of your ass. I do this several times until I
sense you have relaxed enough for more. I begin to push it in a
little deeper each stroke, pausing when I feel you tense a little.
When you relax again, I continue the process until it is all the way in
with my balls resting against your tail bone. I remain motionless for a
while to let you get used to it. When I feel you begin to move, I
match your rhythm with short easy strokes. I lean forward a little
and my pubic bone massages your clit with each stroke. We continue
with this motion for a long while – finding an easy rhythm and taking our
time. Naturally together, we begin to pick up the pace. You’re
really getting excited now – enjoying the new sensations and getting
carried away. We go faster and faster. You’re driving your ass up to
meet each stroke, my dick now pounding into your ass. You feel my
balls slapping against your ass with each stroke. I search your face
for signs that I might be hurting you and I see nothing but
enjoyment. I close my eyes, too, and relish the feel of your tight
ass swallowing my dick. We continue pumping until I feel you tense
and begin to cum. Your ass contracting around my dick with each spasm
takes me over the edge, too, and I cum with you. We’re lost in our
mutual ecstasy – riding wildly through our orgasm as we grunt and groan –
crying out together – my dick spurting into your bowels. When its over, I
collapse on your heaving chest. I run my fingers lightly over your
shoulders, your arms – feeling your fingers tracing lines on my back as we
catch our breath. My dick softens and slips out of you. I ask if you
enjoyed that, and you say with a smile, “You couldn’t tell, Danny?”

Story Teller

Story Teller

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