Anal Pleasure! Is it really?

Anal Pleasure! Is it really??

I had to blog about this subject as its very taboo, it’s a subject people do not like to discuss or approach so I wanted to discuss from a women’s perspective.

When chatting with the girls about Anal there are very mixed views, some wont admit they do it, some say they have tried it but don’t like it, some say they think its bit gay, some say my pussy is perfectly fine why would they need to and very few people say they enjoy it.

So is it pleasure? Or pain?

This is my point of view and I warn you not to read if squeamish…..

When approaching the subject (which happens a lot as im quite often told my arse is my best asset) I say the following ….. ‘Ive tried anal sex and anal fun I’m not a massive fan of anal sex but I do enjoy a little anal fun’
I very much have to be with someone a while before I feel comfortable trying anal fun and then I do enjoy it and is lots of fun if you have a loving partner you trust.

Anal sex on the other hand is not something I would do unless I trust someone 120% and with some length of time which I will then try but it wouldn’t be on the menu very often, the problem being I’m an extremely petite slim young women and it feels uncomfortable to me, I’m going to be blunt and honest but it hurts and afterwards I get paranoid about what I then look like in that area and if anything has attached to your partner!
:-/ grim!

Also if you allow your partner to cum inside you this can also be an unpleasant after experience.

Another interesting anal subject is do men enjoy receiving anal fun as much as they like to give it?

Well ladies the answer is yes but most men will never admit it, you can make a man cum quick time just by inserting your finger whilst masturbating or giving a blow job which my partner enjoys and it pleases me to make him happy, also this is a good bargaining tool when asked for anal sex I say ‘would you take that in your arse’ he says ‘no'(another problem I have with anal is I’m very petite but he is extremely well endowed, lucky me I’m not complaining) but that’s the predicament!!


Although now we have discussed giving him anal pleasure with a strap on, I can see how some couples would find this weird but I’m happy to do it for him and for me to satisfy my dominatrix side it adds a bit of spice although I now won’t be able to use that excuse anymore 🙂

Obviously everyone is different and people enjoy different things as long as you have a partner you trust then there can be lots of fun to have!

B x

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Anal Pleasure! Is it really?
I had to blog about this subject as its very taboo, it's a subject people do not like to discuss or approach so I wanted to discuss from a women's perspective.
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Anal Pleasure! Is it really?

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