“A House of Colours” Part 18 – The Order

This is Chapter 18 of Mistress Raven’s A House of Colours

The Goddess’s White Land Rover pulled out of the gates, Saffron herself at the wheel remaining calm and composed on the outside as always but anxious within, a stern and silent Raven in the passenger seat. The two women where in long flowing appropriately coloured attire. The Goddess looking beyond bridal with layers of delicate lace with diamonds peppering every inch of material, like a million stars sparkling yet on a white sky. Her counterpart by contrast was black as a moonless night, a heavy Gothic style of ruched leather and harsh cut edges, her corset carving into her slender curves and displaying the buoyant cleavage of her chest. Black fingerless gloves complimented the leather clad arms and intricately laced boots. Her make up was heavy, in particular around the eyes, dark and heavy with long thick lashes.

This would be the most formal event they would leave the house for this year, maybe ever. A formal meeting of the full Order of Colours, 12 Mistresses, to discuss the future of a single girl. A girl who herself felt very anxious about the situation, sat in the back of the car, her wrists bound by the cuffs gifted by her Mistress days before, she sat with her fingers laced together. To her side the muted White sat focused not on herself but on her friend, her arms tightly holding a nervous Dark, who after much thought was forcing herself to leave the safety of the home for the first time in 3 years. She had recognised herself that the day was important for the family and the best way she could show support and love for Red was to be there herself. She knew it wouldn’t be easy but that wasn’t going to stop her this time. A full blind fold firmly over her head as well as a hood was her immediate protection from the outside world. Red was aware of her sacrifice. The bound girl also was aware of how today was going to change her life one way or the other.The 3 girls had been allowed to dress identically for unity, the equivalent of their Sunday best, all colour coded. Plain heeled boots to just below the knee, 3 wet look pvc short cut dresses in their respective colours, with Darks having the addition of the hood. The three wearing their restrictive signature accessories to set them truly as individuals yet uniformed and together.

This is Chapter 19 of Mistress Raven's A House of Colours
On arrival to the house where White, Red and the Mistress had been the previous week, they parked among the multitude of vehicles on the driveway and made their way to the open front door where Madame Amy was stood greeting the guests. Dressed in a long trailing silver bejewelled gown, wearing her crown as before.

“Good afternoon young Goddess, how are you and your family” she bellowed and leaned to kiss Saffron.

“I’m only 18 months younger than you remember, dear sister” The Goddess answered boldly, Red tried to not react to that small revelation, as Madame stared through Raven at the three girls behind them. “Dear Dark, I’ve not seen you for a very long time, still finding comfort in the darkness I see.” The woman smiled at Red and White who stood in silence. “Ladies if you’d like to go into the drawing room you’ll find some refreshments and most of the others already here, we are just waiting for Ruby and her new pet and then we shall begin”

The family walked through to the drawing room, a room filled with women dressed in similar attire to the Mistress and the Goddess, namely a lot of flowing gowns of various colours, strong female types, all in lace collars, with pets in matching colours, in various states of restriction or part dress, from simple ropes to elaborate full body harnesses and everything in between.Raven stood tall in the room, clearly holding her emotions inside with her usual tough cold exterior look, as eyes of the woman around them glanced at their entrance. The three girls stayed with her while Saffron toured the room and greeted the other Mistresses. Red couldn’t help wondering how her Mistress felt at this moment, not choosing to follow her partner, merely to stand silent while eyes darted over to them from around the room. Naturally Red, Dark and White stood in obedient silence. Reds eyes followed the Goddess around the room, she noticed the women she stopped to speak seemed to respectfully bow their heads as she reached them. It was evident that the Goddess had status in the room.

“Are you alright girls” Raven asked, White bobbed her head as did Dark, “Yes Mistress, are… are you?” Red bravely asked. The woman turned to face Red fully, and gazed down upon her pet “Of course little one” she answered, but the girl wasn’t so sure. “You can go with the Goddess if you wish Mistress, we’ll be okay here” she added. “That’s not necessary little one” She turned away following the Goddess with her eyes. Red was nervous to keep speaking but had decided to push herself to do so to try and comfort her Mistress, knowing she risked being told off but took the risk believing herself to be doing the right thing.

“Do you know all these people Mistress?” Red asked. The woman turned her head to the girl “All too well my pet, lets see, the couple she’s with now are from the city, Sapphire and Azure, a very strong couple, often leaning towards cruelty for their purposes of teaching with their obsession for those in their control to wear nothing but rope and to be bound and restricted in some way, limiting their own freedom of movement as well as restricting where they can physically get to in their surroundings but they are voraciously protective.” The two pets stood with lashings of rope intricately woven around their bodies, their chests being supported and cleverly covered with knots and loops while their hands were tied behind their backs rigidly.

“I’m not aware of their pets names. Next to them Rose and Fuchsia, a rather dim pair in my view, with their girls Flower and Petal, all little bit simple for my liking, treating their pets no differently to dolls, the least sexual pair here.” Fuchsia and Rose had clearly embraced pink in a big way. While the women wore bright lurid flouncy dresses their girls where dressed in simply cut but garish dresses pattered with flowers indeed reminiscent of the way a child dresses her dolls.

