“A House of Colours” Part 20 – Returning Bird

This is Chapter 20 of Mistress Raven’s A House of Colours

Three weeks into the month without Raven in the house. Red was laying awake in the large bed alongside Saffron. Which was where she had spent every night since the first one when the Goddess has found her in the night crying in her room. Inviting her to not be alone in her sadness.
Red had received nothing but love and tenderness from the Goddess in that time, indeed the house had been sexually inert in absence of the Mistress.
As they both lay there in the early hours trying to relax and sleep they were both woken by the sound of the phone ringing.
The Goddess was quick to answer it as Red laid beside her listening.

“Hello… is everything ok?….. What?…How?…… oh my goodness really?…right… okay I’ll tell her…. I’m leaving now…” She placed the phone back beside the bed and stood up.
Red I need to ask you to wait in your room please. I’ll come for you as soon as I can okay.”
“Is everything okay Goddess?”
“I don’t know Red.” the woman answered and hurriedly got dressed.


For the first few days in her capture Madame Amy had amused herself with the control Raven had given her, a walk around the garden like those from the past, with Raven on her knees of course, had felt empowering at the time. Making her humbly kneel while her own pet performed sexual acts before her eyes had failed to ignite the jealousy and rage that had been present in the past.
She went through her full repertoire of physical sexual teasing, tethering her, restricting her, treating her badly with asphyxiation and choking but Raven remained focused and played along with her game, answering her when required with the resolute ‘Yes Mistress’.
She at first took great delight in making her spend her nights in her ‘Bird Cage’ suspended from the ceiling in the main hall.

The novelty however started to wear off.

Raven gave her no pleasure. Whilst most capable of playing the part, there wasn’t an ounce of submissiveness in her character.
Amy was taking no pleasure from it. She realised that in Raven she had helped mould a superior mind. Her own teachings combined with the girls enduring abilities from her years of suffering had formed to make a very complete package. During sexual stimulation Raven used her own harrowing experiences to hold back her lust, her years of abuse had given her the ability to act inert to the reality around her.
The games slowed, Amy’s approach with Raven became mere cruelty and denial, leaving her caged, blindfolded, restricted, keeping much a secret from Jenn and only allowing the bare minimum of food to be given to her.
It was three weeks into the four that she sat on her throne, with her pet beside her in the usual cage and Raven high above in her own special bird cage, pondering what to do with her prize. With only one week left she was keen to get the buzz she was desperate for.

Amy worked out the last thing she could do to break the bird. Allowing her from the cage she had her kneel in front of her, naked with the exception of her collar. “Cheryl my pet” she spoke softly to the girl in the cage beside the throne, “Go and wait in our chambers my love”, the girl bowed her head in acknowledgement and silently crawled from her cage and walked out of the room.
Madame Amy watched as she left before turning to the girl beneath her.
“Wrists behind you my pet” she snapped, to which raven willingly obliged.
“Now my Little Bird, now I have a lesson to teach you.” she spoke as she walked behind her, expertly she bound her wrists tightly.
“Head up” she snapped, as the girl did so slipping a blindfold over her eyes from behind her.
“Please Mistress, may I speak” Raven asked,
“If you must” the woman replied, as she stood swinging a ball gag behind her head.
“May you please remind me of our safe word?”
Amy cackled a slightly sinister laugh, “Oh Little Bird” she whispered from behind her. The woman swept her hand quickly over the girls face forcing the ball of the gag into her mouth holding her tightly as she connected the straps behind her head.
“A safe word… where we are going we don’t need a safe word. No more games, no playing. Just you and me like it always was, like it always should be.”
The woman forced Ravens head down to the floor, raising her boot and placing it on the back of the girls neck, using the collar to prevent the stiletto heel from touching her skin, but forcing her head to the floor firmly.
Raven began to breath more deeply, trying to remain calm as she heard a swish through the air above her and the THWACK as a riding crop struck her back. She winced and had barely got used to the sting as THWACK again impacted on her back.
“Does that hurt Little Bird, you where always a lover of pain, THWACK, THWACK THWACK, three more sharp stings impacted on the girls back lead to her moaning through her gag, her head trying to move beneath the womans boot.
The girls back was peppered with impact marks.
The woman twisted her foot into her neck and the point of the heel dug into Ravens neck. Beneath the blindfold her eyes were welling with the pain as she breathed hard through the gag and endured the pain.
With a final half dozen more strikes from the women jolted her foot so it grazed the girls neck one final time before she shouted “KNEEL” and stepped back allowed the girl to rise to her knees once more, saliva dripping around the ball down her chin onto the floor and her thighs.
“I’m amazed you take it all,” swish THWACK onto ravens upper arm now, “Is it for the girl, or for Saffron?” THWACK again to her upper upper causing her to flinch. “Who is most dear to you Little Bird?”
Raven merely shook her gagged head
Angry at the defiant reaction she threw the riding crop to the floor, which Raven turned her head towards as she heard it. Silently though Amy raised her hand slapped her across the face with an almighty SLAPPP causing a new sting to rise in her face to match the already sore back.
“You love your family, what nonsense, you don’t know what’s happened do you Little Bird?”
Another more firm slap to her face sent her head sideways as she breathed hard through her nose.
The woman was intent, believing that the physical and psychological attack would weaken her resolve, so she maintained it with delight.
“Saffron has been seeing someone else, a man no less, she’s kept it secret all this time, she no longer resides at the place you call home, she no longer loves you”
Another slap to the face, this time knocked to the floor sideways, Amy quick to grab her the disorientated girl by her long hair and drag her back upright again.
“Red has been taken into care by Ruby, Dark and White have been turfed out into the world.”
Amy unfastened her mouth gag which dropped to the floor covered with Ravens saliva and the girl gasped for breath.
“Speak Little Bird” Amy shrieked at her
Panting hard Raven caught her breath “Your mind games don’t work Madame Amy” she still found the defiance to state.

