Role play texts with Sir

Sir is away for the weekend so we decided on a bit of role play……

Patient ‘Sir’ this is your Nurse she will be looking after you for the next 24 hrs after your thigh injury from constant running ….20130622-162524.jpg..

You look up and I’m standing there with a little nurse hat long dark wavy hair which you think looks a bit like bed hair. Short but slim with white tights and red killer heels which you deem a bit inappropriate for a nurse but you like the look of them. you follow up my legs to see my curvy arse and my nurses dress which is clinging to my body its so tight. Your eyes move up to my chest where you can see my bulging cleavage, I’m wearing red lipstick and have a cheeky grin on my face.

You feel a slight twinge in your crotch area but brush it off, the doctor leaves the room and we are left alone…

I feel a bit of sexual tension in the room but decide to start checking your stats, I feel you watching me across the room and you seem to think I’m acting a bit sensual but put it down to your medication, I look up over my specs and notice you staring at me. ‘Are you ok ‘Sir’?

Yes nurse I’m fine thank you nurse just a bit tired, my thigh seems to be aching a bit’
I walk sensually over to you and ask you if it’s okay if I check it out?

As I walk you watch my legs in my killer heels and you get aroused and start to think about what my pussy would look like underneath my dress, I pull back your sheets bending over slightly you can see into my dress, you notice I’m wearing a white lacy push up bra and your cock starts to stir I notice as I pull the sheets back seeing as your naked.

I look at your thighs ‘I need to check your heart rate you seem to have a temperature I take my stethoscope from over my neck but drop it on the floor, ‘oooops’ I bend over to pick it up giving you get a full view of my white stockings and lace white panties which are see-through and tight around my pussy, you can see a bit of wetness and the shape of my lips looks delicious. I stand up and catch you licking your lips, I smile and carry on I check your heart rate and lean in very close to your face you can smell my perfume and my hair brushes against you tickling you. Your heart seems normal but do I sense it starting to quicken? I look directly into your eyes while still leaning over and see your face melt ‘you have gorgeous eyes nurse what a stunning green’ I say ‘ mmm yes they seem to change color depending what mood I’m in’ I can feel you want to kiss me but I ignore the urge and stand up I look down at your thighs again and notice your huge cock is rock hard and very impressive.

‘Thats an impressive and gorgeous cock you have ‘Sir’
you get embarrassed and blush.
I wink.
I reach down with my stethoscope and check for a thigh pulse trying hard to ignore your hard cock I must be professional, but I can’t you feel my hand inbetween your thighs and then on your balls, then my hand is on your cock.

‘Sir’ asks is this correct procedure?

Yes Sir this is standard procedure then checking for fever you notice me looking at it as if deep in thought then suddenly. I’m licking your cock from base to tip like and ice cream, you groan and I take the tip into my mouth and surround it with my warm lips, my tongue is doing circles on your throbbing end which drives you crazy, but you are immobile due to your thigh injury and feel a bit useless. I take your cock deep into my mouth and start to suck and play, your cock is rock hard and throbbing.

‘You definitely have a temperature Sir I’m going to give you something for that I climb onto the bed in reverse,my dress is so tight it slides up and reveals my pert tight tanned arse and thighs, you also notice my wet panties. Through the wet fabric you notice I’m a bald girl and you like that, it looks smooth and wet and you can see my wetness on my lips…

You want to see more and lean down to pull at my panties I look at you from over my shoulder and say ‘Sir that is VERY inappropriate behaviour if you do not behave I will have to call security’

You let go and put your hands by your sides, you notice me rubbing my clit inside my panties and I start to moan, you can see me dipping my fingers in my juicy pussy and putting my fingers in my mouth, saying ‘mmmm’ I straddle your cock and pull my panties to the side this reveals my pussy lips and arse hole.

Sir says Mmmm ‘god you look neat and tight’ I look over and say sssshhhhh!

I grab your cock roughly and start to rub your head inbetween my dripping wet lips this makes your cock throb more but seems to be helping with your fever I place the tip at my tight entrance and say ‘Sir are you ready for your medication now?

You just about muster the word ‘yes nurse’ I push onto your cock and you scream out loud as I push you inside me I moan really loud too, your cock is so big it rips into my tight pussy and smashes Deep into me. You feel like you’re going to cum instantly but hold back slightly I carry on fucking you hard while you watch my hot arse and pussy from behind, you feel like your’e in a porn movie.

I can feel you want to cum and I let go too, my pussy starts to suck on your cock this pushes you to beyond belief suddenly you feel wetness around your arse, you panic and think what’s that, I look over my shoulder and say ‘ don’t worry Sir this will help with your medication’

you frown but are still holding back your cum I fuck you hard still and you can’t resist my arse hole as you slide the tip of your finger inside me I groan and you feel my finger enter you, I’m coming gently on your cock but im loud and your coming violently at the same time, thrusting into me smashing me inside, I push my whole finger deep into you and you repay the favou
r as you do I scream I’m coming Sir and so are you!

I get off and wipe my pussy on your sheets tuck you back into bed and say ‘ I will check on you in an hours time’ I wink and walk away! X

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Role play texts with Sir

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