CJ’s Happy Place by ZofSpades

Note: CJ’s Happy Place is a story by Z of Spades wrote from the perspective of a female protagonist named CJ.

CJ's Happy Place

“What a cute butt on that, uh, boy, actually,” I thought to myself as I watched him walk away. He was a hot little beach waiter that couldn’t have been no more than 17, maybe 18, years old. But, if I were at least 10 years younger, I would have been all over him like white on rice.

What an incredibly beautiful day it was. I didn’t have a clue what the temperature was, and I didn’t really care, but it was a nice warm day, and the breeze from the ocean made the air moist and comfortable. The sky was a bright blue with just a few white clouds hovering over the ocean, moving slowly across the sky.

I was just chilling out on the deck of the Taverna. I was on vacation alone and I was intentionally alone. For the past year, work, the boyfriend, his kids, and his ex-wife have been a real pain in my ass. I love my job, my boyfriend, and his kids, but this past year had just been exceptionally stressful and I needed a freaking break from it all. So, there I was relaxing on the beach, soaking up some sun, and drinking a nice cool margarita, BY MYSELF!

However, I was looking forward to the party that they were having at the Taverna that night. Some really cool Blues/Jazz/Rock band named Z was supposed to be playing, and I heard that they are awesome. I don’t get the one letter name thing, who do they think they are, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, or what? But, what’s in a name, I guess. As long as they are as good as I heard, that is all that matters to me.

Ahhhh, here he came again, that hot little waiter boy. Oh my goodness. What I wouldn’t have done to be 18 again. He wasn’t any taller than maybe five foot seven, but he had a perfectly sculptured, tanned hard body that I would have loved to feel against mine. My boyfriend’s face suddenly appeared in my mind, damn it and I snapped out of it.

“Would you like another drink, miss?” he asked flirtatiously.

“Well, of course I would, thanks. I must have drunk that last one just a little too fast,” I responded with a little flirtatious giggle of my own. “You hot, little boy you,” I finished my thought despite my boyfriend’s face in my head.

After watching him walk away again, because I loved watching that cute little butt, I donned my sunglasses, laid down the back of the lounge chair, and laid down to soak up some rays. Oh my God, I was in seventh heaven. My eyes were closed and my mind was drifting off into fantasy land.

“Here you are, miss,” I heard that hot little waiter boy say.

“Just set it on the table here next to me, if you would please, thanks,” I responded with a momentary feeling of superiority without opening my eyes or changing positions. For Christ’s sake, I was just too comfortable to move. I then resumed to drifting off into fantasy land.

Scores of hunky men, in nothing but loin cloths, surrounding me and fanning me. Another is giving me a manicure, while yet another is providing me with my every need. After all of my material needs are met, he begins to work on my tantric needs. Placing his strong, warm hand on my abdomen, he leans over and whispers in my ear, telling me how beautiful I am.

Then suddenly, splash, cold, momentary chaos. I was wet, now cold, dripping with my own margarita. Startled from my fantasizing, I jumped up from my lounge chair after someone, some idiot, knocked over my table, and spilled my drink all over me.

“What the,” I tried to finish with something rather inappropriate, but was interrupted.

“I am so sorry, miss,” I hear a different male voice say excitedly and nervously.

“It’s okay,” I responded in the panic. Hell, whoever this idiot was, at least he was being nice and not your typical, non-caring, beach jerk.

“Here, take my towel,” he nervously offered. “Please, miss. I am really, really sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I reassured him as I looked up, and saw, this absolutely, adorable man. He stood at least six feet tall, maybe weighed about 200 lbs, with broad shoulders. He had this perfectly shaped, shiny bald head, piercing blue eyes and a gold stud in his left ear. But, not only was he gorgeous, he was also soft and beautiful. His aura represented kindness and compassion, yet romance and with a touch of flirtatious sensuality. He was just a beautiful man. Then, it was me that became nervous.

“Please miss, take my towel,” he offered graciously, with a sweet smile, and not as nervously as before, trying to hand me his towel.