“Then you have the green couple of Emerald and Olive, they live out in the country hence the animal theme with those masks on their girls.” The soft green tones of the dresses of the pair clashed with the bold colours on their pets. Dark greens and browns coloured their simply shorts and vest top clothing, with the pair wearing what appeared to be animal masks complete with ears, totally hiding their faces. The masks had small holes for breathing from their noses the mouths were sewn over and just small eyes cut for their eyes.

“And Finally Violet and Lavender with just one pet presently. Kitten. “Raven stated the name sternly, Red detecting some history between the pair. “Hence the ears,” she spoke after a moments pause, “And eye mask and ‘tail’ inserted permanently. You get off pretty likely don’t you think?” Red considered wearing such an adornment as often as she wore here cuffs and indeed had grateful thoughts. She watched as Kitten stared back at the group and her and Raven exchanged glances across the room. The girl timidly looking back at the Mistress.

“Are all the Mistresses in pairs?” Red enquired,

“Not all little one” the woman responded.

“Fucking traffic at this time of day!” A loud brazen blonde, yet slight woman, dressed in an extravagant Red dress burst in the door, dragging a girl on her knees scantily dressed in rags of a similar colour. Her ragged mousey naturally auburn hair was unbrushed, hanging down over her face which stayed pointed down at the floor. The sight was quite a shock to Red, the girls knees where clearly badly cut, lacerations and whip marks covered her back and arms and legs, she was clean, yet clearly covered in injuries, she looked very lowly compared to the pristine trio of Red, White and Dark.

The woman spotted Raven and with a look of the devil in her eye made straight towards her. “So this is your fault is it, all bloody here because the princess of fucking darkness is causing trouble again! When will you learn your place?”The Mistress stood silent, glaring back at her remaining calm but the woman continued her verbal assault.

“If I’d had anything to do with you we wouldn’t have all this fuss, I blame you and your poor teacher” that word triggered the Mistresses temper and in a controlled yet firm voice responded, “I learned all I needed from the very best teacher Ruby, you couldn’t teach anybody anything, I have pity for the poor soul you’re dragging around this week,” The woman responded quietly, “Ah yes, my latest acquisition, show her your face my pet” she spat her words out and looked to Ravens face as the girl raised her face, like her body, bruised, a broken nose, but the Mistress recognised her instantly “Scarlett?” her heart sank and her mouth dropped open as the girl turned her face back away. ” Ah yes” the woman said glaring at the reaction across Ravens face “That’s what you used to call her isn’t it, she has no name now, no identity she is merely my accessory”. The dark Mistress gritted her jaw and from behind her Red could see her clenching her fists. “I give her what she needs, what you could never give her, and that is why you will never be a real Mistress” Raven stepped toward her and leaned down towards her face. Red turned to White who was looking around the room for Saffron clearly anxious of what might happen, seeing the Goddess glance over and see the two women facing off she started walking back over. Now inches from the womans face Raven was in full attack stance “Ruby, you take things too far, you take advantage of the meek, you show no compassion and serve no purpose in this place, one day I will teach you a lesson of my own and there will be no safe word to protect you” Ruby did her best to stand her ground, but like all bullies, when it came to a fair fight she knew when to run, she nervously tried laughing it off, just as the Goddess intervened, delicately but firmly.

“Stop whatever is going on between you two, Raven you should know better than to listen to her provocation and words, and you Ruby should know better than to talk to anyone under my protection, you have very little power here, lets see that you remember that fact or there will be consequences”

The woman backed down immediately, “Of course Goddess, just harmless fun, I’m most sorry. I believe the girl is carrying much stress over the importance of the day” the women moved away, dragging her pet behind her.

“Keep calm sweetie” the Goddess turned to Raven,
“Did you know who she had taken?” the Mistress asked
“Yes, I did, I should have told you sooner, I’m sorry.”
“Yes, you should” the mistress replied

A woman dressed entirely in Gold entered the room alongside the returning Madame Amy. She broke away and approached the group and smiled as she greeted the Goddess with open arms. “Jenn how are you?” the white mistress hugged her back. “I’m fine thank you, our beloved sister isn’t causing you too much hassle is she?”
“Nothing I’m not used used to” the Goddess replied, the gold woman turned to the dark Mistress, “And you Raven, beautiful outfit as usual, I wish I was as brave as you. How are you feeling” Bowing her head Raven responded, “I’m well thank you Mistress Jenn” as the pair exchanged an embrace, “Saffron may already have given up much of her influence for you but I shall do what I can to make sure whatever is decided is fair”. The Mistress nodded, “Thank you sister” added the Goddess.

“Let us begin now shall we ladies” Bellowed Madame Amy standing at the door way.

The Goddess stood opposite Raven “I’m sorry, I have to go, stay focused okay” the mistress merely nodded back as Saffron left the room, followed by all the other Mistresses in the room, all expect one.

