An Open Letter to Men

A few words of advice, in the form of an Open Letter to men from justmari a Fetlife user and actually a males friend


Follow along – this girl might just surprise you 😉

  • Please stop feeling the need to apologize for the misdeeds perpetrated by some of your gender.
  • Please stop feeling guilty for the misdeeds perpetrated by some of your gender.
  • Please stop allowing others to abuse you simply because of your gender.
  • Please stop allowing others to shout you down because of your gender.
  • Please stop allowing a certain group of people to censor your views.
  • Please stop being afraid to express yourself freely.
  • Please stop worrying about posting that dick pic (if you want).

I can’t imagine the terrible burden you have allowed others to place upon your shoulders.

An Open Letter to MenAll of those freedoms and more – I freely enjoy.
Simply because I’m a woman.
And that’s some bullshit.

If you’re a good man – that goodness will be seen by those that matter.
Those that matter don’t discount you simply because of your gender.

I have never before been so fearful that a twist of fate brought me, two sons.
That makes me so sad and angry.
What it doesn’t do is make me feel the need to apologize on behalf of my gender.
I know there are shitty people in this world – regardless of gender.
I refuse to apologize for things I didn’t have a direct hand in creating.

What I see is the systematic perpetration of abuse carried out under the guise of a ‘good cause’.
More people are beginning to see the absolute hypocrisy of this movement.
More people are starting to think for themselves as they abandon the collective thought police.

The tide is slowly turning.
I suspect it will get worse before it gets better.
But as more people start to internalize that the path to change isn’t won on the backs of gender it will get better.
As more people start to stand up against ANY FORM OF OPPRESSION it will get better.

Did I mention I love men?

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An Open Letter to Men

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