A Detailed Guide to Autofellatio

Your Guide to Autofellatio

So we recently did a post all about Autofellatio and it kicked off a bit of a wild wind storm of interest thats where fellow redditor CookedBacon took pictures step by step to show us how. To start off were going to have to need to set a few requirements

  1. SUPER IMPORTANT a warmed up body (Go for a run or workout)
  2. Important, be somewhat flexible
  3. An empty stomach
  4. the longer the penis the better

Step 1

A Detailed Guide to Autofellatio

Sit at the edge of your bed with your legs apart and crouch comfortably. Make sure you are fully erect, see how the penis is pointing directly upwards.

Step 2
03 - Step 2 Using Your Arms


Put your forearms under your thighs, this will be your means of bending over and leave your hands free the testicles. (If this is uncomfortable STOP NOW)

Step 3

04 - Step 3 The Pull

Start to pull yourself down and slightly arch your hips up. Use your forearms for leverage, if your feeling a resistance at this point STOP

Step 4

05 - Step 4 The Position

Pull yourself so that your nose goes past the head of the penis. You shouldn’t be able to touch the penis from this position.

Step 5

06 - Step 5 The Tug

Use your hands that are inbetween your legs to lightly pull on the ball sack so the penis leans forward towards your mouth.

Step 6

07 - Step 6 Contact

Bring your chin forward and use your ball sack to angle everything right and make contact. Your now sucking your own cock!!! You have mastered Autofellatio

Step 7

08 - Step 7 Pulling and arching

You can use your arms to pull down further but don’t push it.

Step 8

09 - Step 8 Getting the whole head in

If the front bend is comfortable push your teeth over the head and make room with your lower lip, and the head will slide in.

Step 9

10 - Step 9 Stopping

When you’re done, pull out slowly and carefully. Stretch your back it will be stiff.


Give yourself time to recover, dont try again for a couple of weeks and if you have pushed it too far (and if you’re a newbie, you will have) dont try again for a month or so.

A Detailed Guide to Autofellatio
Article Name
A Detailed Guide to Autofellatio
Guide to Autofellatio, a recent post about Autofellatio kicked off a bit of a wild wind storm of interest a redditor took pictures step by step
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A Detailed Guide to Autofellatio

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