“Oh my God, look at those hands,” I thought to myself. “Just like his overall appearance, strong and masculine, but soft and beautiful.”

The soft yet flirtatious way he was looking at me with that sweet, little, sensuous smile, made me wonder if he knew what I was thinking. Did he know that I think he is hot? Did I give myself away? Or, is he just being nice? Or, does he think I am hot? Nah, no way. Look at him. He is truly gorgeous. He should have some dumb blonde beach bimbo hanging all over him.

“Miss?” he says snapping me out of my embarrassing moment. Oh, hold it. No, I am still embarrassed.

“Oh, thank you,” I said accepting the towel and beginning to dry myself off. Why did I just take his towel? I had my own, and what is he going to do. He must think I am an idiot and a real self-centered bitch for accepting his towel. Oh damn, I just need to get away from this guy and have a drink.

“Are you ok, miss?” he asks very nicely and reassuringly.

“Yes, I’m fine, thanks,” I responded nervously.

“I am really sorry. I wasn’t paying attention as I was walking and,” I didn’t let him finish.

“No. It’s okay. Really. I didn’t need anymore anyway, and I need to go get cleaned up anyway, and,” oh shit, now he knows I am nervous. I repeated the word “anyway” over and over.

Out of my inability to calm myself from my nervous state, I just ran off and went back to the hotel, which was just a short way down the beach. I went to my room more pissed at myself than at this guy. In fact, I wasn’t pissed at him at all. I couldn’t believe I made such an ass out of myself. I don’t normally act that way with anyone. I am usually calm, cool, and collected when I meet sexy men anywhere else. I see them at the pub when I am out with the girls all the time. They even pull their macho “hey babe” thing on me all the time, and I just easily blow them off. Why was I so nervous around this guy? This bumbling idiot knocked my table over and spilled my drink on me, and I was the one feeling like an idiot.

After showering and changing my clothes, I grabbed my wireless laptop and plopped down on the bed. You see, I have been chatting with this one special guy, Jerry, for a long time. I met him on a message board that I frequent. We just have a lot of goofy fun together, and we have so much in common it’s almost scary.

Jerry is the sweetest man, and he and I are like best friends. He is smart, funny, educated, genuine, sincere, loving, caring, and compassionate. At the same time, he reminds me so much of my Dad with the things that he writes. I fantasize about him all the time. However, I have never seen him, and I probably never will. I live in Canada and he lives in the U.S. We both have home lives and careers that we can’t leave. But, I love chatting with him and, damn it, I wanted to.

So, I logged onto the message board to see if he might be on to surprise him because he knew that I was on vacation, and he did not expect to hear from me for a couple of weeks. Well, lucky me, there he was, so I PMed (private messaged) him.

“Hey, dude,” I began. “How’s it going? Miss me? I just came in from the beach and it is great here.” There was no way that I was going to tell him about this guy I just ran into. Why I wouldn’t, I don’t know. It was like I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I felt like I was cheating on him.

Anyway, I continued, “I hope all is well there with you. I just had to pop in and say hi to you because, well….you know.”

It did not take him long to respond. “Yeah, I know. I miss you too, sweetie. I hope you are having a good time there while I am here stuck at work. Actually, I am happy for you that you get the time you need to relax and enjoy yourself.”

He is so freaking sweet. He thinks about me and my needs, completely. And, he is so genuine and sincere about it.

“There is supposed to be a really great band playing at the Taverna tonight called Z. They play Blues, Jazz, and Rock, from what I hear. I am really looking forward to hearing them,” I responded to him.

I should have known what his response was going to be. “Z? What’s that all about? Who do they think they are, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, or what?”

Me and this guy are on the same page on everything. Our connection is truly unbelievable. He really is a dream come true, even if only in my fantasies. I just wish the circumstances were different, and I could actually meet him, but, they are not.

As usual, we said our sweet goodbyes.

