Odeco Cupid 7 Speed Rechargeable Rabbit by SelectZen

Odeco Cupid 7 Speed Rechargeable Rabbit

rabbitMy partner and I have had some mixed experiences when it comes to rabbit vibrators. Only a few months ago did we have a supposedly luxury silicone rabbit break after a single use on us. However having noticed the Odeco range popping up in the last month we both thought these could be different. For my part I was captivated by their unusual shape and luxurious design. So naturally when I was chosen to review the Odeco Cupid 7 Speed Rechargeable Rabbit, we were delighted. -Packaging- The rabbit arrives in a cardboard box that has a sleeve with the product displayed prominently on the front. On the top the three different colours of the rabbit are displayed. (Rose, Purple and Black). While the bottom displays some basic information on charging and usage. Once you slide the box out of the sleeve it is a matt black box with a single stripe of orange in the middle. It slides into two halves revealing the inside. The rabbit itself is firmly held in place with moulded foam and the charger/instructions sit alongside it. Overall I was very pleased with the packaging. It is a little luxurious but very practical at the same time and could even double as long term storage if you wanted to.


Once out of the packaging I have to say it was a little smaller than I had expected. Additionally it is completely unlike any rabbits we have had in the past. It has an elegant curved design that unlike traditional straight shaft rabbits curves into a bulbous head to aid with g-spot stimulation. Straight away we liked the design. Even the feel of the material is very luxurious. Its design as I mentioned is very curvaceous, it tapers down to form a loop on the base to hold onto while the “Ear” portion curves up to stimulate the clitoris. Its measurements are as follows. Overall Length = 7 Inches Insertable Length = 4 Inches Circumference at widest = 4 ½ Inches Circumference at slimmest = 3 Inches “Rabbit Ear” = 2 Inches Handle/Circle diameter = 1 Inch It is coated in silicone which is a great material as it is non-porous, latex and phthalates free and hypoallergenic. It has a smooth, velvet feel to it which is very reminiscent of Lelo toys. It is charged by means of a plug in charger (supplied) that inserts into the base. The opening is designed to close up when not being used which makes the toy splash proof. It is important to say it is not a submersible toy so you can’t dunk it into a bath as this may let water in. While charging the three control buttons light up and flash. Once charged they stay lit and don’t flash. The charge time is approximately two hours even on the first charge which is great as often times the first charge can be 8 hours+.


RabbitThe controls of the rabbit are actually really simple. There are three buttons in a row on the handle. A plus button, a minus button and a power/function button. Simple press and hold the middle button until the rabbit turns on and you can vary the speed by using the + or – buttons above or below. There are 7 different speed settings. To change the function press the middle button to cycle. There are also 7 different modes. If it sounds complicated it’s a lot easier to figure out in person. There are two motors, one in the insertable head and the other in the rabbit ear portion. The various modes are combinations of the two motors. It can use just the rabbit ears for ‘Buzz’ type vibrations, it can use the head motor for stronger internal vibrations or it can alternate and create ‘Rumble’ type stimulation. Overall the controls are very easy to use and comfortable to press as they are coated in silicone. You have to press firm enough to get the middle button to turn on which is great because it means you won’t accidentally have it turn on in your bag. Every time you cycle to a different mode the vibration level drops to medium so if you have it turned up high and change modes you will need to turn it up again. In use as described by my partner it is amazing. The bulbous head and slightly ribbed shaft provide good g-spot stimulation. The ear portion has a little flex but still holds in place fairly well. This is great as it means you don’t lose sensation by your body pushing it away. The alternation of the two motors almost creates a sense of motion that you don’t get with single bullet rabbits. The controls are nicely positioned and easy to use while inserted. Even on a lower setting the vibrations are fairly powerful. And with 7 speeds along with 7 functions there is something here to cater to everyone’s tastes. As it is silicone you should only ever use water or oil based lubricant on it. Using a silicone lube can break down the finish and shorten the lifespan of your toy.


Once you have finished using it you can wash it with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap or specialist toy cleaner. As it is waterproof you don’t need to worry too much about getting water on it but it is not submersible so be careful. Once dry we find zip-seal sandwich bags make for great storage as they add zero bulk to the toy but keep it free of dust and stop any other toys reacting with the material. -Summary- Overall we are delighted with this toy. It is made from a superb material and has a quality feel to it. It is rechargeable so almost pays for itself within a year as you never need to buy batteries. The design and even packaging scream elegance and luxury. It has 7 speeds and 7 modes and any combination of the two which means you won’t soon get bored with it. It carries a very reasonable price tag for a silicone rechargeable toy and is well worth the investment. If you have had bad experiences with Rabbit vibrators in the past and are unsure I would say just try this toy, it will not disappoint.

By SelectZen

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Odeco Cupid 7 Speed Rechargeable Rabbit by SelectZen

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