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I found this article on the net but I personally think it’s out dated or at least a little prescriptive. Tattoos seem to fall into two camps now. The serious lifestyle collector the likes of Which you can check out on sites like or
And the more casual person who has a one off tattoo.

Personally I have lots and whilst ‘she’ doesn’t have any I think they are sexy on girls if done right.

My piece of advice is think about placement and think about what you want. If you want a small tattoo then the shoulder or top of the arm are NOT the best places. Each part of the body is a canvas so aim for a piece that fits.

Want a small one go for ankle or wrist.

Only my opinion of course and here is the article

Tattoos on girls are sexy, most people will agree on that. Part of choosing a tattoo can be difficult if you do not have a good idea of ​​what you want. Most people look at the most popular tattoos and girls are no exception to this. Here are some popular tattoos for girls.

1. Traditional American tattoos – including nautical stars, swallows, pin-ups, classic American cars and Sailor Jerry tattoos.

2. Flower Tattoos – Tattoos Women love flowers. It may be because they think they are pretty or that helps accentuate your feminine features. Sometimes these are combined to form a full “sleeve” tattoo. These flower tattoo designs can include orchids, peonies, lotus flowers, and you’ll often see flowering vines as the most popular.

3. Anime – Japanese anime tattoos have become more popular in recent years.

4. Irezumi or traditional Japanese tattoos – These may include dragons, koi fish and other traditional Japanese designs.

5. Indian or Hindu tattoo designs

These are just some suggestions and you will have to consider many things when they decided on a tattoo. You may want to incorporate into their unique style on your tattoo, making changes to a design you like. The size may also play a role, most places will be able to tattoo a tattoo if you resize your request, so it fits where you’d like.

No matter what design you choose should remember to keep this a fun experience. You will have your tattoo for the rest of your life, take the time to choose one that you will enjoy.

It is in the nature of women adorned themselves to increase their beauty and attractiveness. Apart from other methods of beautification, the art of tattooing is a very used to decorate the body. Tattoos for girls can do in different places to serve different purposes.

The most common tattoo girls is the margarita. This flower has been associated with femininity and innocence since antiquity. In 1960 when there was a lot of hype to promote peace, Daisy was so popular a tattoo as a symbol of peace and the peace sign itself.

Tattoos for girls are held in different places, its size depending on where you are getting into. The most common site for a tattoo of a girl’s ankle. You can also do leg, back of neck, lower back or abdomen. Make a tattoo on the ankle allows girls to show the will. The combination of an ankle tattoo very nicely done with a stylish and elegant pair of shoes or stiletto heels can make a fashion statement, so girls are more concerned with. But like everything else in fashion, you have to consider what is in fashion in relation to tattoos and whether to be in fashion or not.

Getting a tattoo on his ankle is not an easy task. The absence of fat in the left ankle only a single layer between the surface skin and bone. Make a tattoo that can cause much pain as pain intensity increases as the distance to the decrease of bone. That’s why tattoos are ankle just above the ankle to avoid some pain. And once you get an ankle tattoo, great care must be taken in the early days of tattooing. Because of its location, an ankle tattoo is more susceptible to bleeding, this not only cause inconvenience to you, but can also damage the newly acquired tattoo design. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep the leg elevated as much as tattooed possible for a few days. The best time to get a tattoo it’s summer clothes and summer minimum contact with the place where the tattoo was done in order to facilitate healing.

A tattoo is added to the allure and beauty of a woman. A girl who can take good benefit from it the most. Tattoos make you look more attractive if it is shown in a discreet manner as the subtlety and understated elegance is the key to feminine charm.

As a tattoo is a painful process, which is extracted from a process even more painful and expensive. That is why careful consideration must enter into the decision to get a tattoo, and all aspects should be considered as fashion, design and location of the tattoo.

Today there are a variety of combinations of tattoo design and body tattoos for girls fantastic location and it can often be difficult to decide what design of tattoo ink, and the site itself. This article is dedicated to the girls for ideas and advice to help you plan your next tattoo.

