Wax Play The Do’s & Dont’s

This page is NOT to be considered instruction. Before I go into an explanation of what Wax Play is, i want to *CAUTION* you that this is NOT a game and is NOT intended to cause permanent damage, physical harm, or mental harm to ANYONE.


What is it?

Wax play is a very erotic and exciting BDSM type of sensual play. It uses wax usually in the form of a candle.

What are the Safety Precautions?

  1. wax playDiscuss and agree on a Safe word before anything else.
  2.  Always have a small bucket of water on hand when using fire close to where you are planning to play.
  3. Cooled wax gets VERY messy I suggest to use an old sheet, or a plastic shower curtain to keep the wax in a confined area wherever you are going to play.
  4. Types of wax and candles are very important this will be discussed later in the explanation. Make sure you know what type of wax is in the candle you use. This is a matter of keeping yourself or your partner from being hurt seriously!
  5. Never EVER leave Your partner bound in a room alone, do NOT leave the room with Your partner tied up with a candle burning close by. This is not only very dangerous but quite frankly stupid.
  6. Test the wax on a place such as the inside of your wrist or on your arm to make sure it is not too hot to be able to deal with. Always test a candle before you begin to play.
  7. Make sure you never sit a candle down while it is still burning or sit it near drapery or cloth or anything that may catch fire, please review all your fire safety rules and keep all of these rules in the top of your head when you play.
  8. Always have a candle holder available to place your candle in or make sure it is contained in or on something that is stable so it will not tip or fall over and catch anything on fire.

 Types of Candles and Wax

A box of fetish candles on the cover of the box is a woman standing over a kneeling blindfolded man with a collar and leash. She is in basque and stockings he is in boxer shorts.

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Bees wax- Hottest burning candle there is DO NOT use beeswax candles for wax play as you are playing with danger they WILL leave third degree burns in places they are never recommended for wax play. There is often honey left in the beeswax which gives the candles their distinctive pleasant smell, but also holds the heat.

Metallic candles- These are NOT to be used for wax play as they have flecks of metal shards in them for the visual look of the candle, they will burn straight down into the skin and it is painful as will scar.

Dripless candles- These burn hot as well and are not recommended for beginners they have additives such as hardeners and can also give you or your partner second degree burns.

Colored & scented candles- These candles burn hot as well due to the color and perfume additives in them they are hot but not as hot as the above mentioned.

Paraffin candles- These are the perfect candles for beginners, You can get these in your local Ace Hardware or a department store Most people call them emergency or hurricane candles.

Novena candles- Another perfect candle for use in wax play You can buy novena candles at a grocery store or at a religious retail store, they are also paraffin based and burn at very low temperatures.

 How is Wax play done?Wax play

Light your candle and let the heat melt the wax into a small pool. Some like to start out letting small drops of wax hit the trunk of the body (tummy and chest). If it is your first time I suggest the outside of the leg in more less sensitive areas to begin with and work your was up or down the body as the case may be as your partner gets used to it. Please be very careful not to let the wax cake or stack on the skin, such as letting wax fall on top of wax this makes the heat in the melted wax stay hotter longer giving you a volcano type effect it will burn you as it gets higher the lower levels keeping the heat concealed. As you learn wax play, you will realize many different things you can do to enhance the sensations, such as using ice to first numb or cool the skin before applying drops of wax, drizzling the wax into patterns slowly, blowing seductively upon the skin where pools of melted wax lay. I have also found personally that if you oil your skin down before you begin wax play, the wax tends to peel off with ease, and that is another fun aspect of wax play, slowly removing the wax … I’m sure you can think up your own variations, as mine are a tad private.

Wax Play The Do's & Dont's
Article Name
Wax Play The Do's & Dont's
Before I go into an explanation of what Wax Play is, i want to CAUTION you that this is NOT a game and is NOT intended to cause permanent damage, physical harm
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Wax Play The Do’s & Dont’s

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