There is an outfit laid on the bed. The items are as follows:-

One white blouse. One size too small.
One pleated navy mini skirt.
One navy blazer with badge.
One tie.
Two navy ribbons
A pair of knee length white socks
Black patent stiletto heels with an ankle strap.
Cheap red lipstick.
White silk panties one size too small.

You undress and admire yourself in the mirror, you smile at the thought of what is to come and your stomach has a fluttering sensation at the thought of the unknown.

First you wriggle into the tight panties, the naughty thoughts in your head are already starting to make you wet. You run your finger over your pussy momentarily through the fabric feeling a slight wetness.
You hear a loud cough from the next room that makes you jump, you has been wondering where I was but you hadn’t realised I was that close.

You turn back to the bed, pulling on the white blouse you realise there is no bra, the cotton is almost see through and being so tight your dark nipples stand out through the fabric. Again you stop to admire yourself in the mirror one hand stroking a nipple, the other rubbing the wet patch on your knickers.

There is a second loud cough.
You pull on the skirt, sit on the bed and roll the white knee length socks over your calves and put on the shoes.

Tying your hair up in two bunches, you slip on the blazer, tie your tie and finally apply the slutty red lipstick.

You stand in front of the mirror, adjusting the tie so that it falls between your tits which are pushed up by the tight blouse.

Smirking at how sexy you look you take a cheeky pose with one leg on a chair and slide your finger inside your very wet pussy.

The loud cough is accompanied by the words “I’m waiting Miss Carnihan”
You turn quickly straightening your skirt and wondering how I’ve managed to cough every time you’ve touched yourself. You walk to the door and as you open it you realise I’ve been watching you through the key hole the whole time!

I’m wearing a tweed blazer, shirt, tie and trousers. In my pocket is a row of pens. You look me up and down and see a bulge in my trousers.

“Look at me Miss Carnihan” I demand. You look up but not before noticing the wooden ruler I am holding I’m my hand.
“What took you so long Miss Carnihan?”
“I was getting ready” you protest.
“Hold out your hand”
Hold out your hand Miss Carnihan
You tentatively hold out your hand with the palm facing upwards. I hit it hard with the ruler, you feel the immediate sting followed by a slow burn as the fleshy part of your palm swells and your brain floods with endorphins.
“That is not how we address a teacher is it Miss Carnihan?”
“No Sir, sorry sir”
“That’s better now let me ask the question again. What took you so long?”
“I was getting ready sir”
“And is that all you were doing?”
You look at your shoes and say “yes sir”
“Look at me” I demand. “Hold out your hand”
But sir”
“NOW Miss Carnihan”
The ruler strikes the same fleshy spot as before but this time on the other hand. The burn is repeated.
“What else were you doing?”
You look at your shoes again and whisper “touching myself sir”
“Look at me Miss Carnihan, is that appropriate behaviour for a sixth former?, Is that how young women at this school conduct themselves?”
Once again you look at your shoes “no sir”
“No Miss Carnihan it is not and whilst you seem to be fixated on looking at your shoes let’s talk about those shall we?”
“Why sir?”
“WHY?” They are not school uniform!! Where did you get those slutty shoes from?”
“My boyfriend sir”
“A boyfriend? This has gone too far, no wonder your dressed like a slut, trying to get the boys attention, we’ll let me tell you what I’m going to do with you, firstly I’m going to punish you. 5 strokes with the ruler for touching yourself, 5 for the way you are dressed and 5 for having a boyfriend, how many is that Miss Carnihan?”
“15..””LOOK AT ME!”
“15 sir”
“Well I’m glad to see that you have learnt something at this school Miss Carnihan now come with me.” Taking your hand I pull you towards the next room.

