“A House of Colours” Part 12 – Manic Monday

As Saffron opened her eyes she was greeted, as was the expectation, by White, fresh cup of coffee by her side “Good Morning sweetie, what time is it?”

Although still in shorts and vest top the girl was already wearing her gag so she silently turned her wrist to the woman showing the display of a little after 6am. “Thank you White that’s perfect” she responded, to which White nodded her head. Beside her lay Raven who had eventually fallen back to sleep with Red snuggled up in her arms. The Goddess looked at them and then back to the waiting girl, “Lets try not to wake those two, could you get one of my business suits for me please” as she sipped the coffee, White stepped aside revealing clothing already hanging up on the wall by the doorway to the shower, her eyes locked on the those of the Goddess. “Oh White you are such a good girl, come here” the girl responded by leaning over the bed and bowing her head allowing the woman to kiss her on the brow as usual.”Would you like to come with me today White?” she asked. White responded with wide eyes and a hasty nod of the head “Then you’d best go and fetch yourself an outfit precious one, you may wear one of mine if you wish, and we’ll need to leave this behind” she added while pointing at her mouth gag, the woman crept up from her bed and unbuckled it from the side. “Let see that smile my dear” to which White shyly beamed back at her, “Beautiful my dear, you won’t need to talk to anyone today if you don’t want to okay.”

“Thank you Goddess, I know you’ll take care of me” the girl responded quietly.

“Well we best get sorted then, we need to be on the road in half an hour, don’t worry about our usual routine in the bathroom, just check on Dark before you leave so she knows where you are ok” Yes Goddess” the girl answered and skipped off to the dorm area while the Goddess headed for the bathroom.

Dark was still asleep herself in Whites bed, and the now ungagged girl perched on the bed next to her friend and Whispered her name, “Dark, are you awake?” the dozing girls eyes opened and she smiled on seeing her friend beside her and they instinctively reached for one another for a loving embrace. “Dark, the Goddess has asked if I would like to join her today at her meeting, but I don’t know if I should go or not, what do you think?”

Darks face looked a little despondent but her reply was clear, “oh of course you should go, you’ll have a great time! Then you can come back and tell me all about it”

White smiled at her friend, “Are you sure I’m ready for it? she asked knowing she was but wanted to hear it from her friend.

“Of course you are!, ooh What will you be wearing?” the still sleepy girl asked

“Something smart, the Goddess said I could wear something of hers, if you think I’m ready then I’ll go, I’ll miss you Dark, you’ll be okay won’t you?”

Dark hid her true worries, she was fearful when anyone left the house, fearful of their own safety outside the gates but she also knew how much her friend would enjoy the day with the Goddess.

“I’ll be fine White, I was going to spend the day in the garden anyway”

White leaned in and hugged her again, “I best go get ready, back in a minute.”

By the time Dark had finished in the bathroom herself White reappeared at the door, “How do I look?” she posed, stood in white heels, black pencil line skirt, white blouse and black tailored jacket, still of course with her collar, her hair up and tidy. “Oh White!” Squealed Dark, “Like a mini Goddess” she beamed. “Come here my pet” White spoke seductively, “let me place your eye wear upon you… hehe”

“Yes Mistress! hehe ” Dark joked back, “may I please have one of my lace ones? I want to make sure the Mistresses breakfast is perfect and you won’t be there to check! Oh where is Red?”

part 12

“Of course I can my dear” White beamed and placing the blindfold over her eyes and kissed her on it as usual, a delicate lace adornment with small holes enabling the girl to see” Red is asleep with the Mistress” She walk with her through the main bedroom passed the still sleeping pair and into the kitchen. “You’ll be ok won’t you Dark?” White was always nervous to leave her friend, “Of course I will be,” the girl assured , “I’ll be fine Mistress” she joked. White smiled, but then leaned into her and hugged her tight, a moment instantly reciprocated, “I’ll see you later my pet” White Whispered. “I look forward to carrying on this game Mistress!” was Darks excited reply. After one last tight hug they parted, Dark began to whizz her way around the kitchen preparing a fruit breakfast for the Mistress and Red, ensuring there would be enough for her as well. White headed out and found the Goddess coming down the stairs, herself in very similar attire although unashamedly all in white, the girl instinctively reached for the work case she carried. “Ready my dear?” she asked, handing her the case “Yes Goddess” and the pair walked down the final flight of stairs together towards the front door.

