What not to put up your BUM

What not to put up your BUMWe are always telling about kinky things you can do with your bum, but ask any A&E nurse and you will find out people love shoving random crap up their butts. Some of the best i have heard were vegetables to live animals, the possibilities for insertion are only limited by the malleability of your anus. Just because the options are limitless doesn’t mean you should go around sticking any random shit up there. So, today is going to be a handy guide of five things you should never put in your bum, in no particular order and not a full list either!


Back when internet video was becoming a thing, I came across this video of a naked man sitting on a glass mason jar. Its very gory so would rate it as only for the strong stomached. Now we  don’t want to scare you because there are some sex toys made out of glass, this are perfectly safe. They are made from a special glass that is made for your butt; that glass won’t shatter. A beer bottle, shot glass or mason jar could shatter and that is just not ok.

Live or dead animals

Back in the 90’s, there was an urban legend that Richard Gere had once shoved a gerbil in his butt, Gere denied it. If Gere did what the legend should suggest he’d be dead for sure. Why you ask ?? Animals have defenses like claws and teeth. Your intestines are tough but they are not going to stand a chance against a panicked rodent clawing its way to freedom.

Other people’s sex toys

Everyone know’s that sharing is caring and that’s so true when comes to sex, share an orgasm, share a three-some. But DON’T share sex toys for your butt, I use condoms on all our sex toys, makes them easy to clean. The bacteria in your bum


Yeah, the whole point of your gastrointestinal system is to process food but it’s got a start and end. You don’t put poop in your mouth; don’t put food in your butt. The main worry here is the food will have bacteria and viruses. Generally our mouth and stomach can fight off most things that get in there but the added directly into your bum there is no protection. Now the same with sharing toys if you do decide to put food up there, put a condom over it.


Gone of the days of wine enemas “The cheap, quick and easy way to get wasted”.  As many of my friends found out, it was also a quick, cheap and easy way to land yourself in the hospital. Since there’s no stomach acid or food to block the booze, putting alcohol in your butt gives it a direct link to your bloodstream. So, yes, you’ll get drunk but you might also die.

Like I said this isnt a full list there are loads more things not to put inside you but at least this is a start have a think before you end up in A&E

What not to put up your BUM

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What not to put up your BUM
We are always telling about kinky things you can do with your bum, but ask any A&E nurse and you will find out people love shoving random crap up their butts here is what's you shouldn't.
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Jon the nudist

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What not to put up your BUM

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