Prostate Orgasm And How To Make It Happen

After my friend’s stag do and the questions that were asked by mostly straight men, I thought I would share some tips and tricks so they know how to do it right or just get started. So this one is for you Darren! Playing with the idea of butt stuff has been taboo probably for as long as there have been taboos. But thanks to a growing conversation on anal play Hello pegging and with that, you guys are buying so many strapons. The main reason for men having anal sex is how good it feels most men have never experienced a Prostate Orgasm.

So what is a prostate orgasm?

The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut which sits deep in the groin between the base of a guy’s penis and his rectum is to men what the G-spot is to women. For some men, it can potentially be a total pleasure center.

So how do I help my partner have a prostate orgasm?

Biologically, the prostate produces semen, but “sexually and erotically, it can function to heighten pleasure,” What prostate stimulation does is press upon the urethra in such a way that it can actually prevent ejaculation, it can stretch out that just-about-to-orgasm feeling even longer. Now, this is the big bit if your partner is comfortable with prostate contact and is able to relax and enjoy anal stimulation, the only way to get to the prostate is by sticking your finger or a toy about an inch and a half into his butt. It adds this sensation of fullness and pressure that maximizes the intensity of an orgasm for a man,

Aside from the prostate stimulation itself, the anal action that’s part of the process can also boost a guy’s pleasure. “It’s hard to know how much of ‘prostate pleasure’ actually involves the prostate at all and how much is related to the fact that the only way to get to a man’s prostate is through his anus,” says Stephen Snyder, M.D., a sex therapist and author of Love Worth Making.

A lot of people enjoy anal stimulation, which makes sense like the genitals, the anal area is richly supplied with nerve endings and blood flow.

That said, some men don’t enjoy it could be a psychological lack of enjoyment or it could be a physiological one that feeling that guys think they are turning gay! Either way, as with any sex act, it’s important to communicate and make sure both parties are game.

So how do I help my partner have a prostate orgasm?

So how do I help my partner have a prostate orgasm?

If you’re still intrigued by exploring this new territory, here are some tips for how to make a prostate orgasm happen.

1st the biggest help is to get your partner relaxed.

If you are both excited to poke around in his prostate, it’s important to start by getting super-relaxed. The anus has two sphincters and they can tighten up and close, The way to get entrance and invitation is to really deeply relax the whole body. Start with a sensual massage, the goal of which isn’t necessarily to turn your partner on, but to help him feel totally comfortable.

Just as with any type of sex try some foreplay.

Once your partner feels chilled out, ease your way in. If you’ve never done anal play, approach the anus respectfully and slowly, Play with the full buttocks and inner thighs first and then move to play with the outer rim of the opening of the anus.

You can never have enough LUBE!

The anus is not self-lubricating so make sure there’s a lot of lube, no matter what, I recommend picking up a lubricant that’s specifically designed for anal play since these formulas tend to be a little thicker and last a bit longer. Here are our collection of the best lubes, or make some yourself.

Its not all about the fingers

The best way to stimulate the prostate is either with your finger or a prostate toy a slim butt plug, make sure the toy is butt safe. If you’re hesitant about using your finger even if he just took a shower, it’s okay if the idea still makes you feel a little squeamish a toy is an awesome alternative, wrap your anal toys in a condom to make clean up easier.

So how do I help my partner have a prostate orgasm?

Take it slowly when you massage the prostate.

To make a prostate orgasm happen, go super-slowly NO SLOWER, especially if this is the first time you and your partner are trying the technique. Once you’re inside, feel for the prostate gland, which is about one knuckle’s worth into the rectum in the direction of his penis as opposed to his lower back It feels like a soft pillowed ball. Once you’ve found it, apply soft pressure or try stroking it slowly, and keep communicating with your partner about how it feels. Take your cues from him on whether to stroke or apply even pressure, go slower or faster, press more or less intense, etc.

Whatever way you do it get ready for a whole new type of O.

Jon the nudist

Jon the nudist

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Prostate Orgasm And How To Make It Happen

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