Back upstairs Dark was making her way with a fully laden tray to the main bedroom, feeling her way along the wall with one hand. Fortunately on entering the room the Mistress was already out of bed and greeted her, “Good morning Dark, feel better this morning?” Dark stopped walked realising her Mistress was in close proximity to her, not wanting to walk into her. “Yes Mistress I’m fine now, sorry Mistress” She felt the tray being removed from her hands and evidently placed down because the next thing she felt was an embrace from her Mistress which she immediately responded to by leaning into her. “You don’t ever need to apologise Dark, not to me, not to anyone” This then was when Dark herself felt safest, stood in the arms of her protective Mistress, “let me see your eyes my dear, you know I miss them” the woman peeled the blindfold up onto the girls forehead while smiling, “There’s my princess of the night, now lets have some breakfast the three of us shall we? I assume White has gone with Saffron? How did she look I wonder?” The woman relaxed her hug from Dark and led the girl to the bed where Red still lay asleep.”She looked fabulous Mistress, I can’t wait for her to come back and tell me all about it”.

“We shall have to make dinner so she doesn’t have to” the mistress suggested as she climbed back beneath the covers

Dark noticed Red opening her eyes from beneath the bed sheets “Good morning Red” the girl beamed

Bleary eyed Red familiarised herself with where she was waking up and croaked back “Good Morning”

The Mistress was focused on Dark a this time and continued talking “We’re going out ourselves today dark will you be okay?”

“Of course I will Mistress” the girl smiled and took a bowl of fruit from the tray on the bed,

“The gardeners will be here after 2pm, would you like me to cancel them?”

“No Mistress I will make sure I am in the house by then” offering Red a bowl herself which Red took and tucked into.

“Let me know if you change your mind sweetie, also my dear would you take Reds measurements before we go and order some clothing items for her so she need not borrow yours please, she’ll need the standard wardrobe for now and we’ll order some other items when we get chance, I want them here tomorrow.

“Of course Mistress.”

“Now finish your fruit girls, then come and join me in the shower when you’re done”, the Mistress walked across the bedroom to the bathroom while the girls hastily finished their breakfast snacks and looked at each other in excited anticipation.

After a mutually beneficial shower Dark took a moment to measure Red before the pair where fully dressed while the Mistress got ready keeping an eye on the the two interacting, Dark had been wary of Red coming into the house but after just one weekend they had clicked. Raven knew Red would fit in with all of them with ease. “Are you sure you’ll be alright in the garden sweetie” she called “Oh yes Mistress I will, and I’ll be in by lunchtime and order what Red needs” the girl answered. “If you need me just phone me ok” the woman reassured. “Come on Red, lets go start sorting a few things out shall we, can you remember how to dress for outside this house?” she smiled “I was going to go like this Mistress!” the girl grinned cheekily holding her hands out in bra panties and her silk collar. “Well I approve… but that’s going to be a little too distracting little one.

An hour later they arrived at the front door to Reds apartment, the girl hesitated as she slide the key into the door. “What is it sweetie?” the Mistress asked “I’m erm, I’m a little embarrassed Mistress, after being in the house all weekend well, it’s not much to see” the woman placed her arm on the girls shoulder “Red, come now, do you think I always lived in a house like the one I’m in now?” The girl shook her head “Nothing in your past could possibly make me think less of you little one” The girl raised a small smile and pushed the door open.

The pair stood in the small living room, it felt suddenly small and dark compared to the house, Red squirmed a little, still uncomfortable. She took a moment glancing around at her furniture “Mistress, none of this is going to look good in the house” I’m not sure I know what to do with it all” the girl looked sad, the Mistress opened her arms and held her close “Hey it’s ok, how about you just grab a few important things and we’ll worry about the rest another day, let me pay for the rent for the next few months until we are ready to deal with it together, how does that sound?” the girls teary eyes stared up at the woman “I can’t let you do that Mistress, pay for it I mean” the woman tilted her head, “Little one, you have no choice, I insist, end of discussion.” Tight lipped Red didn’t say a word, looked down at the floor for a moment and raised her head slowly, “Thank you Mistress”.

Once Red has bundled a few important things into a couple of holdalls they loaded them into the boot of the car. Even after wandering from room to room several times, rummaging through draws repeatedly it didn’t amount to much. Mainly clothing, a few photos, the little bit of jewellery she had.

