What Your Favorite Princes Look Like Naked

Ok now i have your interest i am going to disappoint you, you are not going to be seeing any living real Princes like, Prince Harry’s or any of the real Royal Family. But i am going to show you how your Disney Princes from your childhood look without their clothes :).  Jezebel came up with the descriptions then passed those specifications on to Gawker Media staff illustrator Tara Jacoby who turned their visions of Disney dicks into actual erotic portraiture, and i thought id show you our favorite ones in the office 🙂

Our first choice of Princes had to be Prince Charming

Obviously, the perfect guy has the perfect dick: like eight or nine inches, thick—but not too thick otherwise it’s painful—rock hard with a nice throbbing vein. He’s groomed perfectly in a way that’s considerate of lovers without being too gay porn-y about it. He’s standing in front of the fireplace that Cinderella no longer has to rake, arm draped over the mantle.

Princes cocks - Prince charming naked

Our Number 2 is Aladdin

His baggy pants have allowed his testicles to grow without constraint, so he has big, huge, droopy balls. He’s limp because, like a magic lamp, you have to rub it to get it to do anything. This one’s a grower, not a show-er.

Princes cocks - Aladdin naked cock out

Third up is Flynn

This dick has personality—a little sass and a curve. It’s fleshy with one big vein; hard and up on his belly. His pubes are short and look kind of like his goatee. He’s tied down to the bed with Rapunzel’s hair.

Princes cocks - Flynn Naked Nude Cock

Cumming in fourth place is Kristoff

He has blond pubes and big, full, round, firm balls. His dick is on the shorter side, but really super thick—like a Coke can—even when flaccid. He hangs out with the trolls when he’s nude.

Princes cocks - Kristoff naked Frozen cock

Last but not least in fifth Li Shang

As a military man, he has very precise pubes. Also, he looks kind of ‘roids-y so his balls are like two marbles. His flaccid dick hangs over his balls like a long nose. He’s hanging out—literally — by of one of his tents at training camp.

Princes cocks - Li Shang naked Nude Cock


You can head over to the Jezebel page (Here) and check out all the collection if you think we have missed someone off from the top ten then comment below and tell us why!!!

What Your Favorite Princes Look Like Naked
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What Your Favorite Princes Look Like Naked
Have you wondered how Prince charming is hung, Aladdin riding around on the carpet that with keeping his privates nice and cool then look no further
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What Your Favorite Princes Look Like Naked

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