“Bye, Cece, babe. Enjoy the party,” he wrote. Cece is my childhood nickname that only he and a small handful of other people know. However, I know his too.

“Bye, Jeddy. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

I logged off, and I got all dolled up for the party at the Taverna.

The Taverna was full and activated, but the energy in the air was peaceful. This I could not figure out because it was like a party atmosphere, but a relaxing party atmosphere. It was like a jazz club and a dance club combined with the jazz club dominating.

There was one spot at the bar opened, so I went straight for it. For the first time, I truly felt alone. Here I was a single woman in a bar by herself. That is not normal behavior for me. All I could think about was the number of single guys hitting on me and trying to take me back to their room. I was getting disgusted just by the thought.

“What can I get for you, honey?” I heard a woman’s voice say from behind the bar.
Turning around to face her, I say, “I will take a, uh, Mojito, please.”

“Sure thing, sweetie,” the bartender replied and went to work.

I placed a $20 on the bar and began scanning the Taverna. There were people everywhere. However, they all seemed relatively nice. No one seemed to be out on the prowl, if you will. In the back, I saw the band’s equipment setup, but no band members yet.

“Here you are, honey. You look a little nervous so the first one is on the house. By the way, I am Mo,” the lady bartender said introducing herself and extending her hand for a hand shake.

Accepting her greeting and hand, I said, “Hi, I’m CJ.”

“Where are you from, CJ?” she asked.

“I’m from Canada. Calgary actually. Are you originally from here, Mo?”

“Oh, heaven’s no, honey. I am originally from Florida. But, I retired early and bought this joint. What do you think?” she asked proudly.

“I think it is great,” I responded. “I love it here. Is the band any good?”

Excitedly, Mo responded, “Oh girl, this band is great. And, not a bad looking bunch of guys either.”

“Well, I appreciate that, but I do have a boyfriend back home.”

“Honey, you are at the Taverna now, and your boyfriend isn’t,” Mo said, with a strange sense of wisdom that I did not quite understand, and went to wait on other customers. I must say that I was a bit intrigued by Mo.

Just as Mo walked away, the band started to play. They started off with “Cheeseburger in Paradise” by Jimmy Buffet. What a great song to get the crowd in the mood to party. Unfortunately, I could not see the band because of the crowd. Oh well, I thought. At least I could hear the music.

I continued to scan the Taverna while finishing my Mojito. That had to be the best damn Mojito I ever had. The last one I had was on a vacation trip I took to Cuba. Oh Cuba. What a damn good time that was, but for another story.

Before I could finish my Mojito, Mo places another one in front of me and screams, “This is on the bass player. In fact, your whole night here is on the bass player.” She gave me a little mischievous smirk and a wink, and quickly disappeared before I had a chance to say anything.

“Why in the world would the bass player of the band, who I have never seen, let alone know, buy my drinks for me?” I wondered to myself. So, I tried to see the bass player, but I could not see any band members at all. The crowd was just too thick, dancing in front of the band, and the band was not on a stage, they were on the ground floor level with everyone else. I wanted to get closer but I didn’t want to loose my seat at the bar. I felt comfortable there, and with Mo.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I turned around. It was Mo.

“Go sweetie,” she said. “I will hold your seat for you.”

I momentarily stared at her wondering how she knew. I didn’t think I was being that obvious, but apparently I was.

“No, but thanks, Mo. I’m fine. I will just try to catch him later,” I responded to her still amazed by her aura and strange sense of knowledge.

I didn’t realize how much time had past. I was on my third Mojito. The crowd was so loud I could barely hear the band any more. Or maybe the Mojitos were taking effect. I don’t know, but I was spacing it a bit when I suddenly felt another tap on my shoulder and a male voice hollering “Hi there.” I knew that couldn’t have been Mo because it was a male’s voice, for one, and the bar was at my three o’clock position in my periphery. So, okay, here we go with the first single guy starting his “hey babe” crap. I knew it wouldn’t last long. So, I psyched myself up and turned ready to just blow this guy off, when I saw and realized it was the guy that knocked my table over and spilled my margarita on me earlier in the day.

