Hurts so good – A beginners guide to Impact play

Part I – IntroductionTheTwistedScrew

Ok here we go folks, Master_Ares will be doing a series of short writings on the joys of impact play covering as many areas as possible & I hope we will be posting them all, I also will say before I start, this is a guide sharing my experiences, opinions and ideas when it comes to the fun one can have with impact play. No one should take it as gospel. I guarantee you will all have differences of opinions, experiences and ideas. That being said let’s begin.

You have entered the world of BDSM and you are seeing all the shiny new toys, fun things to do and all the sexy, sexy women whom share common interests with you. Let me say three things for any budding young Dominant, submissive, top, bottom whatever.

  1. Porn is just that, porn. You do not get your scenarios with which you can just walk into a scene with a submissive and say “Kiss my boots bitch!” I welcome you to try purely to see you get kicked in the testicles.
  2. You need to practice anything you would like to do. I recommend trying anything you wish to do to someone out on yourself first of all, you then get an idea of the sensations and you know how your body would react to it. If you wish to partake in impact play, you should seek out someone who is well practised in it to give you a small going over, so you know how it feels. Now while this may not be how your partner will react it is still better than having no knowledge whatsoever.
  3. Be a bit humble about yourself. While you may have confidence to burn you have people in the scene who have been around since the days of the Black Market Hellfire club in Sydney. Your confidence has NOTHING on their experiences. And if you behave like an arrogant ass they are the last people whom are going to want to teach anything to you. You need not only the ability to be able to have some fun with your craft but the ability to learn, what you want, how you want to apply it and how to react and respond when you fuck up.


We are human and we make mistakes.

Impact play while it is there for all to enjoy from a simple spanking, to an extreme pain puppy breaking rattan canes and yawning. It is not for everyone. Personally with my girl Cybella much of our impact is either light and fluffy for the sensation, or she is being punished for an infraction on her contract. There is rarely a time I would just flog her for the fun of it. I have played with hard assed pain puppies, or in the case of last year rabbit, who can take sjamboks to the backside, hard and she keeps on moaning.

Now while all this is fun and I have a good time with this, if you are only in the scene so you can “Beat a woman” I would recommend some major psychological therapy for you as there may be some underlying issues you need worked out. A “scene” is an agreed upon set of activities people have discussed and will have a negotiations, a beginning, the scene itself, the wind up, the ending and the after care. In between all this you may experience things such as tears, swearing, a bottom who does not understand or has forgotten safe words, (See ANNEX i), you will have submissives that may throw up, faint or absolutely hate you by the end. This is all natural behaviour for what we are doing. And I will touch on all points in future writings. But I get back to the last point, if you think it is all about “beating women” go see a psychiatrist.

ANNEX i – Safe words:

A mutually agreed upon set of words with which if a submissive, or Dominant is not comfortable in a scene they can use this word to stop, slow down or go harder in a scene. A universal example, recognised by many, Red – Stop, Yellow – Ease up/slow down, Green – Go, harder, more!

We are all different and there are many different areas of impact play I will touch upon in the coming days with different writings on different areas of a subject I hold very close to my heart. I hope you all take the time to read them and take them for the grain of salt they are worth.

Thank you for reading

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Hurts so good – A beginners guide to Impact play

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