After another short drive Raven swung the black range rover into a space in the carpark of the health centre and looked at Red in the passenger seat. “Just got to see an old friend and then we’re onto your work place. They were okay about you calling in sick this morning?”

“Not really, I felt bad” the girls reply was no surprise to her Mistress

“Did you enjoy it there?” the woman asked

Red shook her head “No”

The mistress nodded “Do you like your work colleagues?”

“Not really, they’re all a bit old and grumpy”

“ok.. well do they even appreciate you there?” the woman asked searching for anything positive about her employers,

“Doubt it” Red knew she was just a drone to them

“Right… “The Mistress thought for a moment, “well we’ll deal with that later, and I’ll be there with you so don’t worry okay little one”

They jumped out of the car and walked into the centre

“I hate these places full of hypochondriacs” the mistresses stated as she walked confidently up to the reception desk. A woman sat with her time stamped eighties perm and a fuchsia pink top staring down at her computer screen as Raven rested her hands on the counter top in front of her and waited. And waited. And waited, until finally without breaking her gaze from her screen the woman spoke bluntly “NAME”.

“Raven, here to see Dr Strzelecki please” the Mistress spoke delicately. Still without looking the woman tapped at her keyboard, then stopped and walked across the office to hand someone a file. On sitting back down still without making eye contact. Red could see this was annoying her Mistress, then the woman spoke bluntly once more “SURNAME” Red was all ears now, she certainly hadn’t found out that nugget of information yet, but then as it turned out she wasn’t about to either as her mistress placed her arms, clad in her usual leather jacket, down fully across the counter top and placed her knuckles together, cracking them slowly as she lower her head as far as possible, barely inches from the counter top itself to seek eye contact “BITCH” the mistress exclaimed loudly, making Red flinch and most people in the waiting room turn around. The woman virtually fell off her chair and finally made eye contact as the Mistress spoke again, “Have you ever heard of the word etiquette?” The woman was flustered and answered defensively “Well there’s no need for rudeness”. The Mistress turn her head to one side as Red had seen so often, a disparaging look “Perhaps you should look up the word rude in the dictionary little girl and you’ll see what I see before me now”, the woman stood back up with the woman rendered speechless, “Now, Raven to see Dr Strzelecki please, tell her NOW… please” The woman fumbled for the phone “Er Dr there’s a women here demanding to see you” she swallowed hard “Yes she’s tall,… yes dressed in black leather jacket.. yes…. ok” the woman hung up the phone “You may go through, room 7 down the hall” The Mistress leaned back on the counter, and with a wink “Thank you” and the pair walked off to the room.

As they reached the door Raven told Red to sit down and wait outside as she walked in, allowing the girl to see through a glass window, as the door opened a tall blonde woman stood from her desk and raised her arms and smiled “Raven darling, how are you?!” the pair embraced “I’m good thanks Lauren, how are you?” Raven sat down as the woman walked towards the door “Oh you know, sweetie, overworked underpaid but doing ok, how is your gorgeous better half and the girls?” the door closed and the conversation became muted so Red sat tight and observed what she could through the window. This woman was clearly a friend, aware maybe of the house and Dark and White, but she was here in what Red considered the normal world, was it hard to believe that her Mistress could have normal friends? Red noticed her Mistress turn and gesture at her and the doctor glanced at her back through the window nodding, to which Red averted her gaze. Within moments the door was opening “Of course I will Raven but I suppose I’d better give her the once over hadn’t I as she’s here” the woman greeted the nervous girl “Hi Poppy, I’m Lauren, come in a moment dear” Red jumped up, a little uncomfortable hearing her old name but eagerly followed. “Have a seat on the couch there” Red did so, as the women pressed a button to close the electric blinds for some privacy. The women checked her pulse, looked into her eyes, then ears, then mouth. “Any allergies?” The girl shook her head. “Would you like me to do a blood test Raven?” the woman turned for the syringe pre-empting a yes “Sure, thanks Lauren”. After a little more poking and prodding the woman sat down at her desk and starting writing. “See this messy desk little one, remind you of anyone?” Red grinned, “Yes, similar to one I saw over the weekend”, meaning Saffrons of course “busy desk means busy mind sweetie, empty desk.. well”. The doctor eventually handed over a note “That’ll do it if you need it, now make sure Saffron calls me and arranges a dinner soon ok” Raven stood up and leaned across the desk for a parting hug, “Thank you Lauren, and definitely yes” She turned to Red “Lets go little one” and with that they headed out the door.

