Cinnamon Girls Sub Drop Self Care Tips…

It’s been 12 months since I got into my current (and first) D/s relationship so today I’m going to share my top 12 aftercare tips, some of which I usually have to force myself to do to feel better post play. As I don’t yet live with my Dom and we both have other commitments (who doesn’t?) it’s handy to have some things you can do when you’re not physically able to be with your partner during drop. Some of these will also be useful for top drop too, from what I’ve read and heard…

1. Eat!

Cinnamon Girls Sub Drop Self Care Tips...Usually the last thing on my mind but whether it’s physical or emotional drop, or both, you need to keep your strength up. a friend told me this in June when I turned up for coffee in a bit of a state. She told me the best and first thing I should do is feed and water myself.

2. Drink!

No, I don’t mean gin… Never gin. Hydrate yourself properly. Drink loads of water. A nice cup of tea or hot chocolate. I don’t limit myself with sugar when I’m droppy. I drink whatever I find comforting (but never gin… Remember that bit!).

3. Shower

I don’t know if it’s just me, but a hot shower and some clean clothes makes me feel more human again. Clean hair when I have time, too. Clean teeth. Clean face. It also stops the crying, or at least washes all that gooey snot away.

4. Music

I like to listen to bands from my pre-kink days to help me feel grounded again. Yes I’m a sub, but look at everything else I am and have ever been in life. Today I’m listening to The Protomen.

5. Cover up

If you’ve got to cut play short because you’ve reached your limit, reach for the covers. Make a cocoon. Get dressed if it’ll make you feel better. I don’t like being naked and uncovered when I have to stop in the middle of something unless I’m being enveloped in a huge snuggly warm cuddle.

Cinnamon Girls Sub Drop Self Care Tips...6. Talk

Talk to your partner. Talk to other subs for support. Explain your feelings. Keep communication open. Don’t take things personally and blame yourself. Don’t allow your partner to feel blame. You’re stronger as a unit. Work on the things you can do to help each other.

7. Tidy up

I’m a freak. I like a tidy house. It makes me feel better and helps me feel like I am able to accomplish stuff. Get the washing machine on, get the vacuum out, clean the kitchen, puff some pillows. Maybe it’s just me…

8. Slippers!

Make yourself as physically comfortable as possible. I can’t lie around in bed all day so I’m wearing my fluffy boot slippers, some leggings, and his t shirt and hoodie for comfort and connection.

9. Fresh air

Go outside. Just pop to the shop and buy yourself that creme egg and that 150g mint Aero. Fuck calories. I digress. The exercise and fresh air will do you good (and so will the treats).

10. Do something else

Make plans with friends. Kink friends. Vanilla friends. Any friends who can support you without judgement. Heck, I even have a work friend who will look after me if I turn up droppy. Do something different. Remember those hobbies you’ve ignored? Maybe channel these feelings into something creative.

Cinnamon Girls Sub Drop Self Care Tips...11. Rest

Sleep it off if you can. Your brain is just catching up with itself. Whether it’s sleeping in a bit or taking an afternoon nap, or getting an early night, it’ll help!

12. Cuddle

Cuddle your partner if you can. If you live miles away, resume aftercare next time you see them rather than rushing into play or social situations. Have a cosy evening in (pizza is highly recommended) and snuggle up in front of the TV and talk about feelings and limits. Remind each other you love each other, but not necessarily by bumping uglies (although sometimes that helps!).

Cinnamon Girls Sub Drop Self Care Tips...
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Cinnamon Girls Sub Drop Self Care Tips...
Sometimes we both have other commitments it's handy to have some things you can do when you're not physically able to be with your partner during drop


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Cinnamon Girls Sub Drop Self Care Tips…

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