“Oh, hi,” I said nervously brushing my hair back a bit to ensure I looked presentable. However, I quickly regained my composure because, I don’t care how good-looking this guy was, I was not going to let him get the best of me. “So, what brings you here to the Taverna? You got some nerve showing your face here after today, buddy.” I said jokingly but with confidence.

“Well, I am really, really sorry about that,” he said. “I’m just a bumbling idiot.”

“That’s what I said,” I thought to myself.

“I’m here because I kind of work here,” he continued. “I’m the bass player of the band. After seeing you here, I felt compelled to buy your drinks for you to kind of make up for earlier. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I hope you don’t mind? How freaking thoughtful is that?” I thought to myself. He was not being presumptuous like most jerks would.

“No, not at all, I appreciated it,” I said thankfully. “I’m CJ,” I said introducing myself with an extended hand for an introductive hand-shake.

With the perfect amount of pressure, not too firm but not too light, he took my hand. His grasp sent chills down my spine. As I said, he had the most beautiful hands, and now one of those beautiful hands was touching mine. I was a bit flush, I must admit.

“I’m Jerry,” he said, and my mouth dropped a bit out of surprise. “I’m sorry but I have to get back for the next set. But, I would love to talk more later if you’ll stick around?” he asked.

“Sure,” is all I could muster.

Jerry is the name of the guy. You know, that one guy. Yeah, him. Okay. Composure. The guy I chat with online. Could it be? No way. He is back in mid-America with his kids. I just got done chatting with him and he did not seem out of character at all. But, all kinds of fantasies began flushing through my mind.

As the band began its second set, I looked towards the back of the Taverna to see if I could see Jerry play. Like magic, a path opened up in the crowd leading directly to Jerry. I could see him clearly, like the path was meant to be open for me. By now, I could literally feel the Mojitos kicking in. However, I didn’t care because I could not take my mesmerized eyes off of this beautiful man; it was like he was playing for me.

His piercing blue eyes were looking directly into mine. Every note, every stroke of the bass was like another word of passion to and for me. He was speaking to me through his music, and he was telling me how bad he wanted me.

At the end of the night and when the band was done playing, Jerry put his bass on the guitar stand walked that open path directly towards me without ever taking his eyes off of me. There was no doubt that he was coming for me. Still mesmerized and gazing back at him, I slowly rose from the bar stool upon his arrival. To my amazement, he extended his lovely open hand, and said, “My I have this dance?”

The only music playing at the moment was the music of love or lust (not quite sure which) that was going on in both of our minds. Jerry and I were connected by our minds and our passion for one another, and nothing else existed. We were both dancing to the very same tune.

I submissively extended my hand gesturing him to take me, and to let me be his. He took my hand and firmly, yet gently and slowly, pulled me into his arms. We embraced and we gazed into each other’s eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes. Oh my. With his soft, moist mouth slightly open, he spoke to me through telepathy. I somehow knew what he was saying.

“You are absolutely the most beautiful creature that I have ever seen. Your beautiful green eyes and sensuous smile tell me that we were made for this moment; this moment belongs to us,” I felt him saying.

Without realizing it, we were dancing. We were dancing to the music in our minds: the music of passion, the music of grace. Neither of us cared whether anyone else was there because it felt like we were the only two in existence at that moment. In our reality, we were the only two in existence.

Suddenly, we were walking down the beach together. I have no memory of how we got there. From the dancing in the Taverna to the walking down the beach was all a blank. However, it felt natural. The walk down the beach was meant to be.

We walked hand in hand, with my other hand caressing his arm. It was strong. Not too muscular, just right. Like his hands, his arm felt beautiful. He was beautiful, and he made me feel beautiful just to be in his existence.

We never stopped gazing into each other’s eyes. We didn’t need to see where we were going; we let the Universe guide the way. We put our full trust into the Universe because it brought us together.

