Thank you Sir by ohmissjones Erotic Story Competition Story 22

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I’m lying on a high table, about as long as I am, in a very dimly lit room. I’m fully clothed in the maid’s outfit my master loves me in. . Slowly masked men and women enter the room. Master has ordered me to lie still and I mustn’t touch them unless invited to. As each one arrives they come over to me and start roughly running their hands over my body, rolling me over, tickling, pinching, stroking and licking my face, nibbling my ears and neck, using me as their plaything.

Gradually pieces of my clothing are pulled aside and fingers and tongues start to probe beneath the material, teasing but never quite pushing into my pussy. A hard cock brushes my lips and I taste a single dewdrop. I’m getting wetter and wetter and moaning and bucking against the hands as my master comes over and kisses me deeply and tells me what a good girl I’m being for him.

As he kisses me deep and hard I can feel my clothes being removed, as though he has given a signal to the room. Fingers slip rapidly into my aching and dripping pussy. Lips are sucking hard against my engorged clit. My legs are forced far apart and a firm tongue is tickling and poking my other little hole. Other mouths are nipping and sucking hard at my painfully hard nipples and the room is filling with groaning noises. I am at the utter brink of orgasm when suddenly everyone stops and the pain begins.

First hands smack hard underneath my breasts and my nipples are pinched wickedly enough to make me squeal. The many hands flip me over, my arms are grabbed and stretched high above my head and then I hear my Master whisper in my ear…”What are you?” and I mumble “Your filthy little maid slut sir” “Louder, you little fool, so everyone can hear! And repeat it til I tell you to stop”.

I say those humiliating words as loudly as I can and on every word I utter a hand comes down hard on both bottom cheeks, so hard that if it wasn’t for the hands holding me down I would surely fall off the table. I can’t see what they are using on me but hands are replaced with something flat and hard and the pain as it smacks my sore bottom makes me cry out for my Master.

He grabs my hair and pulling my head to one side looks me right in the eyes and says “Take it for me my little whore” and strokes my tears away with his fingertips. I whimper through six or seven more brutal thwacks on my quivering bottom and suddenly the instrument of pain is replaced by soothing, massaging hands and nibbling mouths. My sore, red cheeks are stroked and massaged deeply and fingers tickle my inner thighs playfully. Those fingers find a slippery trail of juice that the heavy spanking has left behind. “You really are a dirty little slut aren’t you bitch? Look how juicy that round of spanking has left you!” My Master is disgusted with my arousal by the spanking and I bow my head and blush with embarrassment. “I’m so sorry sir. I couldn’t help it”. He grabs my long hair in his big hand and pulls me up towards him and just when I think he will let me kiss him he cruelly shakes his head, let’s go and walks a few steps away. As he steps away the others step forward again as I cry out a little quite “No”. This time they are not all so gentle. I’m still very wet from the spanking and play and I hear the whirr of a vibrator close by. My breasts are cruelly grabbed at and my nipples are being sucked hard and nipped til I struggle against the pain – but strong hands hold me down.

Now I’m being sat up and hard and a dripping, engorged cock is being pushed against my lips. Another nipple pinch makes me gasp and the cock is in before I realise. I hear my Master order, “Suck him properly sex toy” and I start to move my head slowly up and down the big cock.

Horribly this use of my mouth is starting to arouse me even more and I feel myself wriggling. Someone takes advantage of this movement and grabs by bottom cheeks hard, forcing them far apart. I can feel breathe on my little virginal hole and then the tip of a tongue wriggles it’s way through the tight barrier.

Fingers are covering the area with something sticky, I don’t know if it’s lubricant, cum or spit now but the delicious wetness is making me relax and open to the tongue. I feel myself pulse with pleasure and as that happens the tongue is removed and then, very slowly, I feel something cold and slippery slide slowly into my bottom and I moan with embarrassment and pleasure.

Meanwhile my right hand has been wrapped around another stiff cock and is being forced to pump it hard and fast. My left hand is grabbed by a large hand and pulled towards some soft, wet skin. Horrified I realise it’s another pussy. I’ve never a touched a woman like that before and try and pull my hand back, gagging slightly on the big cock still filling my mouth. Against my will my fingers are squeezed together and pushing slowly and deeply inside a pussy that isn’t my own. Her moans fill my ear as she flicks her tongue over my ear lobe and she starts to fuck herself with my hand.

I can taste pre cum in my mouth and then my mouth is full of delicious cum as he pumps hard into me. It dribbles out of my mouth but like the good slave that I am I swallow and lick my lips just like my master taught me.

The dildo in my bottom is being pulled slowly in and out and distracts me from the vibrator that has just appeared by wet pussy that had been, until a moment a go, stuffed with fucking fingers. With my legs held high and the bottom dildo held in place, the vibrator is left to buzz at my dripping pussy hole. I writhe and twist towards the stimulation but cruel hands slap my face and force me to keep still.

Juice from the woman fucking herself on my hand is dribbling down my arm. As she forces my hand deep into her hot hole she is suckling hard at one of my stiff nipples and my breasts are being pushed hard together with a cock fucking them hard. The man in my left hand is coming hard over my belly and I feel his load land in a shower. The girl is cumming hard too and as does she takes my fingers out and shoves them in my mouth so her girl cum mixes with the taste of spunk of the man who jizzed in my mouth moments before. As I see her bent over me next to the table and fucked hard from behind the vibrator is suddenly plunged deep into me and I can feel my orgasm swelling. My Master can see the look on my face “Not yet little slut, not yet” and the vibrator is pulled out swiftly. Pushing the girl and her partner out of the way he whips me over and asks me to show him my bottom.

The little dildo is still embedded in me and I’m ashamed so I won’t part my legs. Smack after smack reins down on my sore cheeks as he takes out his whip and thrashes me till through my tears I cry out “I’ll show, you let me show you”. “Good girl” he says and as, up on all fours, I pull my bottom cheeks apart and he can see my dripping pussy hole and the object poking out of my reddened, sore bottom covered in the weals he has put there.

. “Your orgasm is mine to command little one. And your holes are mine to fill when and how I like. .I own you .”.

I feel his body warm behind me and his cock is nudging the wetness of my pussy that is so desperate to be filled entirely by him. He lunges fast and hard into me and suddenly lips and tongues and teeth and fingers are touching me again and as he fucks me hard and fast the combination of clit sucking, breast slapping and nipple biting makes me buck hard against him. “You may cum…NOW” he commands and an incredible orgasm crashes through my body like a huge wave of pleasure.

“What are you” he rasps as I feel his cum spurt deep into my pussy “I’m your filthy little slut sir”. “What are you?” as he wipes the cum dribbling from my hole onto my open mouth “I’m your filthy little slut sir” and I smile happily as he smiles back and strokes my hair as I tremble.

“Good girl” he grins

“Thank you sir” I smile.

Thank you Sir
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Thank you Sir
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Thank you Sir by ohmissjones Erotic Story Competition Story 22

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