A house of colours part 20
The woman crouched down into her face. “Do you not see little bird, your life has fallen apart because the Goddess sees you have chosen Red over her and she has fled”
“All lies Amy, is that all you’ve got?” The still unsighted Raven laughed back… “And I thought I might just learn something more from this time at your disposal but I see I was wrong my Mistress”
“Nonsense” Amy screamed, “I am your Mistress”.
“Respectfully Mistress, it seems you have nothing more to teach me.”
With that Amy snapped, she turned the diamond ring on her forefinger to the palm of her hand and slapped Ravens face once more, the sharp protruding diamond cutting into her cheek, gouging deeply. As Ravens face rocked from the sting she took a moment to counter the pain as the blood began to trickle down her face.
Kneeling back up defiantly she calmly spoke “Let me look my Mistress in the eyes” to which Amy tugged the blindfold off over her head to reveal Ravens gleaming eyes.
“Mistress, it is you who have forgotten, forgotten what I taught you, that you cannot rule with me fear, only respect will get you what you want… not spilled blood, broken bones, none of this will harm my mind, nor will your lies.
“Don’t talk back to me slave!” Amy shouted and raised her hand once more,
“Or what Mistress! You’ll hit me until I behave? How will the order feel knowing that you have acted in this way? You have me here out of spite. I endured the public humiliation and the solitude away from my family, but it wasn’t enough was it? What more did you want? What lesson are you teaching me Mistress? I’m sure the order will want to know about your lack of safe word, breaking your own orders rules.”
Rage filled the Mistress’s eyes, her hand shaking high above Ravens face.
“Go on Mistress, you know you want to, you need to” she beckoned
Amy swung her hand again a second time at the deviant girl, her ring once again carving a second line across her face deep into the tissue of her cheek. Raven rolled her head with the impact and fell to the floor, choosing to stay down. She began to laugh.
“hahahah … I am no longer the lost mind I once was Madame Amy…..hahahaha …. now it is you that should be learning from me… hahahaha…”
“SILENCE! Get back in your cage Little Bird” Amy scolded as she walked out of the room.
Raven shuffled on her knees back to the cage that she had spent every night in of the 3 weeks she had been there so far. Hooking her hands under her feet so they where in front of her, yet still restricted she slumped against the cage sides catching her breath. She raised her hand to her cheek, a slither of skin hung down and the wound was bleeding.
“That’s going to leave a mark” she winced.Hours later that evening Amy returned to the room and sat on top of her throne once more, staring at the captive bird in the cage above. She had recaptured what she felt to be rightfully hers. But as Raven stared silently, confidently, glaring back down at her the realisation within Amy was a sobering one. She sat questioning her own motives looking back up at her. Her obsession with controlling the girl had pushed her actions too far. She stood, walking to the fire place, using an iron stoker to break the fire down and put it out. She walked to the door, turning one last time at the girl staring back at her, closed the doors behind her and was gone.
