The Science of Incest (Desire)

Ok so I am not a professional doctor, psychiatrist, or mental health worker. I found this great information and will be providing my own personal opinions and my advice for free. If your thoughts about incest cause you pain or sadness or fear or anger, then I recommend talking to a real counselor who can help you.

Now then, if you are reading this post, then incest probably turns you on.

[tl;dr] Explanation of Westermarck and Genetic Sexual Attraction, and how they impact desire.

You might be one of those people who says “I love fantasizing about incest, or hearing about real people committing incest, but when I try to imagine having real life sex with my real life family members, it actually turns me off‘.

Or perhaps you are one of those people who says, “I never really even thought about incest before, but then I recently reconnected with my long-lost parent or sibling or son or daughter, and now suddenly I am obsessed with that person, and the attraction between us is almost irresistible.”

Incest Explanation of Westermarck and Genetic Sexual Attraction, and how they impact desire.

Well folks, there is actually some REAL SCIENCE behind all of this, and if you read through this whole post, you might find something here that will help you better understand yourself and your desires, and perhaps you might find something here that could help you seduce that family member that you keep tantalizing about.

First, you need to understand that for most people, there are two opposing forces that will decide how they would feel about ‘real’ sex with a ‘real’ family member. The first force is called “the Westermarck Effect“, and the second force is called “Genetic Sexual Attraction“. (Google both of these terms, and study them).

These are real factors that have a great impact on most human beings, and once you know how they work, you can understand yourself (and your favorite family member) a little better.

Hint: You can even learn how to overcome these effects, so you can get closer to your true desire!


(1) the Westernarck Effect only happens in families that live within the same household. (This has nothing to do with genetics or blood relation, so it also happens in step-families and adopted families). — The Westermarck Effect pushes you AWAY from people you grew up with. This is that invisible cold feeling that causes you to be turned off or grossed out by a family member when you are with them in person (even though you have lots of great fantasies about incest with them when they are not around!)


(2) The good news is that the Westermarck Effect is NOT permanent – if a person keeps pushing their own mental limits (fantasizing about having sex with a particular family member), those feelings will change from being repulsed, to being neutral, then to plausible, then eventually there will be no more barrier, and the other person will be perceived as both attractive and desirable.

(3) I personally believe that the Westernarck Effect works in both directions, sort of like how magnets of the same polarity will push against each other and repel each other – so if you really work on changing your own mental programming, you will change your ‘magnetic polarity’ and not only will you start to be genuinely attracted to your family member when you see them in person, but they will also start to be more attracted to you! (Yaaay!)


(4) Genetic Sexual Attraction or GSA occurs when two people who share a lot of the same DNA (genetically close blood relatives), but who DID NOT grow up in the same household, meet each other in real life. In this case, the sexual attraction between those two people is almost overpowering.

(5) You sometimes hear stories about this in the news: two people meet and are instantly attracted to each other. They have the best sex of their lives, and make plans to get married, only to find out they were really brother and sister or father and daughter. Still, they can’t keep their hands off of each other, and they often decide to run away and get married, even though they know it is incest.


(6) This explains why families that are famous or very rich (as well as some military or political families) have a lot more incest going on behind the scenes than ‘normal’ families do. – If one or both parents are away from home most of the time (touring out of country), OR- if the parents are very wealthy, and have live-in nannies who take care of the kids full time, or send the kids off to a fancy boarding school at a young age … Basically, in any family where there is little or no time spent together in the same house … the Westermarck Effect does not develop. But GSA still exists, so when family members are reunited again, they end up being extremely attracted to each other (they end up fucking and sucking each other like there was no tomorrow).


Incest Explanation of Westermarck and Genetic Sexual Attraction, and how they impact desire.(7) The first two forces that either push people away from (or pull them toward) incest, are proven scientific facts. This next paragraph is my own hypothesis, but I think there is strong evidence to suggest that it is true. — It seems that some people are born with a natural immunity to the Westermarck Effect, and what they are left with, is the GSA part (so they are more attracted to family members than they are to anyone else). This is why you sometimes hear about certain families or even communities of families that have practiced incest for many generations, and each new generation seems to prefer that lifestyle – like they inherited the “incest gene” from their parents. Those families create a family bond that is so unbreakable, and so satisfying, that the family decides they are better of with each other as sexual partners, than they would ever be with strangers. These types of people are almost exclusively incestuous by nature, and they often have a strong, compulsive desire to spread this genetic trait, by impregnating family members, or wanting to have incest babies, or promoting ‘inbreeding’.

  • … Ok, so what can you do with this information?
  • … How does this knowledge help?

Well, if you know yourself, and you know a little bit about the history of the family member that you fantasize about, then you can use this knowledge to reduce your own internal conflict, and you can change your approach with the other person, so you are more closely aligned with the natural forces that either repel you or attract you both.

(Option 1) If incest turns you on, and the family member you desire did NOT live with you when you (or they) were growing up, then you don’t have to worry about Westermarck.

If that person is genetically related to you (not just by marriage or law), then your chances of getting them to be sexually attracted to you (simply by spending more real time in person with them, talking with them, and perhaps flirting with them) are much better than your chances of seducing a total stranger. (Yaaay!)

(Option 2) If incest turns you on, and the person that you desire DID live in the same household with you when you were growing up, then there is a strong likelihood that you will have to overcome Westermarck in yourself (see the section above on how to do this).

If the other person is suffering from the Westermarck Effect, they will have an inner feeling that pushes them AWAY from a sexual encounter with you. That doesn’t mean you should give up in defeat though: adding a little distance between you for a while (or perhaps a making a drastic lifestyle change that causes them to feel like you are a stranger again) will help the situation!

You can spend some of this ‘away time’ working on your own Westermarck polarity, so the other person will not feel repulsed by the thought of being sexual around you. This is also a good time to work on improving your sexy body and your style, so they notice you in a sexy way when they see you again.

If you are really lucky (and the other person is related to you genetically or by blood), then they might start to also feel the effects of Genetic Sexual Attraction, which will greatly increase your chances of success in getting them to have sex with you.

(Option 3) If you are suffering from GSA and you do NOT want to commit incest, I’d suggest posting in the other forum (/r/incest_relationships) or seeking the advice of a professional counselor.

So that is my explanation and some free advice. Hopefully you can use this information to bring positive results into your own life.

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The Science of Incest (Desire)

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