The dark Mistress watched the doors close and turned to look around at the assortment of girls remaining in the room and rested her gaze on the three that mattered most, Red now looking at her, wishing she could alleviate her Mistresses pain but also unsure as to why she was still here in the room. The Mistress looked lost as she looked upon the girls face. White stood similarly confused as was the ever listening Dark. “Girls, I think we all need to talk together, let’s find a quiet corner.” The four distanced themselves from the others sheltered in one of the bay windows.

“Ask me Red, you have a question” As usual the woman could read the girls anxious face like an open book, her wide eyes and furrowed brow giving her worry away. Naturally the girl still felt uncomfortable asking, not wanting to pry. She turned to look at Dark and made eye contact with White, wondering if the pair where thinking the same thing. After a moment keeping her lip tightly shut she asked “Why are you not allowed in with the other Mistresses? Is because you are my Mistress and cannot be part of the decision?”

The woman reacted at first with a deep sigh before explaining. “I am not allowed in because unlike the others I am not permitted to be on the council. You all believe me to be your Mistress don’t you girls?” The girls nodded hastily, “And I always will be, but the order does not recognise me as a full Mistress because of how I came to being involved with the order in the first place. It is….”

Raven paused looking at White and Reds eyes focusing back on her, rested her hand on darks shoulder.

“It is forbidden for a former slave to rise to the position of Mistress. It is not deemed appropriate that a once submissive girl should have it within her to rise to the position, a position of respect and power.”

The girls where all surprised but remained silent. “You’ve all heard Saffrons story about a non paired slave and mistress falling in love haven’t you?” she said nodding, the girls all nodding in reply, “Well that was us, I was found, much the same way as you all where, by Mistress Jenn in fact, and taken in and assigned to Madame Amy as her pet, that is how I joined the order.”

It was a story Dark and White knew well, they never believed it to be real thinking it was too much a fairy tale. “Mistress, how did you survive in secret?” Dark asked from beneath her hooded brow.

“It was hard, we both knew the rules, we clung to brief moments, secret glances, a touch of the fingers, even rarer an actual embrace but we knew we were meant to be together. I developed feelings, I fell in love, a feeling I had never felt, and it was with someone who I thought would think very little of me. I wasn’t at my best when we met, but it didn’t matter to her, all the things I had done in my past, and was still doing in fact, didn’t change her view of me. She saw something inside me, to this day I don’t know what, but we realised the feeling was shared.”

Whites eyes where starting to water and she found Darks hand for support, Dark immediately responded by holding her firmly in return.

“Saffron had no one in her protection at the time, her ability to be a successful Mistress, like both her sisters was in doubt. We fell in love, it caused a lot of fuss. If she wasn’t one of the three sisters at the top of the order we would never have been allowed to live together. She still holds her position but sacrificed much power to make me hers. But we loved each other and it was permitted. She always treated me as an equal, as with the other Mistresses who are paired and we took in our first girl, I found her. But it didn’t work out, I wasn’t ready.” She looked at the three girls before her, resting her gaze on Red. The girl looked sad, she thought no less of her Mistress, she saw her pain. “Scarlett, she was your first?” She asked, the Mistress nodded.

“Shortly after that Saffron found you Dark, you were perfect, you helped me get my confidence back enabled me to grow, you helped me as much as you think I was helping you. Then I alone found you White and you gave me courage to make the decision myself to take you into our home. This is why Saffron and I have always taken care of both of you equally. We made the decision ourselves behind our own front door to share responsibility and ownership of you, only for formal reasons and to satisfy the order are you designated specifically to each of us as individuals. The colours worked out naturally to fit the orders preferences so we let them believe it. “The mistress rested her hand on Darks shoulder, “We couldn’t very well be dressing you in a bright shade could we sweetie?” The girls head dipped “No, thank you Mistress” she answered with a smile. Red listened to the revelations and felt brave enough to ask more, “How did you choose your colour Mistress? I’m surprised there aren’t others dressed in black today or someone designated with Black already.”

The Mistress smiled, “There’s always relevance to my actions Little One The orders history builds much on simple symbolism but because of the stereotypical association of everything black in the sexual world of domination and bondage they rejected it in their dress code. So I adopted the colour as my own, partly in protest, symbolically because black is not recognised in the technical world as being a true colour, so that felt right as I had been told I was not to be recognised as a council member Mistress. Black reflects no other colours, it is unique in the colour spectrum. Also because of my height compared to the council Mistresses I knew I was intimidating so to further that demeanour it was the obvious choice.”

The woman gave the girls all a moment to think about the information. Let them get their head round that their Mistress was once in the position they where in before gently asking them “Are you three okay?”
White nodded furiously, while Dark spoke “Yes Mistress, we always wondered if there was any truth in that story, it doesn’t change anything to us”
Raven smiled and turned to Red “And you little one?”

The girl felt a little lost, this was all comparatively new to her but she knew nothing that she had just heard changed how she felt. “I want no other Mistress, no other house and no other family” Whites hand found reds, the three girls stood together.

Patiently they waited.

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Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 18 – The Order

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