What do you think about during sex?

This week a thread was started on Reddit in /r/sex  asking the community “What do you think about during sex?” My response was :-

Mostly with the wife that this is amazing, but with others I am not comparing all the time but wish that we had the same connection and knowledge of each others bodies as me and her do.

think about during sex

I posted this because i really do feel like i have such a great connection with my wife, we know our bodies, I love her taste (I honestly haven’t found anyone like her) and I love that we are very open and can guide each other to some truly amazing orgasms and sex. From the responses this isn’t the same feeling my fellow redditors, i didn’t know there was still so much worrying about performance body issues and length of time. Sex is meant to be fun enjoy it talk to each other and share the fun.

Here is the pick of the best i saw from the thread :-

“Alright, time for some action”
“I hope I don’t fuck up this time”
“Is that the right hole?”
“Oh wait, there it is”
“All right, lets start out slow”
It isn’t long before my thoughts turn into a quiet panic.
BRAIN: “Damn, she just moved.”
BRAIN: “Did I do something right, or did I hurt her”
<soft moaning starts>
BRAIN: “She’s making noises!”
BRAIN: “Pain noises or pleasure noises?”
BRAIN: “Let try stepping up the pace a little”
<increased moaning>
BRAIN: “More noises, I pretty sure that’s pleasure now”
BRAIN: “Oh yeah, she’s starting to flush, I like that”
BRAIN: “Lets try changing the angle a bit”
BRAIN: “Nope, didn’t like that”
<Moans quieting>
BRAIN: “Damn, what was I doing before?”
BRAIN: “Fuck it, lets try a different position”
BRAIN: “Yeah….that one was definitely pain”
WOMAN: “What are you doing?”
BRAIN: “Mayday! Mayday!”
BRAIN: “Decrease Velocity!”
BRAIN: “Open flaps”
BRAIN: “Landing gear engaged”
BRAIN: “Disengage primary thrusters”
BRAIN: “Systems check”
ME: “You alright?”
WOMAN: “Uh….Yeah”
BRAIN: “No system damage”
ME: “Alright, lets try this again”
—five minutes later….computer pretty much takes over—
BRAIN: “Allright, back on track”
<Moans increasing in volume and frequency>
BRAIN: “Target in sight, hold position”
<Full body blush commencing>
BRAIN: “C’mon…….C’mon”
<Back arching>
BRAIN: “Hold it……Hold it…..”
BRAIN: “Oh shit”
BRAIN: “Oh shit, not yet!”
<Moaning above 80 decibals>
BRAIN: “Just a little longer”
BRAIN: “FUCK! I’m not going to make it”
BRAIN: “Pull out and prepare for manual override”
BRAIN: “Pull out, pull out”
BRAIN: “If I cum now, will it be too soon?”
BRAIN: “If I cum now, will it be too soon?”
BRAIN: “If I cum now, will it be too soon?”
COMPUTER: <Target heart rate reached>
COMPUTER: <Breathing nominal>
BRAIN: “Must….hold….on”
BRAIN: “can’t…..hold it”
BRAIN: “Its out of my control, its in God’s hands now”
<keeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrr SPLAT!>
WOMAN: “Honey, are you alright?”
ME: “Yeah…..my head hurts….”
WOMAN: “Sorry” <blush>
ME: “No, the other head”
WOMAN: “What?”
ME: “Nothing”
ME: “Did you cum”
WOMAN: “What, you didn’t notice”
ME: “Actually, I was kinda too busy to notice”
WOMAN: “You’re so weird”
ME: “You should try being the pilot next time”
WOMAN: “Get off me, I need to pee”

by joe-ducreux

I can’t believe everyone stays so focused. Am I the only one that thinks about random shit and has to remind myself to think about how good it feels? Seriously… my brain (as a nursing student): that patient today was so interesting. Hmm I wonder what grade I got on that test. Oh! that feels good. Oh yeah, okay, let me rub my clit. Yep. Good. Ok the steps to administer IV push meds are…. no! Sex. Yes. Good. Why is he staring at me? Oh did he cum? No he’s still going. Ok. Concentrate… what should I pack for lunch tomorrow?

by flsunchickthink about during sex?

Im (f) focusing on that arousal swollen feeling in my lower abdomen and trying to keep that going. Every once in a while i tell myself to relax. Im constantly addressing my own comfort and which muscles are tense and what feels good and how to improve the feeling i have til i or my partner finds a good stroke/angle for me (or him if ive already cum) and then sustain that – while sustaining it i could veer here n there w my movements to see if anything adds or detracts but generally it doesnt need to be complicated. Find what works and repeat until orgasm! Then on to the next one if im up for it!

Thats active piv or pib sex. Receiving oral i let him explore and relax n enjoy til something gets grrrreeat and i tell him not to stop. Giving oral, i focus on maintaining rhythm til i lose good form and find a new position or stroke lol its not about me during a bj

If i am not freshly showered, unfortunately, during sex i think about how i hope he doesnt smell me. I hate to admit that i cant enjoy sex that way unless im drunk or high or somehow pushed outside of my normal comfort zone. But if i know im clean or clean enough thats not a concern

I used to rush sex a lot but after having regular sex under the influence of weed i learned to really just think about feeling it. Ur really just making out sensually w ur bodies and who likes a rushes fast kiss?!

