Dear Sal An Erotic Story from Aphrodisia Magazine

Dear Sal,

I trust you’re well and had a good flight back. It was really wonderful to see you guys again; thanks, infinitely, for the book. I’m already 100 pages in and it’s as good as you said it would be. A marvellous master of manipulation indeed…

I promised you the kinky details from the night after you left, and it turned out to be a very steamy affair indeed, so I think you should pour a glass of something with a kick to it and get yourself comfortable before you continue with this little epistle.

Ready? OK, here goes…

After we said our farewells at the airport there was a bit of tension in the air during our drive home – I think partly because we hadn’t got too much sleep Friday night of course – so we weren’t really talking much and when we got back we kind of did our own thing for a bit, some chores, ran a few errands. I cooked some chicken – your recipe – and we sat down on the sofa watching something meaningless and feeling a bit uncomfortable for a bit. But, well, you know us: that never lasts long. Slowly but surely our legs began pressing together and we started playing footsie without saying anything or looking at each other. Before too long we’d shifted position a bit, and I’d started stroking the inside of her thigh with my toes; still without looking at each other or saying anything I ended up massaging her cunt with my foot and she started grinding against it and then pushing it into her knickers with her hand. At that point I couldn’t wait any more and my mind was racing with a plan. I turned round, stared right at her and said “Don’t say a fucking word. Get in the bedroom; strip; and lie face-down on the bed.”

She did as she was told immediately; meanwhile I went over to our drawers and took out some earphones and plugged them into my laptop. I went into the bedroom and she was already on the bed, looking stunning and breathing heavily. I pulled our bag of tricks out from under the bed and blindfolded her and then bound her wrists behind her with leather restraints and tied her ankles wide apart to the corners of the bed. Then I put the earphones on her and pressed play. It’s a recording we made a couple of months back of us having really, really aggressive sex, me slapping her about and fucking all her holes really hard and being really awfully vocally abusive. (It’s fucking amazing, though I say so myself.) Anyway for the next 30 minutes or however long it is I just played her that, and really lightly, gently stroked her clit and her hole until she was drenched and writhing on the bed listening to us fuck; she started begging me to stick it in her but I wasn’t having any of it and stuffed her knickers in her mouth and bound it in with one of my silk ties round her head – which obviously drove her even wilder.

Then when that was over and she was in all sorts of pieces needing to come I starting whispering in her ear what a filthy little slut she was for getting so wet and needing cock so badly, and how she needed some discipline in her life…. I took out our flail and started ever-so-gently tracing the tips of the leather strips up and down her naked back, and buttocks, and thighs, and between her legs, so she knew what I had in my hand and I thrilled to watch a little shiver of fear and desire rush through her…

So I told her again that she needed disciplining and that by the time I had finished with her she would have learnt her lesson – all the kind of things that sound fucking ridiculous in the cold light of day but at the time drive us both ballistic. I unbound her wrists from behind her back and stretched them out cruciform and bound them again to the sides of the bed. Then I put her hair into a ponytail and stretched that out in front of her and threaded a cord into it and tied that to the headboard so she couldn’t really move her head without a bit of pain. Then I kissed her face very gently, and whispered into her ear that I loved her very much, and checked she was OK… She nodded, and I stood up again.

I started off very gently thwacking her back, just enough to smart a little, and kept that strength up for a few minutes just working up and down her body, right the way down to the soles of her feet and back up to her shoulders. It makes a really amazing noise and I was so horny it was extremely difficult not to just fuck her there and then. Anyway after a while I stopped and massaged her cunt for a bit, telling her that she obviously wasn’t getting the message as she was still soaking and clearly an irredeemable slut. I rubbed and stroked her as I told her this but was careful not to go too fast or hard as she obviously wasn’t allowed to come. Then I stood back up and repeated this process but this time a bit harder. And again the same thing, rubbing her cunt and telling her what a little slut she was. By the fourth go I was getting quite heavy with the flail – not too savage but certainly enough to really sting and she was yelping into her gag. This time when I stopped I wasn’t as gentle and my voice was a lot harsher, telling her she really was a filthy whore and she was really going to pay for it. I got my fingers utterly sopping in her pussy and then undid the tie and pulled out the knickers from her mouth, and then shoved my fingers into her mouth telling her she needed to taste her shame deep inside her and made her slurp all her juice off my fingers. Then I shoved the knickers back in and stood up again.

This time I really laid into her, a dark delight flooding me as I brought the flail down again and again on her naked body and watched the red welts rise up in her skin. She was shrieking into her gag now and bucking under the leather but was stretched too taut to move much and was helpless below me. Again I played with her pussy – not for too long this time as I could tell she was really close to the edge. I bent down to her and kissed her face again and checked she was OK; she nodded as best she could but I could tell she was in an extreme place and really needed to come – and obviously I wasn’t going to let that happen just yet. I decided I would give her one last going-over with the flail before moving on, and for a minute or so went harder than ever until she was screaming in pain and lust into her knickers and thrashing about helplessly on the bed, her back, arse and thighs thrashed into a red riot of ribbon-like weals.