In the past it was mostly men, who decorated their bodies with tattoos, but in the last 50 years or tattoos for girls have also become incredibly popular. The increasing popularity of tattoos of girls followed the movement of women’s rights, such as social attitudes changed to include equality. While many girls prefer the classic designs of tattoo styles and body parts are also popular among men, the last decades has also seen an explosion of design styles and elegant feminine tattoo that have been developed especially for tattoo lovers female. There are so many different styles of design of all that there really is something for everyone.

There are so many options for girls planning a new tattoo to choose a design and, if the ink can be quite intimidating. It is very important to actually take the time to take a decision. Tattoos are permanent and girls which was signed in the spare of the moment often live to regret it.

The two main options when planning a new tattoo ink that is designed, and what part of the body to ink it. Some girls prefer to choose the design, then think about what is best to have tattooed, while the other girls choose to place the body in the first place. There is no right or wrong, although I personally recommend taking into account both the design and area of ​​the body at the same time when planning a new tattoo.

There is a wide range of tattoo designs available, and I strongly suggest you browse through works of art as high quality as possible to get some initial ideas on what you like. A tattoo is a very personal thing, and I recommend choosing a design that not only looks great but also has some meaning to you. Some of the most popular design styles that make for great tattoos for girls are (in no particular order) of birds, butterflies, Celtic cross, a dolphin, eagle, fairies, fish, flowers, heart, pink, star, tiger, tribal, and tattoos of the zodiac, although many more styles of design are widely available.

In addition to its own design, it is also important to think about the colors you want incorporated into your tattoo. Some girls love tattoos colorful, and opt for ink designs such as butterflies, birds and flowers. Other women prefer the more classic tattoo designs, signed in black, like the very distinctive styles of tribal and Celtic design.

Some of the most popular areas of the body for girls are the wrists, arms, back, lower back, navel, feet, legs, neck and shoulder. To choose where to locate a new tattoo, a number of factors to be considered carefully. First, many girls must take into account how visible they want their tattoos are for. A large number of women employers who are strictly enforced policy not tattoo, and therefore need to select an area of ​​the body that can be covered easily. Other girls prefer highly visible ink designs which are easily shown to everyone.

Another factor that greatly influence their choice of location in the body is the size of the tattoo ink will. Large tattoos will obviously have a large canvas, as the back, chest, arms or legs. Many girls, especially girls planning their first tattoos, prefer relatively small ink designs, and these can be placed almost anywhere. Some areas of the body can only accommodate small tattoos, for example, wrist and ankle of the foot.

Pain is another factor that is important for many people, especially novices their first tattoo inked. In general, bony areas of the body, such as the ankle, are more painful to the ink of the most meat, as the upper arm. The size of the design is also important, as larger designs take longer to the ink, which means that the partner must endure pain longer.

I hope you find the information in this article useful, and will pay attention to some of the advice given. I can not stress enough the importance of taking time to think about your options. Too many people rush to the planning stage and finish with tattoos that do not like. Do not be one of those people, think long and hard about what you really want, and do not be afraid to ask for advice. Tattoo artists are a great source of advice, and I recommend you talk to a reputable artist in your local area. We also recommend browsing many high quality designs as possible. By showing the artist some of his favorite designs will have a better idea for the type of tattoo you want. Carefully plan your new tattoo should ensure that the ink with a design that will love you forever.

For more information on planning a new tattoo, please visit the Tattoo for girls tattoo premium web designs. For more information about ankle tattoos for girls, please check out the ankle tattoo designs for Girls page Premium website tattoo designs.

Pete Wood is a passionate tattoo enthusiast. Pete passion for tattoo art, along with his anxiety about the huge number of people who end up regretting their tattoos, and Pete lead a friend to create website designs top quality tattoos. The ethos of the premium tattoo designs website is to provide high quality information and advice so that people can make informed decisions when planning a new tattoo.

The premium tattoo designs website contains a wealth of information and advice on a wide range of tattoo designs and usually tattooed body parts. The site also contains detailed information on the selection of tattoo artists and shops, the security considerations of tattoos, tattoo aftercare, and more.



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