It’s not just men who are selfish

Recently I was the subject of a conversation between three women, it was a flattering girls conversation given over a few drinks.

The story regaled how I’d put I’m two performances before work.
The other ladies also regaled how they were lucky to get it twice a week.

Here’s the the thing though girls, you reap what you sew. Believe me ‘she’ makes me want to wake up 20 minutes early to make sure I get the opportunity. One I know it’ll be appreciated, no cold shoulder, no headache no excuses.

Two I know it’ll be good. It’ll be reciprocal and she’ll want to make it as enjoyable for me as much as for her.

The age old complaint of women having men who just cum, role over and go to sleep won’t happen here but girls do you think it’s acceptable to just lie there until your man has cum?
Submission is one thing, lazy is another.

Take ‘her’ for example. After morning sex we’ve driven to work and she’s touching, teasing and stroking my cock all the way to work. So much so that by the time I drop her off I can’t resist lifting up her dress pulling her panties aside and fucking her hard and fast bent over her bed. It can’t have lasted 5 minutes but it didn’t need to, the foreplay had lasted an hour. We came together and spent the day with each others scent upon our bodies making the rest of the day full of more sexual tension.
She wouldn’t have even made it to the bed if the dog hasn’t been at the bottom of the stairs!

I’ve always prided myself on being a considerate lover. Ladies always cum first and never rolling over but making sure there is mutual satisfaction. I also do get my kicks from seeing someone cum and knowing I did that. That they find me a turn on enough to orgasm is s big thrill.

The number of times I’ve made somebody cum and hoped for some imagination, some response only to find a glazed look of complicity staring back. Girls, submissive or not this is not what we want. Be interested, show us that you want us to enjoy it. Make an effort, seduce your man, dress up, get the toys out, stick on some porn, whatever it takes but don’t complain when you’re not getting any if you’re not giving anything back yourself. If you want to be submissive you can still be provocative and entice your man. If you really lack the imagination have a read of some of the plethora of ‘clit lit’ currently doing the rounds.

Don’t be scared, you’ve got nothing to lose but your inhibitions! And ladies if you need some pointers I know a girl who can teach you a thing or two….




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It’s not just men who are selfish

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