However, we simultaneously looked up the beach a few feet away and there laid a king size blanket as if the Universe prepared it for us. The blanket rested a few feet away from where the waves were cresting. The area was perfect and secluded, but the actual seclusion didn’t really matter. All that mattered was that there was no doubt that spot was ours and specifically made for us at that moment. I could feel that it was no trick, but destiny.

We looked back at each other gazing with a smile. We slowly walked towards our bed, made by the Universe, with sensual anticipation. We arrived, and we gazed at each other more. I felt suddenly enlightened through his eyes, knowing all there is to know; it was all about true, pure, unconditional love which this moment was all about. However, the term “pure love” doesn’t give a moment like this justice because it feels like something even greater.

Arm in arm, we gracefully laid together on our bed, completely naked. When the clothes got shed, I do not remember nor did I care. His naked body was as beautiful as I knew it would be, like his hands, his arms, and his eyes. Oh, his eyes. I could see the waves of the ocean reflecting in his beautiful eyes.

We kissed. His smooth, soft lips upon mine, gentle massaging of lip to lip. A slight stroke of the tongue across my bottom lip, and then a gentle peck. He continuously teased me with his lips brushing across mine.

His soft, masculine hand gently caressed my side. His hand moved up slowly to lovingly brush my face. His lips continued to tease. I wanted him to kiss me and he knew it. I left the control in his hands.

His hands felt so good on my skin. It was like he had some type of psychic ability; he touched me perfectly in all of the perfect places, and at the precise moment it was needed even when I wasn’t aware of it. For instance, for a moment I needed to feel love, so he caressed my face and gazed into my eyes as if he knew. It was clear that he was quite in tune with my desires. We were so unconsciously (as in automatically and without conscience thought) connected.

His hand caressed my thigh, teasing me and making me wet. I wanted him to touch me there. PLEASE! my desires screamed. Please, oh please feel me. I began to gyrate my hips trying to motion his hand towards my moistness. He wouldn’t give, he only continued teasing me. He had to know that I wanted him, but at the same time, I trusted him with my body, soul, and desires.

As he caressed me, I caressed him. His body felt as smooth as his soul in my hands. He had some body hair but it was a soft golden brown. With one hand on his strong, muscular back and one rubbing his chest, I lovingly kissed his cheek, neck, and shoulder, and back again. We simultaneously moaned with approval.

I could feel his manhood expanding against my leg. The anticipation grew inside of me as I felt him grow against me. I could not wait to feel him inside of me. So, I gracefully moved my hand down to feel him. Oh my God, he felt wonderful in my hand. Hard, warm, and throbbing for me. Apparently this was the key to get him to feel me.

Jerry moved his wonderful hand to me and gently inserted a finger inside of me, and made love to me. It was a smaller version, no doubt, but the intensity and the motion were the same. He did not fuck me with his finger, he made love to me. At the same time, his lips began to explore every inch of my hot, aching body.

While making love to me with his finger, he began kissing and licking the nape of my neck, moving down to my shoulders and my chest just above my breasts. I couldn’t hold on to him any longer. He obviously didn’t want to disappoint me so he shifted to his knees positioning himself across me like an L, teasing my breasts with his lips and tongue, but allowing me to feel him once again. Oh, how I longed to make him feel as good as he was making me feel.

Every touch of his lips and hands on my body sent a flood of sensual delights through my entire being. He finally took my nipple in his mouth, gently rubbing it with his teeth and flicking it with his tongue. Each flick of the tongue made me shutter inside forcing a light moan to escape. After finally reaching my breasts, he gave my body a break from the finger love making to help rebuild the anticipation. Well, I don’t really know if that was the reason, but it was the result.

How strange. He didn’t concentrate on my breasts for very long. He seemed to instinctively know that it was time to move on. Most men seem to think that we women have two erogenous zones, the breasts and the vagina, and that’s it. However, this beautiful man knew that I was much more than that. Either he was exceptionally in tune with me, exceptionally experienced, or both. Either way, I didn’t really care. I was just more than pleased that he was mine, even if only for a brief moment in my life.

