Hypnotism (can’t cum part 2)

Ok further to my earlier post I’ve been digging around. I saw some information on hypnotism and wondered if this might help.

We’ve all seen Derren Brown and how powerful the mind can be and how susceptible it can be to suggestion. I read an interesting book on placebo and its affects.

I’m always a little bit dubious when it comes to ‘cures’ that claim to cover everything. It reminds me of early coca cola adverts or those Chinese shops that seem to be able to cure everything from baldness to dwarfism, I swear I saw one once that offered x-ray vision!

The website for the local hypnotism practice seems to be able to cute everything but then people have used it to conquer fear of flying, giving up smoking, weight loss, arachnophobia and all sorts of other issues. Back to Derren and his programmes have me convinced the people are real not actors.
I once went to a paul McKenna show in London and one of the ‘victims’ got the same tube as me back from central London to Acton Town either that is a highly elaborate ruse, a coincidence that the actor left at the same time and lived near me or that hypnotism actually worked for him.

I haven’t yet checked out whether anyone has detailed their experiences of hypnotism relating to this particular problem. The first consultation is free so I’m going to go along and give it a go.

I have a friend who is a counsellor and also a fan and user of alternative therapies so I’ll ask her opinion too.

If anyone reading this has anecdotal or first hand experience then don’t be shy come and share it!




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Hypnotism (can’t cum part 2)

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