Tender (A lovers Text story)

Clearly we’re in a gentler mood for tonight’s text story to each other….

I wrote :-

It’s Friday night you come home at 11.30 having been out with the girls. You’re still sober as you drove but you’re tired.20130703-215039.jpg
As you walk in the door you notice all the lights are off but there is the flicker of candle light and a trail of tea lights leads up the stairs.
You kick of your shoes at the door then follow the trail wondering what I’m up to.

As you reach the landing you hear the slight movement of water, pushing the bathroom door open you find me lying in a candle lit bath glass of champagne in one hand and a second ready for you in the other.
‘Come and get in, it’s lovely, I heard you pull up so I just got in’
You strip pulling your top over your head and unhooking your bra. I admire your boobs as you wiggle out of your jeans and slide out of your panties.
I move around taking the tap end so you can slide in. Handing you the glass as you do. As you adjust to the temperature you slide deeper placing your legs on either side of me. I place my glass on the floor and squeeze some wash into my hands. Slowly and gently I soap your body taking first your foot taking time to massage between the toes and then the calf, working my way up your leg. Once I’ve finished I starts on the other finishing that leg too. I take your glass and pull you toward me so your sitting up, kissing you gently on the lips then taking your hand and continuing the washing process until I’ve done both arms. I move on to your shoulders massaging your neck then letting my hands glide down to your breasts. Your nipples harden as I allow the bubbles to foam as I gently caress them. I finish by washing your belly then slide you closer to me so we are close enough to hug, reaching around you to wash your back. We kiss as I do this and you feel my cock gently nudging your belly. You take a glance down and notice I’m hard. You smile knowing that just the act of looking at you and caressing you makes me aroused. You kiss me smiling and then gently place your hand on my chest moving me a few inches back. You lean forward and kiss the end of my cock then taking it into your mouth, you lick with the lightest touch around the head and along the back which you know I like.
‘Shall we go to bed?” I ask

She wrote :-

Not yet baby I say let me pleasure you, I take the soap and foam in my hands I gently stroke my hands over your gorgeous toned tattooed body, admiring you as I go biting my lip I say ‘god baby your so hot’ I rub my hands over the back of your neck and pull your lips to mine I’m straddling you in the bath and kissing you deep, your hands are all over my hot steamy body pulling me closer, we both have our arms around each other and cuddle for a bit just feeling your body against mine is enough to make me hot and wet, I whisper in your ear ‘baby I want you inside me nice and deep but slow’ I spin round on my knees take hold of the edge of the bath bent over and ask you to enter me! You say ‘not yet baby girl just be patient’ you tell me to stay where I am, coming up behind me you lean down and take my pussy in your mouth I feel your tongue on me instantly I’m tingling I want to cum already but hold back, you reach round and press my clit gently and rub a little, you can feel my orgasm building and carry on you know what I like and enjoy my orgasm with me! You lean over me from behind and say ‘shall we get into bed now’? Xx

I finished with:-

You reply “ok baby but I’m so tired” I step out of the bath grab a towel and take your hand. As you step out of the bath I wrap you in the towel and scoop you into my arms. I carry you into the bedroom and place you down on to the bed. The towel falls open and I lay between your legs licking your already wet pussy. You rock with me as my tongue probes you, I work my way up your body with slow kisses and just as my cock is at pussy level I slide alongside you and move you on to your side. Spooning I gently edge my cock into you. Taking time to ease it in slowly. I wrap my arms around you and we move together in a slow rhythm kissing your shoulders and you my arms. We whisper to each other gentle words and eventually you feel me tensing. I whisper I’m about to cum and you wiggle your bum back a little taking me deeper into you. I cum holding you tightly a small orgasm ripples through your body as I do and we lay entwined falling asleep xxxx

That’s all for tonight and I have a feeling in part this will be enacted tomorrow night as often our stories are!

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Clearly we're in a gentler mood for tonight's text story to each other....
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Tender (A lovers Text story)

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