He moved his face down to my midsection. How did he know where my ticklish spots were? He kissed and massaged every spot of my stomach with his gorgeous face without affecting my ticklish spots. The anticipation was becoming unbearable. His hands now on the back of my thighs massaging me where my thighs and ass meet, and his face moving ever so slowly towards my vagina, and his hips were close to hovering over my face.

He kissed my pelvis; he was getting closer. His tongue slid down my thigh. “Closer, my love,” I thought to myself as the moistness builds stronger within me.

He purposely moved to the other thigh giving my vagina some brief attention, letting me know that he knew. His fingers now moved to massage the inside of both of my thighs opening and closing my lips, teasing me to perfection. His chin would purposely brush across my moist lips to tease me even further.

Finally, and when I least expected it, he buried his face into me. “Oh yeah, baby,” I moaned out loud not knowing or caring whether it was legible. His fingers spread me open and his tongue massaged my clit. I could feel his nose penetrating me. Without thinking, I took him in my mouth, and as I did, we did a quarter roll into what is commonly referred to as the sixty nine position.

We were in pure pleasuring-the-other-mode while enjoying the oral pleasure that we were receiving from the other. My legs spread, his face buried into me making love to me, and his hands massaging my ass. My wet lips wrapped around his hot, pulsating manhood, and my hands caressing where ever they could reach. I wanted to make him cum but I also wanted him to make love to me, and me to him. There was no doubt that he was going to make me cum.

He suddenly took himself out of my mouth, and began to shift positions. As I gently rolled back on my back bracing myself with my elbows, I looked at him, “Where are you going? I wanted to pleasure you some more,” I thought.

“To pleasure you some more, my love,” his eyes told me and Jerry positioned himself.

He placed his face between my legs. I watched as his beautiful shaved head maneuvered around while his tongue licked my thighs. I watched as this beautiful man made love to me with his face some more.

“Oh, baby,” I said softly grabbing his bald head as he shoved his tongue inside of me.

Gene Simmons? No way, but his tongue was quite long enough to pleasure me. His thumbs were opening me wider as he buried himself deeper into me. Oh, the pleasure was so incredible, and so loving.

His tongue began to probe. “UH!” I let out a soft, breath-filled grunt as he found my clit. “Oh, fuck baby, that’s it,” I said letting him know he had found it and also begging him not to leave that spot. Fortunately, he understood and obliged.

He hardened his tongue and concentrated on my clit, flicking it with his warm tongue. Flick, “OH!” Flick, “OH!” I gasped with each and every flick of his tongue. As the tension began to build, my hips began to move in his rhythm involuntarily. He created the rhythm and we were creating the flow together.

His licking became more intense. I was feeling the flood. I was now on my back but arching, panting, moving involuntarily. He was grinding his face into me, his tongue still on my clit. I am getting ready to cum. I can’t stop it, I don’t want to stop it. “Please, baby. Please, baby,” I sputter out for whatever reason. “Oh, oh, oh, yeah, that’s it baby. That’s it baby. OH MY GOD!” I screamed out in pure orgasmic pleasure. My body and face convulsing into shapes I didn’t know they could take. I leaned up and placed my hand back onto his shaved head as he finished licking me. I loved the way he finished gradually rather than just quickly stopping. He was a true, thoughtful man.

Without hesitation, he rose up and gazed into my eyes, coming directly towards me to kiss me. I placed my hand on the back of his head and guided him towards my lips. As we lovingly kissed, we melded back onto our Universe made bed, and his hard, throbbing manhood glided into me like we were a well oiled and programmed mechanism. It all occurred in a single motion.

His long, warm manhood inside of me. My soaking wet womanhood wrapped around him. He was making love to me. I was making love to him. We were making love together. We weren’t just pleasuring one another; we were emanating a force into the Universe that words could not justify.

