A Slaves Manual



The purpose of these rules is the following:

1) Gives pleasure and utility to the Master.

2) Gives the slave reassurance of her place in the relationship, that she is an owned slave.

3) Serves as a celebration of slave’s place, and that her behavior is determined by Master.

4) Reinforces slave’s proper frame of mind and heart.

Morning Ritual

Once awake, slave will kneel beside her bed and pledge an affirmation statement out loud: “I am his owned slave. I exist to serve, please and delight him.”

Slave shall leave Master’s vitamins and OJ for him each morning.

Departure For Work

Slave will quietly enter Master’s bedroom and say goodbye with a hug.

Arrival At Work

Slave will send a text that she arrived at work. Text will include a link to today’s 2 pics (or more) and have a grateful tone for being owned.

Departure From Work

Slave will send a text that she is on the way.


Slave shall procure Master his drink without Master asking (and Master will refrain from asking). Slave will remain in her seat while everyone else is served before her. Once everyone else at the table has been served, she is allowed to have food. When eating in the presence of her Master, slave will not begin to eat until her Master has.

Arrival Home From Work

Assuming there are no guests, slave will go to where Master is and kneel (in position ‘Kneel’) and describe her pleasure at being home, and inquire about Master’s day. After she is dismissed, she will go upstairs, strip and spend 5 minutes standing in her bedroom corner. This time is important to allow slave to let go of the stress of her job, commute and outside life. She will transition to a focus solely on serving and pleasing. She will then continue with her evening duties of exercise and assisting in household chores. If guests are present, a vanilla greeting is acceptable.

TV Time

While watching TV with Master, slave will sit on the floor unless given permission to use human furniture. She will gratefully accept the opportunity to touch Master and massage him.

Evening Ritual

Before entering her bed, slave will kneel and proclaim out loud: “I am his owned slave. I served my Master today, and I will serve him tomorrow.”

Daily Routines

A horny, denied slave is a happy slave. Slave will find occasions to edge herself twice daily. These edgings will be as humiliating as circumstances allow.

Slave will keep her body free of hair at all times.

Slave will exercise regularly and eat healthy, nutritious food only. Special allowances will be permitted from time to time.

Slave will never walk through a doorway before Master.

Slave will never use curse words. Any infractions will be reported.

Weekly Routines

Each Sunday evening, before her Evening Ritual, Master will mark her body with the word “SLAVE” in black permanent marker above her pussy. Once a week, slave will write a journal entry discussing what things worked well, and which did not, in the past week.


Slave will keep her room in neat and tidy condition. Bed will be neatly made at all times (except when sheets /blankets are being washed) Room and furniture shall be kept free of excess clutter. Floor will be picked up and dirty laundry will be stored appropriately.  Closet should be kept organized with all items put in their proper places. Slave’s bathroom will also be kept neat and tidy. Counter and sink shall be kept clean of stray hairs.


Slave will monitor her tone in conversations with her Master. Slave will avoid any and all snarky comments to her Master (see below about inner behavior). Though, slave may be sarcastic and share her sense of humor with her Master.

Conduct In Public

Slave will present herself with decorum and grace at all times, as her behavior is a reflection of her owner. If she ever feels she has not lived up to this standard, she will contact Master immediately and explain the circumstances.

Inner Behavior

Slave will strive to recognize her negative feelings, maintain perspective, and demonstrate emotional maturity and trust by calmly revealing her fears/concerns. Slave is never to act in a disrespectful or disparaging way towards her Master. If slave is upset or hurt at something that has occurred, slave will ask appropriately to discuss the issue with her Master. While discussing the issue, slave is not allowed to say that she wants to be released or anything similar to such a statement. While slave is allowed to express her emotions via tears or hurt, she is not allowed to raise her voice at her Master. Slave is not allowed to walk away from the conversation without asking to be excused.



Standing straight, feet straight ahead and shoulder width apart. Shoulders back, slight arch to the back, pressing out the chest. Chin is up and head straight.  Eye-line is downward at 45 degrees with no movement or distraction. The arms are folded tightly at the small of the back pushing the chest out slightly. Forearms are parallel to the floor, fingers lightly clutch opposite arms just above the elbows. This is a strict position and should be drilled for endurance and composure under duress. This is the standard position a trainee assumes when being spoken to, awaiting instruction, or on completing a task.


On knees, not resting on haunches, but raised up high with pelvis thrusted slightly forward to offer the genitals. Thighs are spread, chin up, eyes downward at 45 degrees, back arched, chest out, arms behind the back.

All Fours

Like a show dog, the subject is displayed on hands and knees. Subject is open for manipulation, feeling up, fucking, for use as furniture, or for a position of punishment. The chin is up, head straight and eyes downward at 45 degrees. Genitals are free and offered from the rear. Good for showing off the slave, face fucking, or for general inspection.


Primarily a stress position, often used for training in endurance or for humiliating. The feet are shoulder width apart, legs bent at the knees to lower the hips close to the floor. Arms are folded behind the back as when at attention. Chin is up, head straight, eyes downward at 45 degrees.

Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

Well, my name is Jon the Owner of You Only Wetter a 37-year-old, Poly practicing, Dom with two great kids. I am a happy busy internet geek with a love of all things Google and I love spending time sitting on the sofa watching the latest Dr. Who, Mythbusters or a movie. I am a nudist mostly at home but do like to go down to the beach and bare all or go for a little walk around some hidden woodland really would like to do the whole nudist holiday :)

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A Slaves Manual

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