Raven pushed open the door of the cage and crouched in it’s entrance. Holding onto the bar of the floor she lowered herself down, still ten feet above the ground she let herself drop landing firmly on the floor in front of the throne, still tied by her wrists she walked over to the embers of the fire and sat down, thinking her plan of action through one more time. She ran her fingers through the ashes, drawing swirling lines and patterns, blackening her arms from her finger tips right to as far onto her shoulders as she could reach. She finished by drawing thick black lines around her eyes and down the bridge of her nose. The blood had dried on her cheek, the wound it needed attention.Standing up she walked back to the cage and rested her bound hands upon it, wrapping her blacked hands around one of the bars. Then placed them up to her collar as she took a moment to think.Focused, she then marched out of the room, quietly down the corridor. She was headed to the kitchen. Once inside she went to the knife drawer, using a large blade to cut through her rope. Keeping it to hand she took a bottle of brandy from the store and then proceeded onto Amys chambers. This consisted of a large bedroom, with a walk in wardrobe and an en suite bathroom. Raven knew she would find Madame and her pet sleeping by now.Entering quietly she went about preparing the room in silence.Madame Amy was disturbed by a loud cawing noise which awoke her with a start. On realising the scene on her bed she instantly feared more. There on the bed still naked,her body painted in black ash knelt Raven. In her arms, with the knife being held to her throat was Madame’s precious pet “Cheryl!! No wait!!.. Raven!!” The woman screamed at the sight.
“Oh I am sorry Mistress” Raven spoke softly “I was hoping you wouldn’t see this bit”
“What, what are you doing?” she screamed once more
“If I cannot be your favourite pet Mistress then I see no other way”
“You’re bluffing,You won’t get away with this, your life will be over? What about Saffron?”
“But Mistress, my life was over before I came to your house all those years ago, I do not fear death when I have died already”
“You’ve.. You’ve gone mad?”
“Oh yes Mistress, oh yes… quite, and I thank you for that, it was all your doing, it’s what’s got me through the years.. but these last few weeks.. they’ve given me time to think.. the life I’ve lived.. the charade.. the false love around me.. I’ve lived the life of a character.. and now I’ve had enough, the lack of sleep, the happiness, it hate it all. Time for the last act.”
“You can’t you mustn’t.. Raven I’m sorry, I’m sorry I pushed you but please”
“No Mistress, it’s okay… I’m going to cut her throat, it’ll be fast, then light the brandy that I have poured on the bed and all around this room, we will always be together this way, just how it was always meant to be.”
Madame Amy eyed the empty bottle of brandy, she was getting more and more frantic at the reality of what she had done.
“Raven please…”
“What is it Mistress, are you scared?”
“Yes Raven I am scared, and I am so sorry for what I have done to you, please we can find another way”
“No Mistress, this is best for us, you always wanted us.. say good bye to Cheryl, on the count of three..” The girl smiled demoniacally at what she was about to do, at what it was doing to Amy
“No Raven!”
“Please Raven No please!!!”
With an almightly “RAAAAAAAAWWRRRRRRR” Raven threw the sobbing Cheryl off of the bed and onto the floor, throwing the knife aside, leapt at Amy pushing her down on the bed and leaning on her chest.
“WHAT?!” the dishevelled madame replied
“THAT feeling Madame Amy, THAT was fear, I learned greatly from you but never through fear, if you plan on ruling with it you need to do so convincingly and you have always lacked conviction. NOW..”Raven barked, “Remove this collar before I do it for you.”
Amy fumbled nervously around Ravens neck, removing the collar from her.