by nofeelingsnoceilings

I’m still a virgin but I had some experience about a month ago with fingering and oral on a girl that came over to my place twice. I’m 22 and have read about sex like a lot since I was 18 and these were roughly my thoughts throughout.
The setting is us laying on my sofa watching a movie under a quilt in only underwear and shirts, no bra. We moved to my bed after the movie was over.
“There is a girl spooning me, holy shit.”
“Damn, her skin is so soft. This is lovely.”
ME: Your skin is really soft
“This is a nice stomach, soft and perfect amount of squish.”
Swirls finger around belly button
“Tickle, tickle.”
“These legs are really well defined squeeze”
“Holy shit, the ass, so squeezable. Squeeze squeeze. This is the best”
ME: You ass is awesome, love it.
Caress body
“Hm, so this is how tits feel like. I wonder who came up with the bags of sand joke” [Her tits were petite, not large]
Gently starts fondling of boobs and nipples, very gently starts twisting nipple
“Damn, her nipples are stiff, so responsive, nothing like mine. Awesome.”
Repeat to fondle the whole body again repeatedly
“I really wanna go for that pussy now, let’s start teasing.”
While caressing the butt and the legs I sneak in a finger under her panties and caress the line where the pantie sits.
“I wonder if this will get her worked up, I hope so.”
Fondles the legs again
Puts hand over panties right over the pussy, slight squeeze(kind of)
“Damn, her pussy is really warm. It’s radiating heat, hot.”
Puts index and middle finger in mouth and move toward pussy, insert index finger gently
“Aww yes, it’s happening.”
“Oh wow, her pussy is really soft. I like this. Yay, I know what pussy feels like.”
Lots of feeling around in there, one finger
After a short while, inserts middle finger as well. Later tried three fingers but decided to stay with two.
“Where is that damned soft mushy spot that’s supposed to be the G-spot?!? It’s equally soft everywhere dammit.”
ME: Where is your G-spot? Is it here? Puts finger against spot where I think it probably is after extensive feeling around and research.
HER: Yes, that’s it.
ME: Does it feel good against it?
Her: Yes, it feels great. Keep doing that!
“Fuck yeah”
“I wonder what her pussy tastes like, I really want to taste it. proceeds to go down on her and lick and kiss her pussy, no porn flickering Oh wow, this tastes so much better than I’d imagine. She tastes really good.”
Proceeds to oral for a bit (but not too much. Was focused on feeling her on the inside with my fingers more), takes out fingers and taste them a lot after this point
“Huh, if I grip like this around the pubic bone I can lift her lower body by her pussy, cool. Proceeds to do so”
ME: Haha, I can kinda lift your lower body by your pussy if I hold like this around your pubic bone.
HER: moans Yes, please keep doing that. It feels really good!
“Oh yes, I found a good spot and technique.”
Proceed to do mentioned technique with a slightly increasing pace and power
HER: Moans increasing
“Oh yes, I am doing something right. Damn, I really like when she moans, feels good.”
Pace increases and so do the moans
HER: Pussy twitching a bit and she pushes away my fingers
“Holy shit, she came? She came. Holy shit. She really came?!”
“Tries to go at it again, because that was awesome.”
HER: No, I’m sensitive. Let’s cuddle.
“Oh snap, she came. And more cuddling, awesoooome.”
Fast forward 15 minutes or so of cuddling
“Oh god I really wanna feel her pussy again, let’s try again.”
“Hey, what’s this? It’s sort of a lump, what the hell? That doesn’t feel like anything I’ve seen in pictures or read about. Huh, there is some sort of small bump/hole in the middle of it. Ohhhh waiiiiit. Is this the cervix?.”
ME: What’s this?
HER: What?
ME: This thing at the back of your pussy. touches and swirls around it Is it your cervix?
HER: Silence
ME: Does it feel good when I touch around it?
HER: Oh yes, it feels really good.
“Aww yeah, another spot. Swirly swirl swirl
HER: moans
“Aww yeah, let’s do some G-spot stimulation again.”
Fast forward 2 orgasms repeating everything mentioned above
Somehow after this point I ended up sitting on top of her fingering her behind my back and kind of got an erection over her chest. Titty fuck(She had maybe B cups, I have no clue, so it that was like the last thing I expected to happen) and a blowjob followed. But my thoughts when that happened would create another similarly long text of thoughts.
This was pretty much my experience and my thoughts about the first time I got close and sexual with a girl, at all. And the fingering and oral included in those two encounters. Most of it is taken from the second and last encounter with her as I remember it. Also it’s focused on the parts where I focused on her, fingering and oral on her. Because during that time my mind was fucking exploding with thoughts and feelings and everything of it was very new to me.
I’ve tried to compress and simplify the text a bit because everything happened during like a 4 hour period on one night, I think. Another session for a fourth orgasm the morning after also happened but is not included.
Also as I said it’s pretty much focused on when I was focused on her. I had trouble getting and keeping an erection during the time so I had a lot of thoughts about that, but similarly to the tittyfuck and BJ that would create another wall of text of thoughts that I didn’t feel to be necessary.
Also, since I’ve now had a taste of the good stuff, holy fuck do I wanna do all that again… I wanna meet another girl like ASAP and do that all over again. And all the cuddles, that was so nice and comfy. Additionally on top of that to have actual PiV sex, God. There is so much I wanna experience and experiment with… God dammit, fuck.

by AlexanderGsonnotthinkingduringsex

When the sex is good, nothing. Blissful, beautiful, absolute absence of thought. Good sex is the one thing that allows me to stop thinking and just enjoy what’s going on. The things that I say, the feelings I experience, they don’t register as thoughts per se, more like reactions that I share, either in words or through my actions.

by Littlebird1987

What do you think about during sex?
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What do you think about during sex?
Mostly with the wife that this is amazing, but with others I am not comparing all the time but wish that we had the same connection and knowledge of each others bodies as me and her do.
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What do you think about during sex?

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