They got back to the car and raven fired up the engine “Right sweetie, lets sort out work shall we” The car pulled away, “How shall we do this?” Red had been worried about this, she felt bad not going in, but after the questions with her Mistress on the earlier journey she started to realise she owed them very little. “I’m not sure Mistress, I’m just going to tell them I need to leave, unpaid of course”. Okay, well let’s see how it goes shall we”

After more time in another waiting room, now at the dental surgery, the pair sat waiting for the girls boss. They were finally called into the room and a stern older plump woman sat behind a grand desk, as the pair sat down Raven muttered under her breath to Red “empty desk sweetie” it brought a smile to Reds face as she remembered the reference from earlier today. Then she realised she needed to focus. Raven kept quiet and allowed Red to do all the talking. “The thing is I… err… I need to leave work, immediately… I …I…realise I won’t be paid and I’m sorry but I can’t continue to work for you… from now” the girls hands shook with nerves. The girls boss frowned, “You can’t leave like that you need to work your notice, besides you’re clearly not unwell and we need you today”. Red felt her stomach twisting inside, she really didn’t know what else to say, her jaw was shaking, she glanced to Raven sat beside her and hoped the look on her face would show she didn’t now what to do. The woman raised her eyebrows to the girl, to which Red frowned back feeling a failure. Continuing their silent communication the Mistress now blinked her eyes slowly and dipped her head. Her turn. “Sweetie why don’t you wait outside and I’ll explain the situation?” With that the girl couldn’t wait to leave the room. “And who are you exactly?” the boss asked as Raven turned her gaze back to the woman opposite her “I’m her cousin, she’s going to be staying with me all the while she needs support” turning back to Red, “Go on sweetie, I don’t want you getting upset again today.I’ll explain things”, with that Red nodded, she would love to have stayed and heard what her Mistress was going to say, or do but on closing the door once outside she couldn’t hear anything but muffled voices. After a few moments Raven appeared at the door with a handwritten note, “sign this sweetie” she said handing it to her, it was a letter of resignation, giving her 2 months notice. She signed, nervously shaking as she did and raven took it back into the office closing the door once more.

She took a moment to look around the waiting area, the girls on reception staring at her, people whizzing by that she worked with every day barely noticing her sat there. She wasn’t going to miss this place. After a few moments worrying she’d be working her notice the door opened once more. “Thank you for understanding” her Mistress was saying, Red noticed the look on her bosses face, was there actually some emotion? “I hope you feel better soon Poppy” she said with sincerity in her eyes, “Er, thank you, she said awkwardly, “Come on little cousin” Raven took Red by the arm and smiled, ” Everything is sorted, lets get you home and resting” with that the pair walked out of the building together back to the Range Rover.

Once inside Red had to ask, “Is, is that it? Done? I’ve left? ”

“Yes sweetie, it’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” Raven waited for the answer.

“Oh yes Mistress, of course but how?” What about my notice?

“Well….” the Mistress fired the engine into life. “You can’t work your notice on account of being signed off by your new Doctor who we saw this morning.

Red looked intrigued “Oh…?”

“Which is interesting because your boss did agree that you looked a little peaky, like you’d had a hard weekend” The Mistress smiled as they pulled out onto the main road. “You’re signed off work for the same duration as your notice period, which means they have to pay you for the next 2 months but you don’t need to be there as your Doctor has insisted on rest.”

The girl looked curious “What is it exactly that ails me Mistress?”

“You are over worked and run down, Chronic Fatigue I believe the good doctor wrote, so I guess I need to tie you to the bed more often”.

Red felt uneasy “But Mistress, that doesn’t seem right”

Maybe not Red, but how many times since you’ve been there have you worked through your lunch break, started work early, worked a longer shift than you’ve been paid for. I say you’re owed it. If you don’t want the money give it to charity sweetie. Unless you’d rather we turn around?”

Oh goodness no Mistress, no, I guess you’re right…. please lets just go back home” The mistress glanced and caught Red smiling and smiled back on hearing that word. “Home little one, something you’ve forgotten to pick this morning?” she questioned “No Mistress, our home, the place where you and I live”

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 12 – Manic Monday

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