“Now, I shall tell you how it’s going to be. I am leaving today, going back to my loving family. The lessons you have learned is that you cannot rule me, not through fear, maybe one day through respect if you earn it back. Also that jealously is a terrible thing to allow to consume you.”
“Jealousy, you’re kidding, you think I’m jealous of you?”
“No, not of me, of your sister, she was able to teach me something you never could, she taught me the true meaning of love and that tore you inside, that you couldn’t control that part of me. At the next council meeting you will give me the title of Mistress stating that I have earned it.”
“Never, that’s nonsense.”
“So you’d rather I explained this to the order? ” The girl pointing to the deep scar on her face.
“I’m sure they’d love to hear about the lack of lesson of this, the lack of safe word?
So you’re going to ask me to join the council as Mistress, no better still..  You’re going to kneel down and beg me. In front of everyone.”
“Never, you wouldn’t?”
“Try me.. Mistress..” Raven stared out from her blacked eyes, it didn’t take long for Amy to agree.
“Okay, okay anything, just don’t tell the order”
Raven skipped off the bed and picked up the clothes that she’d taken from the closet while preparing the room earlier and opened the bedroom door.
“Sweet Dreams… Mistress” she mischievously spoke, and then she was gone.
After a few hours of worry Red could hear the voices from outside her room, she could hear the Goddess, another female voice plus the unmistakeable lower tones of her Mistress but not what was being said. Quietly she listened, hearing a cry of pain from her Mistress made her jump and her mind race.She paced her room, wanting to come out and see her but the order to remain within had come from her Mistress which only compounded the confusion. Her mind filled with thoughts of the events the last time they seen each other, after 3 weeks of dealing with not understanding, with the Goddess trying to reassure her she now felt the same as she had done when she left the hall. She felt she had done wrong, it was somehow her fault, she should have done something else, not let her Mistress suffer.Her insecurities kicked in, she was convincing herself it was over, preparing herself for the worst, that it would now be time to leave the house. Her Mistress was back after 3 weeks not the full 30 days as required. Something must have gone wrong. She began to realise her Mistress must have decided that she was not worth it and given up.Finally after what felt like forever there was a knock on her door. Red was quick to open it, revealing the Goddess.
“Red, have you got it? Ravens black silk.”
“Yes right here” the girl stood clutching it, “Is she here, is she okay?” Red was getting distraught, she felt wholly sick with the situation.
“Yes she is, just a minor injury, Lauren’s been here sorting her out, come on.”
“Is everything Ok Goddess?” White now appeared in the corridor with Dark behind her.
“Yes girls, just keep it quiet a moment, Red needs to give something to Raven.”
Dark and White looked excited, whereas Red still felt anxious. The fear that her Mistress would feel differently towards her after the 3 weeks of enduring, whatever she had been made to endure, worried her greatly. Worried that any suffering would be attributed to her.
When they entered the bedroom the lights where dim and Raven was stood by the open balcony doors, she had a long black silk night gown on and was facing away from the girls. The Goddess gestured to Red to approach her.
“Mistress…” she spoke nervously,
“Hello little one” the woman spoke without fully turning her face
“Mistress, are you ok?”
“Have you got something for me?”
“Yes Mistress”
“Put it on me please” The woman pulled her hair up from her neck, reaching up the girl put the silk band around her, smelling her freshly cleaned hair but sensing clearly something wasn’t right. She feared the worst as the woman turned away to shield her face.”
“Are you back now? Is it over? I’m sorry Mistress.”
“What are you sorry for my precious little one?”
“I’ve upset you, I’ve caused you to be apart from the Goddess and the girls and I never meant to cause anyone any harm by being in this house. If you need me to leave I understand.” A tear dropped down the girls cheek, she swallowed hard.
Behind her White and Dark stood in the Goddess’s arms worried themselves.
The Mistress turned slowly, revealing her freshly stitched face, the line of dressing running from just beneath the corner of her eye down almost to her lips.
Red saw the scar first and her mouth dropped open in horror
“It’s okay little one, it’ll scar but I can hide it.”
“Oh Mistress what happened?”
“It was an accident, nothing more” she held her arms out wide.
“Do you still want me Mistress?”
“Of course I do Little One, more than ever. I need you to do something for me Little One” the woman almost uncharacteristically soft in her tone asked.
“Anything Mistress, absolutely without exception, anything” Red answered, keen to show her dedication.
“Kneel down my pet” she smiled as the girl knelt submissively before her and tipped her head down looking no higher then her Mistress’s thighs.
Red felt Ravens hand glide in through her hair to the back of her neck, raising goosebumps all over her skin, so long it had been, to feel her Mistress’s touch was electric. The hand brushed her silk choker, tugging gently, the girl started to close her eyes to savour the moment but then she realised with worry that the silk was being removed. Her jaw dropped and her eyes snapped open in fear but as she did she saw something being held in her Mistress’s spare hand. Something caught her, the realisation of what it was made the previously electrical feeling shoot across her body and her eyes well with delight. There inches from her face, as the Mistress removed her silk choker, was a red leather collar, with black on the inside. It had a single shiny metal ring on the front, identical in design to that of Dark and Whites. She gasped as it was placed around her neck and her Mistress carefully tightened the strap. The woman stepped back to admire it an smiled into the adoring eyes of the girl.”Red leather, for you, for the individuality that you choose to bring to this family, the black inside, to represent me, the part that will always touch your skin whether I am present or not, we will always be together Little One.”
By this time the Mistress was finding it hard not to show her emotion, tears of joy fell down Reds face as finally she felt completely safe and at home. Raven held open her arms, with that Red launched herself up into the womans embrace who lifted her clear off the floor. Letting her down gently she flicked her head to Saffron who took the signal to walk across the room with Dark and White in tow.
The group wrapped arms around one another in a huddle holding each other tight, the group a tangle of tears of joy and happiness at the feeling of completeness. In the process they touched Ravens still tender back causing her to wince slightly.

“Oh Mistress, you’re hurt, are you in pain?” Red asked looking up from the woman’s chest.

Raven squeezed them all tightly regardless “For my family there are pains worth enduring Little One.”

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Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 20 – Returning Bird

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