I always know when I’ve got a really good story to tell by the number of tags I can apply this one is going to be a good one!

After our impromptu sink session we were both sexually charged and I knew after our guests had gone something good was going to happen. We don’t yet live together so times to ourselves without distractions can be fewer than we would like across the week.

Once everyone had left we embraced in the hallway relaxing into each others arms, it’s nice to see people of course but that moment when you’re back to being just the two of you for a while is special.

She looked up at me and said “so are you going to fuck me hard then?”

I scooped her up in my arms carried her over the bedroom threshold and placed her face down on the bed. “Yes I’m going to fuck you hard, I’m going to fuck you however I want because I own your pussy and I can fuck you however and whenever I like, can’t I?” She didn’t reply
Roughly I pulled her dress over her head whilst holding her down with one arm. She’s slightly built but surprisingly strong and a slippery customer but she’s no match for my strength, she likes to struggle and protest but she also knows I’m right and if I want to take her I can.

Unhooking her bra the tugging off her panties I smack her arse leaning into her neck I breath into her ear “can’t I?” My body weight presses her into the bed and our bodies are starting to sweat already with the summer heat.
“Yes” she gasps
I raise up onto one arm pushed into her back the other holding my cock, my knee forcing her legs apart, I use my cock to stimulate her pussy then I push back still holding her down and lick her pussy and arse making the whole area wet and slippery. Back to the same position I rub my cock on her arse.
She’s scared of anal sex thinking my cock is too big for her, I like to tease her and threaten her with it, telling her Im going to fuck it and she can’t do anything about it.
” Im going to fuck your arse, it’s my arse I own it and you can’t stop me”
“No please”
“Shhhh it’s mine I’ll do what I want and you can’t stop me can you?”
“Now tell me I own your arse”
“You own it”
“And I can fuck it whenever I want and you can’t do anything about it”
She acquiesced and repeated the line.
Still running my cock over her arse and pussy I feel her pushing and writhing actually scared that this time I might just try to push it all the way in. I slide my cock into her pussy and feel her soften beneath me with a mixture of relief and pleasure.
I allow her a second of respite before I drive myself hard and deep into her pushing to the very depths of her pussy knowing that I’m as deep as she can take.
She arches her back, repeating the words “no you’re hurting me” loud enough that surely the neighbours can hear.
I carry on, I know she likes it, I know she wants it, I know she will cum any second and she does vocalising her orgasm.

Again i give her a second to revel in her orgasm then I get onto my knees lifting one of her legs up so she is almost in the recovery position I start to build the thrusts again, this time only using half the length the adapted angle changing the way it feels twisting into her rubbing her g-spot. I know she’s cumming again. I grip her waist with one hand digging my fingers in pulling her to me as I push towards her doubling the rhythm and making her gasp and repeat “no” again.

She cums.

I rotate her legs mirroring the position but hitting a different side of her pussy, it’s only a matter of seconds before she’s cumming again.

I flip her over lifting her arse and placing her feet on my chest. I look at her and say “you’re mine, you can’t stop me fucking you, I can take you whenever i want” I rub hard against her rubbing from her clit to her bum threatening again to push it in. I’m inside her again pushing hard another orgasm washes over her body.

Both our bodies glisten with sweat and I roll to one side laying alongside her. “My turn” she says grabbing a riding crop. I smirk and she spanks me a couple of times across my thighs. She takes my cock in one hand as she does I snatch the riding crop and she squeals making a run for it. I grab her before she reaches the door. Throwing her on her back on the carpet as she struggles I tell her “you’re only in charge when I let you be in charge, who’s in charge?”
“You are” she whimpers as once again I’m inside her. I fuck her hard on the carpet as she lies on the floor her body half in the door way.

She succumbs to a hard final body wracking orgasm and we lie together panting and sweating.

“Ok now you can be in charge”


Story Teller

Story Teller

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