Vintage Sex Toys – How Things Have Changed And Got So Much Better!

The new sex-positive crowd might think of sex toys as a modern phenomenon, but the sexy toys and gizmos have been around for over a century check out the history of vibrators here, from a heated rolling pin to the gadgets that look more like torture tools than pleasure machines.

let’s start off with:-

Dr. Macaura’s Pulsocon Blood Circulator (circa 1880–1920)

This device had a strong vibration and a sound like a ratchet, you know, to help you get in the mood, sounding like a football clacker. No chance of sneaking this if you are still living at home with your parents! The Pulsocon was operated by turning the hand crank on one side of the device and depending on how fast the crank was rotated, it could produce up to 5000 vibrations per minute.

(Putting that into new toy speed the LELO SMART WAND 2 can reach up to 9000 vibrations per minute without a hand crank 🙂 )

The Arnold Massage Vibrator (1909)

A very old device from the first decade of the 20th century. The Arnold Massager Vibrator was sold with the tag line a thousand times more efficient than Hand Massage; can be used by yourself with better results than an expert masseur can accomplish. It was a decided improvement over anything now on the market at the time and produced at a price that made it affordable.


The Rolling Pin Heat Massager (1932)

Yeah, just a Vintage electric massage roller rolling pin with Art Deco chrome accent and green handles, 19 1/2″ long. You plug it in, it warms up, and you roll it on your body. No fuse and a simple heating coil I would say NO. If you are wanting to try this pick some nice Glass toys that hold the heat after submerging into a hot bath and will work the same.

The Oster Stim-U-Lax for Barbers (1948)

A cross between a tattoo gun and a finger torture device, the main thing with these toys that I find scary is the amount of metal used with a plug on the end I know when I am playing with friends there is a lot of moisture produced and liquids and electric don’t mix well to create a sexy time generally.

(Want to try something safer check out the SVAKOM NYMPH SILICONE CLITORAL VIBRATOR)

Now not all improvements are made for the better and some toys have managed to stick around like the trusted Hitachi Magic Wand a wand vibrator. It was originally manufactured for relieving tension and relaxing sore muscles and is most known for its use as a sex toy. Japanese company Hitachi listed the device for business in the United States in 1968, and has been one of those toys that you try and never go back!

Vintage Sex Toys - How Things Have Changed And Got So Much Better!
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Vintage Sex Toys - How Things Have Changed And Got So Much Better!
So a sex toy shop is going to say things have gotten better, but really check out some of these scary vintage sex toys of the past 100+ years.
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Vintage Sex Toys – How Things Have Changed And Got So Much Better!

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