“Put your hands on the table Miss Carnihan”
“But sir if you hit the back of my hands that will really hurt!”
“Oh no Miss Carnihan I’m not going to spank your hands, that way you wouldn’t me able to do any school work and we couldn’t have that could we?”
“No sir but w..” “Where miss Carnihan? I shall tell you where, I am going to give you 15 strokes of the ruler across your tight little buttocks, yes that’s right I said tight little buttocks, don’t think I haven’t seen you strutting around wiggling your little behind for all the boys to see. Well when I’ve finished with you, you’ll remember what a little slut you are every time you sit down. Now Lift up that skirt”
You refuse to lift it up, the ruler smacks across the back of your thighs just above the knee and an immediate red welt is visable. You yelp.
“I’m not counting that one so unless you want more than 15 I suggest you lift up your skirt” reluctantly you lift it up and your shocked as you feel my fingers pulling your panties to one side exposing your right cheek. Your face reddens as you know I’m staring at you and your pussy is a little bit exposed.
The first stroke finds your cheek with a loud snap and you wince in pain closely followed by 4 more in quick succession.
“That’s five miss Carnihan now what do you say for the first five?”
“Thank you sir”
“Good girl” my hand traces the red marks on your cheek and gently caresses a finger straying to just glance your pussy lips, you let out a small gasp.
“Now miss Carnihan, come now I know you let the boys touch you there”
“No sir! I’m a virgin sir!”
“Oh really?”
In one movement the other cheek is exposed and 5 quick blows rain down on your arse, they are so fast and shocking that your knees buckle slightly and your lay spread across the desk with your pussy exposed even more.
“Telling lies is not good miss Carnihan is it?”
“No sir but I’m not lying”
“Clearly your not learning your lesson Miss Carnihan, I can’t get a proper swing maybe that’s it. Take off your skirt…”
“But sir..” “No buts Miss Carnihan, DO IT NOW!” You turn to face me. Dropping your skirt, the colour in your cheeks glowing brightly and your arse smarting with pain. You see me looking you up and down taking in your shapely legs and lingering on your panties. You can feel the wetness without touching them and the too tight fabric is now sheer and see through with your juices. I lick my Lips.
“Turn around and put your hands back on the table” without looking me in the eyes you turn and do as you are told.
You begin to protest as you feel me sliding down your panties. “Shush now ” miss Carnihan the quicker this is done the quicker you will learn not to tell lies”
“I’m not lying sir”
Five more hard strikes land across both your cheeks, the power and intensity is so hard that you cry out and a tear roles down your cheek.
Ok miss Carnihan, have we learned our lesson?”
“Yes sir but please sir, I’m not lying”
“Well now, and why should I believe you?”
“You could check sir?”
“And how do you suggest I do that?”
“You could put your finger in sir, see how tight it is”
“You should not be telling teachers what to do Miss Carnihan, however your suggestion has given me an idea”
You glance over your shoulder as I unzip my trousers, my cock springing out immediately as I pull down my trousers and underwear.
“So you want to look do you?” I say
I spin you around your panties still around your knees, I help you pull off the blazer, you don’t even protest, your mascara has run slightly and the lipstick is smeared. “Look at this slutty mouth” I kiss you hard smearing it further. I rip open your blouse exposing your pert tits and suck each nipple greedily biting each one in turn.
“Now let me teach you a real lesson about what happens to little sluts, would you like that?”
To my surprise you whimper “yes please”
I spin you around again forcing you face down on the desk, my mouth is on your pussy momentarily and I let out a moan as I taste your sticky juices, you moan back in unison.
Standing up, I slide my cock deep into you in one move and your knees buckle again.
Holding the school tie around your neck in one hand I begin slowly rocking back and forwards making sure to drive my cock all the way in and almost all the way back out again giving you the full extent of my length.
You whimper, “please sir, it hurts”
“Punishment is meant to hurt miss Carnihan” and with that I quicken the pace letting go of the tie and grabbing hold of one of your hair bunches. I twist your head and kiss your mouth roughly. Then I place both hands on your hips and
Begin pulling you onto my cock as. I thrust into you. you whimper “no sir, please sir, oh god sir, please sir” with
Every stroke a new word as you pant and writhe against me.
“Something’s happening to my pussy sir, I think I’m coming sir”
“Good girl miss Carnihan keep saying that”
“Oh god sir I’m coming sir, sir oh god..”
Your body trembles as we orgasm together, me pumping cum inside you with several long strokes. You gasp and whimper and as I pull out of you you slide to your knees on the floor.
Lifting you up under your arms I kiss you. Without saying a word I take off your panties and put them in my jacket pocket. Taking some tissue I gently wipe the smeared make up from your face and help you back into your skirt. Arranging the blazer over try ripped blouse tenderly.
I lean in and whisper in your ear “good girl”
Then I stand back and say matter of factly “good news miss Carnihan and bad news. Good news is you get an A star for today’s lesson”
“Thank you sir” you smile “what’s the bad news?”
“I’m afraid that as your blouse is ripped you will have to come to detention tomorrow”


Story Teller

Story Teller

Mainly the story writing alter ego of 'confessionsofPOFer' not always. Writing about whatever takes his fancy at the time. Any similarity to actual people living or dead and all that jazz is purely coincidental. Probably. Think you can do better? email [email protected] to discuss having your work posted or even having your own blog. Think you could sell your work? check out our sister site

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