OK so by this point obviously I’m rock-fucking-hard and fighting the urge to fuck her to death. I decide I need to calm myself down while keeping her going, so I put the earphones back on her and start playing her the audio of a very aggressive gang-bang porno for a bit while I get some stuff together. From the kitchen I get some ice cubes and a little – OK, big – surprise; from our bag I get a candle and some lube. I go back over to her and untie her wrists and ankles; I turn her over onto her back and tie them again, so she’s spreadeagled again just the other way up. I untie her gag and her blindfold and spend a few minutes just kissing her and telling her how gorgeous she is and how much I love her; she is in pieces and starts begging me to make her come so I faux-tut at her and put the blindfold and gag back on. Then I kiss her all over for a while – she’s trembling like crazy and I am a bit worried she’s just going to come anyway so I stay away from her cunt other than a quick smooch on her clit, but kiss all down to her toes and nibble her thighs and calves and her arms and fingers.

I see I’ve changed tenses at some point: so much for my creative writing class… Anyway: I take the lube and squirt loads of it into my hand and start massaging her arsehole with it, staying away from her cunt as best I can. I slip a finger in, then two, and start fucking her arse with them really slowly, getting deeper and deeper, rolling them around and really pushing her hole open. I slip another finger in and feel her gasp into the gag – and I’m thinking to myself she really is about to get a shock… I fuck her like that for a couple of minutes, ever now and then flicking her clit really gently and enjoying her bucking at the touch – then really gently and slowly and carefully I slide the surprise up into her arse: a rolling-pin (I’ve put a condom over it to avoid splinters – you know me, Sal: always the cautious one…). This is bigger than anything I’ve ever put up there before and I am really attentive to her response because I don’t want to break her bum… She shrieks and moans into the gag and strains at her bindings but I keep gently pushing it in until it’s about six or seven inches up and stretching her hole as wide as it’s ever been. She looks fucking incredible.

So she’s taut on the bed with her arse stretched and throbbing round this thing and aching for something in her cunt. Instead, what she gets is a long session of my dripping wax on her from one hand and molten ice from the other, all over her tits, her belly, her thighs and her cunt. I cover one of her labia with wax and then drip ice on her clit and down over her hole; then wax over her other labia until her cunt is a riot of red. I carefully mop the cold water from her cunt with a tissue and leave it for a bit to warm up again, going back to her belly and tits for a bit before giving the piece de resistance: a full dose of hot wax right on her clit. She shrieks and bellows into the gag and starts bucking her whole body off the bed and I leave her for a minute to experience this exquisite torment; at this point I am so horny I realise I can’t go on much longer without driving myself insane, let alone her. I NEED to feel her come round my cock.

But of course patience is a virtue… So just to prolong it a bit more I spend a while picking all the wax off her body, kissing where it’s been; I leave the cunt til last, very gently peeling it off her and being very careful not to touch her clit any more than I absolutely have to as I can’t have her coming yet. Finally when it’s all off I kiss her all over again, and allow my tongue to trace a couple of circles round her clit just to bring her back up to the boil. Then at last I take a small vibrator from our bag, turn it on and hold it up to her ear so she knows what’s coming; I squat over her cunt and gently dip the tip of my cock into her pussy. Immediately she clenches round it and I can feel the hardness of the rolling-pin in her arse against the base of my cock. I fuck her very, very gently and shallowly for a few seconds and then put the tip of the vibe against her clit. She goes off immediately and I push a bit deeper into her, deeper, deeper as her orgasm rips through her and her cunt spasms around me, squeezing me against the handle. Her whole body is shaking and she’s making an unearthly wailing sound into her gag. This goes on for about two minutes and she comes at least thrice in succession.

Then finally it’s my turn but I decide she needs one more bit of treatment so instead of coming in her cunt I move up and undo the gag and the binding in her hair, and she thinks I’m coming up for a kiss but instead I squat over her face and ram my cock right into her throat, making her choke on it; when she does so I give her two hard slaps round the face and push it back in and start fucking her. She chokes again and I slap her again and then turn round so I’m facing her feet, pick up the vibrator and put it back on her clit and deep-fuck her throat so she comes once again at about the same time as I shoot right down into her stomach and then collapse on her and we both lie there utterly spent and fucked and broken until I’ve recovered enough to untie her and hold her while she shakes and sobs and clings to me and rides out the aftermath of what she’s just been through…

You know, writing all that and remembering it with absolute clarity has got me about as horny as I was when we were doing it in the first place so I think I’m going to have to go and do something about that… I’ll write more later – assuming I don’t end up tied to the bed myself. I suspect she has some revenge planned and you can imagine how much I’m looking forward to it. Anyway, being serious, I’ll write a “proper” PG-rated one later and send some of the pics from your visit. Again it was really great to see you; give the big man my love.


P.S. I don’t have to remind you to get rid of this when you’re finished with it. Do I?


Looking for a flail?

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Story Teller

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Dear Sal An Erotic Story from Aphrodisia Magazine

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