Female Sexual Fantasies the top ten

What do women often fantasize about? According to a study conducted on the internet, a random sample of 1000 women provides us with the following suprising results.

Number 10:

She dominates.

Women love a big and strong man who carries them to bed when the sun sets. But you’ll be surprised to learn that they like that their man begs them to make love. They love to get a man fully attracted and then refuse his requests for intimacy. Why? Because it makes them have control, while getting a total devotion from her man. What else could she want?


He dominates.

It seems that the modern woman actually prefers the real men who are not ashamed of their testosterone. This woman fantasizes about a man who does it hard and wild. She wants her hair pulled and be fully entranced by the moment.This is solely for intercourse, because after that, equality returns. This win-win fantasy allows the woman to satisfy her femininity while rediscovering the benefits of feminism.



You will like the idea that women love to dress like young students and waddle as well for your pleasure! Some would go as far as turn you on so you give her a spanking. Many women dream of a spanking from their man. And this is exciting for two reasons: not only are they reduced to the fantasy of domination, but in addition it leads straight to a very perverse sexual act…


Sex with a stranger:

If most women would not have the nerve to fulfill this fantasy, many do like to have it fulfilled. Sex without attachment would be much more tempting if there was not this sense of guilt. However, many women wet at the idea that a stranger would approach her in a smoky bar and take her for a long and wild night. This fantasy appeals to the deepest impulses of women that will probably never surface because of religious or societal norms and taboos.


A threesome(2 women):

Nowadays, it is very common that a heterosexual woman ends up with another woman. This fantasy induces the idea that a man could see another woman while in a relationship. What is not to the like with more partners. The idea is that a man would chill for a committed ride until the woman is ready for something more hardcore. This allows the woman to take pleasure in sexual worlds without having to worry about the feelings of jealousy or sharing.


Threesome with 2 men:

This scenario implies that a woman gets intimate with two handsome boys. They must be heterosexual so she is becomes the center of their attention. Her fantasy can be either penetrated by one while sucking the other, or to go further, like double penetration. This fantasy is the ultimate taboo for some women, which makes it even more interesting!



If you believe that women do not like to watch a couple make love, you are mistaken: they like it for the same reasons as you! It is erotic, cheeky and fairly taboo. They can fantasize looking out the window, or jump unto a surprise scene in a public park, but believe them when they say they like to watch: This allows them to enjoy without getting their hands dirty. (so to speak) 🙂



Surprisingly, rape is an extremely popular fantasy among some women. Psychologists explain this by the fact that women get wild and dirty sex they like, while being released of the feeling of guilt that follows. But it is important to note that this fantasy involves a very sexy man, who will drag the woman in his room and take it without foreplay. When she protests, he will rip his clothes, but at the bottom, she will love every second. During penetration, she will have a tremendous orgasm despite her protests at the beginning. This sexual fantasy allows the woman to totally take pleasure in the sexual act, against social norms.


Film the act:

She could complain about the idea of filming the Act, but often she has fantasized about this too. Unfortunately, women rarely realize this fantasy. And yet, believe it or not, some would even carry this desire at the top level: fantasize about the fact that other people see it.


Private dance:

This fantasy involves a strip tease where everything is removed. Women love this idea to excite her man.

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Female Sexual Fantasies the top ten

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