My arms and legs were lovingly wrapped around his body, and his arms held me against him in protection and love. Our lips were locked, and our bodies were sweating as they collided in ecstasy. He glided and gyrated inside of me pressing his penis against all three walls inside of me. When he reached a spot I liked, he would stay there for a moment and went on probing me with his penis to find yet another spot.

“Oh, Jerry. Oh, baby,” I whispered in his ear as he moved his lips to my shoulders. He made me feel so loved, so wanted, and so needed. He was making love to me like I only dreamed about but never knew existed. I thought this type of love making was only in fantasies. But, it is real. He is real, and he loves me, at least at this very moment.

So deep and so hot. The tension is mounting again, but this time in us both. My hand grasping his sweaty bald head, shoving his face into my neck. I could feel his warm breath panting just under my ear as his thrusts became more rapid. I could feel his cock getting stronger and harder, filling with great pressure inside of me, thrusting me, piercing me, like his eyes.

My own pressure was building. My body was convulsing again. I bit his shoulder as I grasped onto him harder. The sweat lubricating our bodies and keeping them from catching fire from the friction of our movements in unison.

“Oh, Jerry, baby, I love you. I love you. Oh my God, I love you,” I couldn’t stop expressing love to him as it continued to build. But, I could not express the words to justify the feeling. It was frustrating, yet, I didn’t want the building to stop. It was absolutely magnificent. He wasn’t just doing me good, we were doing each other.

“Oh yeah,” he whispered loudly in my ear. I knew it was about to happen. I could feel it in me as well.

“Oh yeah,” I responded letting him know I was right there with him and we were going to do this together. He began to pound me with me bucking back.

“Oh fuck,” we both said nearly at the same time. The panting and the moaning becoming louder within us both.

Suddenly, our bodies stiffened at the same time. He took in a deep breath and took one more deep, enormous shove inside of me. I held onto him even tighter. And, at the same exact moment, we screamed as the juices exploded from us both. Him soaking me, and me soaking him. Like the licking, he did not stop instantly, he gradually winded down, gyrating himself inside of me as we completed our moment of pure love.

Still inside of and on top of me, he relaxed and gazed into my eyes.

“I love you, Jerry,” I said to him (or my online boyfriend, I am not really sure) looking into his beautiful, piercing blue eyes.

“I love you too, Cece.”

CECE! The only Jerry on this planet that knows me by Cece is the online guy.

“CJ! CJ! CJ!” I heard a woman’s voice screaming. I looked up and there was Mo standing behind the bar. I was in utter shock. I felt squeamish. I was still at the Taverna. It was all some kind of dream. I must have blacked out and went into a fantasy. But, I was still sitting at the bar. If I blacked out, why would I still be sitting at the bar?

Dazed and confused, I tried to get my thoughts together, and just looked at Mo as if I was asking, “What?”

“Are you ok, sweetie?” she asked. “You have just been sitting there and staring into space for awhile now.”

“Oh, um, I’m fine,” I said bewildered but trying to regain some composure. “I guess I was just spacing out and dreaming or something.”

“Well, you better snap out of it dear. Some one is wanting your attention,” she said pointing behind me.

I turned around and there stood, Jerry, the bass player Jerry, not the online Jerry. He is standing there with his hand out. “May I have this dance, Cece?”

The End.

© 2013 ZofSpades

CJ's Happy Place
Article Name
CJ's Happy Place
A story by Z of Spades wrote from the perspective of a female protagonist named CJ.
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Z of Spades

Z of Spades

Z of Spades is a sensually submissive, peace-loving, pansexual, alpha male, and eroticism is his religion. Z lives and works in central Illinois, and the world is his playground. Z's a writer and a single father in the vanilla world, he holds two degrees in legal studies, and is currently working on a degree in physics. He loves to travel, meditate, meet new people, have new experiences, explore the world and his inner self, and stay in what he calls a constant erotic state of mind. His writing of erotic stories and poetry, all the beauty and sensuality in the universe, and his submission help maintain that erotic state of being for him. Finally, Z is looking forward to retiring soon and to use that time writing while traveling.

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