The condom argument. By Insaneillusions

I get so sick of having the condom argument.

You meet a guy and you’re getting along, you’re attracted to them, and they seem to be attracted to you too. You start to talk about hooking up and then comes the condom argument. He doesn’t want to wear one. He’s negative, he’s too big, he can’t keep it up when wearing one, he’s allergic, he’ll pull out. He promises.

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Well let’s think about this logically. I’m negative too. I know I am because I saw the test results from the doctor when I went and got myself tested. Do you have your test results? How many women have you slept with that let you go bare? Do you have their test results? What about all the other men they slept with? If you could talk them out of making you wear one do you think they made the other men? Did you ask them if they were negative? I mean you haven’t asked me and you don’t even know me. So you trust me now? There seems to be kink in your logic here.

So the answer is no you can’t go without a condom. I don’t care if you ask again. I don’t care what the issue is that you have with condoms. The truth is I don’t trust you and all the women you’ve slept with or the people they have slept with.

I don’t understand why this is always such an argument. I’m so sick of the same conversation over and over again.
Ok /end rant

PS- I never expected this to blow up but I’d like to add a couple things. I never meant for this to sound like something that only men do. I know there are women out there that don’t like to use condoms. But since I’m mostly straight and sleeping with men, this is the perspective that I have.
I also would like to point out that the argument that condoms don’t protect against everything so you might as well not wear them at all is stupid. It’s like saying I’m not going to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle because even if I’m wearing one and crash I could still break my arm. That logic is flawed. 

This was written by our friend insaneillusions over at Fetlife i thought it was a great conversation piece and she gave us permission to share, do you complain about using a condom?

The condom argument
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The condom argument
I get so sick of having the condom argument. You meet a guy and you're getting along, you're attracted to them, and they seem to be attracted to you too.
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The condom argument. By Insaneillusions

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