The Safe Word Basics 101

Before participating in any BDSM related activity its important to establish rules with your partner(s). Everyone has a different tolerance for pain; along with different levels of what they are comfortable with. To communicate these limits and desires people commonly use “safe words” and hand gestures.

The Safe Word Basics 101

Why should I use a safe word?

The safety of your partner(s) and yourself should be the main priority during any scene; what might be easy for you to handle may not be the same for your partner(s). Using safe words allows the participants to communicate their needs efficiently and quickly.

What should my safe word be?

This is completely up to you and your partner(s) to decide and should be discussed thoroughly before partaking in any type of play. There is no limit to the amount of safe words you can use, but remember to keep things simple between you and your partner(s). A safe word should me short, easily identifiable, and easy to remember.

Most commonly used safe words are:

  • Green (continue, I’m ok with this)
  • Yellow (slow down, less)
  • Red (stop). Along with this some choose to use food or counties ex: “banana”, “pineapple”, “carrot”. “Africa”, “Canada”, “Mexico”.

How do I talk about a safe word with my partner(s)?

There should never be any shame in admitting to have a limit during a scene, your safety is #1 priority! When approaching a partner about the subject feel free to express any concerns or feelings about your limits; be sure to describe what can and can’t be pushed. If your partner(s) come to you to talk about safe words always listen with a open mind and understand their limits.

The Safe Word Basics 101Most of the time there are 3 main conversations that any participants should have beforehand.

  • The first conversation should cover EVERYTHING; express what you have experience doing, what you’d like to try, and what you will not try so that your partner(s) have a good idea of what they’re working with. After this safe words can be discussed and established.
  • Second is the pre-play conversation. This conversation is normally short and just a quick reminder of what the safe words are, ex: “ok so remember red is stop, yellow is slow, and green is go”.
  • Finally make sure to check up on your partner(s) to see if any desires and limits have changed (basically repeat the first conversation) this helps broaden the understanding between you and your partner(s) and keep everything safe.

What are hand gestures?

A lot of the time during a scene one may find themselves gagged or unable to speak. A common replacement of safe words are hand jesters! This can be anything from a peace sign to a snapping noise made with your fingers. Just like the safe words you can choose any hand jester that works best for you and your partner(s).

Play safe, communicate, and always listen to your partner(s) safe word!

The Safe Word Basics
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The Safe Word Basics
Everyone has a different tolerance for pain to communicate these limits and desires people commonly use “safe words” and hand gestures.
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The Safe Word Basics 101

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