The 3some – Part 3 Logistics and Awkward Meetings

So you’ve got someone you click with and you want to move to the next step. This person has talked to all the partners in the relationship and is getting along with everyone. Everyone is happy and pumped and ready to go. The next step is arranging a meeting and possibly the 3some.

Now right here is where I want to put a caveat before the 3some.

The 3some - Part 3 Logistics and Awkward MeetingsI haven’t said it until now but here are some things that would stop me/us from proceeding to meeting:

  • Unsure about sexuality in the 3some – we are experimental but we don’t think we’d be good experiments.
  • Too much jealousy before meeting.
  • Distance
  • Lack of attraction
  • Difficulty with logistics – no car and roommates or other circumstances.

None of those things are a judgement on the other person. They are simply things that tell us there will be difficulties we probably aren’t prepared to handle.

If everything seems good we proceed to meeting.

Because its a couple and a woman in our case I always let them decide the venue. We aren’t opposed to them coming to our house if the chemistry is there and we know we will click. But I leave that up to them. We always offer local choices for meeting. The fun thing about a local meeting is the taboo nature of going on a date as three.

At that point logistically you get to a point where things can happen.

Honestly very few meetings have went in a way that wasn’t awkward. angel is always seemingly the one that gets clothes off first. Sometimes I beat her to the seduction. But first we like to talk in person. Its like a last thing just to see if we are making good decisions. But we’ve honestly never brought anyone back to our place (EXCEPT ONE AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) that didn’t end in sex. That’s not because we are desperate sluts but rather we know before we meet them from text and phone conversations and we’ve discussed them ad infinitum.

How does the 3some occur? This is the funny part to me.

  • “So how do we get this started?”
  • “I don’t know how you guys feel but I’m down for this.”
  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • “Alright who’s getting undressed first?” angel as she is taking her clothes off and answering her own question!

The 3some - Part 3 Logistics and Awkward MeetingsBasically I look at it like this. This isn’t a normal date and if they’ve made it to this point they are pretty game. Of course this doesn’t mean we skip seduction or foreplay. It just means we make a move if they don’t first and see what happens.

Next part, the real awkwardness. Figuring things out. How to use the dynamic and kink to great effect with three. And the magic of plenty of orgasms all around.

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The 3some – Part 3 Logistics and Awkward Meetings

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