Yesterday’s Affair Ch. 04

That weekend, I searched through my cabinet of “things I want to hide in plain sight”, looking for the transcripts of our first chats together. Finding them early on Sunday morning, while everyone was out of the house, I lay naked in bed while I read them.

My hand roamed to my pelvis, seeking my clit as I read. As my finger rubbed tight circles against what was quickly becoming a hardened peak, I read through that first exchange. Yes. I had kept it. But it was my secret. It remained in my locked cabinet, which only I had access to.

Perhaps it was reading the text, perhaps it was the wetness…I don’t know. I dressed quickly, skidded through the snow across the front porch in my slippers and pyjamas, unlocking the car as I went. Swiftly opening the door and bending in, I opened the console and grabbed the piece of paper within. Slamming and locking the door as I turned away from the car, I rushed back inside.

Naked in bed once more, armed with the paper and the conversation history, I grabbed a vibrator and held it against my clit as I closed my eyes and imagined the call. Horny as I was, I rolled across the bed to grab my phone, dialling the numbers before I lost my nerve.

“Hello?” queried the male voice on the other end, and I felt faint; relief that it was not his wife answering, perhaps.

I stumbled through a hello, not knowing what to say. “It’s Janie. I don’t know why I am calling you. I was just thinking about you…” I dropped into silence, waiting for his response.
It was slow to come. After what felt an eternity, he stated, “Janie. It has been a long time. How are you doing? What are you doing now? Why are you calling me? Is this about the hockey game?”

I said nothing, not having the words, as I imagined his shock at hearing my voice again. Was he glad I had called? The silence lingered, broken only by the breathing I could hear through the phone lines. “I don’t think it is,” I replied. “I just finally had the opportunity and nerve to call.”

“I’m glad you did. I have thought of you over the years…wondered…it was quite a surprise to see you and Mike both the other night. Why in hell would you do something so brazen??”

I knew he was referring to the show I had put on with my husband and friend, and I smiled with the knowledge that he had known it was no mistake, no accident. He knew it had been a show solely for his…benefit? No. That was not the right word… It had been for his eyes only, but I had never intended it for his benefit.

“I don’t know, Steve. You know me, too impulsive for my own good sometimes.” It sounded lame, even to my ears. I changed the subject. “So you are still playing hockey, I see?” Stupid question! I berated myself. Since when did professional hockey players quit? Unless you counted “Battle of the Blades”, most hockey players I knew never quit, and played right through their retirement. Sure, the leagues got smaller and the egos got larger…but they never quit.

“Yup, still playing,” Steve replied.

His casual nature began to put me at ease as he asked what I was up to. “Where’s the family?”

“They are at the pool. Sunday is swim day here still,” I explained. It had always been swim day, and I guess I was, in that way, just as predictable as he. “How about you? Sunday still the day you escape to the stores?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Yeah, it is. I am at the mall now, then heading for groceries after.” He sounded tired. Or wary. He volunteered nothing.

“About the other night….” I began. At the same time, he had started to say, “You really shocked me the other….”

I halted my speech. “Go on,” I urged.

“Well, you shocked me. That is what I was saying. I am not used to women’s asses pressed against my car.”

I laughed. “No, not unless you are involved, at least. My very naked ass has been against your car before, if you recall…”

I could hear the grin as he teased that I was the “same ol’ Janie”. Only, I wasn’t. I did not tell him that, but thought quickly how much had changed over the years…certainly I had changed quite a bit! So had Mike!

Turning away from my thoughts, I asked, “Where are you shopping? Any time for a quick coffee?”

His reply told me he was only a few minutes away. I gave him my address, telling him the coffee was on. Before I could change my mind, I disconnected.

I knew he would be at least ten minutes, and knew I had two hours before the family returned home. I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling while my fingers distractedly rubbed against my clit.

It was less than ten minutes when the doorbell rang. It seemed it had been no time at all! I hurriedly pushed my arms into a terrycloth robe, and hurried to the door, fastening the belt as I descended the stairs. I quickly threw my vibrator into the laundry basket in the closet, and closed the bedroom door behind me.

I opened the front door to see Steve standing there awkwardly. I went through the motions of inviting him in and pouring coffee, but could not tell you what I said, what we discussed…I was in a fog. I led him to the sitting room, moving to tuck my legs beneath me as I sipped on my coffee and he sat beside me.

“So, where do you start?” he asked.

“I beg your pardon?!” I retorted incredulously. “Where do I start? How about you start? Last I knew, you were quitting your job, going solo, and would call me when you could.”

“Yeah, and last I knew, you were managing the chain. But when I went back, you were gone. I was told you had moved out of the city.”

“But you never called,” I said solemnly.

“No. I figured you had moved. I thought if you wanted me to know that, you would have told me, but you hadn’t even mentioned it to me. You were buying a house closer to work, was the last I heard.”

As he said this, his hand grasped my thigh, rubbing soothingly.

“We were. But we found one better, farther away. I was still in the city. I just transferred departments and locations. I worked downtown,” I explained. “I kept waiting for you to call.”

As I spoke, I watched his hand slide beneath my robe, still lightly stroking my thigh.

“You never called. I kept the same cell number, even though it meant carrying two cells-one personal and one for work…and you never called.”

I have never been one for tears, and that remained true now. Oh, I had been hurt by his stark abandonment, but years later, I was no longer hurting. It had all, over the years, become anger at his insensitivity and lack of caring.

He turned to face me, sliding his hand further up my thigh, exploring, reaching. As our eyes locked, I let his fingertips explore me, slowly moving to my panty line, only to discover my lack of panties. He found a slippery wetness instead as his fingers splayed across the smoothness of my skin to search and probe.

My gaze held his as I allowed this, reaching out towards his groin, stroking his pants and finding him hard beneath as he quickly moved my robe aside with his hand before moving his lips to my breast.

My hand moved to grasp his hair firmly, pressing his head against me, encouraging him as my legs spread for his furious exploration of the wetness at my core. An involuntary moan escaped my lips as he matched his fingers’ rhythm with his mouth, sucking my tit into his mouth, biting gently.

When he lifted his head to look at me, his eyes were intense with desire, and it was an old, familiar look I knew well. I grabbed his hand from my crotch, guiding his fingers to his mouth as I moved from the sofa. I led him up the stairs to my bedroom, and had him sit on the bed. Quickly, I unzipped his pants, worked the button through the button hole, and dragged the pants from his waist to his knees. I chuckled seeing the briefs…some things rarely changed, and the outline of his turgid cock beneath his “tightie whities” was proof of that. I still enjoyed how easily I turned him on I thought as I knelt to the floor between his legs.pnDTA7o

As I dragged the briefs from his waist, releasing his hard cock, my temptation was to simply crawl on and fuck him, as I had done so many times in the past. But another part of me took over, wanting to go slow, to tease and torment. My lips found the head of his cock, and brushed against the smoothness of his skin, dragging an audible exhalation from him at the contact. My tongue remained in my mouth, lips pressed together tightly as I moved up and down the length of him. After a few strokes with my lips firmly pressing against him, I opened my mouth slightly, allowing the hot breath to whisper against his cock.

As I looked up, past his stomach and hairy chest to his face, I saw him watching me intently. “Relax,” I soothed, “I still don’t bite-hard.”

I finished the sentence with my tongue sticking out teasingly as I bent my head back to concentrate on his groin, this time, leaving my tongue out. Swiftly, my tongue licked up and down his shaft before guiding the head of his thickness into my mouth, pressing it into my throat as I buried my nose into the hair at the base of his cock, inhaling his scent. Within moments, I had him wet, and was finding myself just as turned on as he seemed to be.

When I again stopped for a moment, he reached down to my arms, pulling me onto the bed and onto him. I crawled up the bed, meeting him for a passionate kiss as I settled my wetness against his smooth, hard skin. As we kissed, he manoeuvred himself into my depth with a few hip rotations. I accepted his presence in me, and gave up control, letting him take the lead.

He began to thrust his hips up into me, pressing his cock deep within. As he did so, his fingers sought my clit between our bodies.

He rolled over still deep within me. He finger worked my clit in circles, with his rhythmic thrust adding punctuation at regular intervals. His free hand sought the back of my head and locked his fingers into my hair, forcing our mouths together. His tongue explored every corner of my mouth, rediscovering territory it used to know so well.

The sensation of his chest against my tits was causing my nipples to become even more erect and sensitive. They ached to be bit, to be pulled. I wanted him to consume me to enter every part of me as deeply as humanly possible. This wasn’t enough…

He sensed my longing, my need (not that I was trying very hard to conceal it), and he did something he had never done. He stopped. Utterly and completely.

He didn’t pull out, he just stopped moving and looked at me. I couldn’t take it, I was too far gone for games or any semblance of self control.

I then did something that I had never done with anyone; I begged… “Oh God Steve, you can’t stop now!” I pleaded! “Please, keep going! I need you to fuck me.”

As he rolled himself to a position beneath me, he joked “I have no intention of stopping Janie, you should know me better than that”. With a lustful smile he dared, “Ride the fuck out of me like you used to. Grind that pussy against me. I want to see the convulsions go through your body when you cum! I want you looking at me.”

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Story Teller

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Yesterday’s Affair Ch. 04

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