“A House of Colours” Part 6 – Shadows & Light

Red had fallen into a very deep sleep after her midnight experience and didn’t hear the alarms of White and Dark go off at 6:00am in the rooms adjacent to hers. The two rose and headed to the shared bathroom situated behind the four bedrooms that lined the area Raven had affectionately referred to as the dormitory. Both attired in shorts and sleeveless tops, they greeted each other with a loving embrace and a smile. “How did you sleep last night Dark? Was it better than the previous night?” White asked her counterpart, hopeful of a positive reply. “It was okay, once I’d shut my wardrobe door,” Dark reluctantly replied. “Well if that helps, then don’t be embarrassed about doing it,” White chirped back with a grin.

Dark knew she would face this same question from White every morning, as she had since she’d first arrived at the house. And whilst she found it a bit awkward, she truly loved that someone cared enough to ask. Still, she quickly changed the subject and gestured to the third of four doors leading to the girls’ individual bedrooms. “Do you think Poppy is going to wake up and do her bit with the daily routine, or should we let her sleep?” The pair were unsure of protocol for the events surrounding a new arrival. It wasn’t a regular occurrence.

Dark had been the first girl taken in, found by Saffron. She had suffered at the hands of others, and like a formerly abused animal even though she had been re-homed she still battled with her demons daily and took considerable time to adjust to strangers. To that end, in entering the house she had taken to wearing a blindfold as often as possible. Symbolically because she liked staying in the dark, but also to demonstrate her trust in those now close to her and to show she was not afraid in the house. The plan was originally for Dark to stay just a short time while she rebuilt her life. But soon the Mistresses decided that the offer should be open-ended, realising that if Dark knew she was always welcome that she would feel safe and would leave when and indeed if she wanted to, without any pressure. It worked well, Dark loved nature and enjoyed the gardens and took to tending to them when the formal hired gardeners weren’t around. She also took on as much of the meal preparation as she could, her mistresses being so busy it gave her a way to repay them in a productive way that was beyond purely sexual.

As Dark hadn’t had contact with anyone other than her Mistresses for a whole year, she was naturally fearful the day that Raven brought White into this place she now called home. At first, she found it hard accepting another, worried she might be replaced and thrown back to the outside world. But Saffron and Raven made sure those fears were quickly dismissed. Indeed, in White’s first week, Dark had almost caused the newcomer to leave herself. One troubled night, in a moment of great turmoil amidst one of the many battles in her mind, Dark emerged from a nightmare to see White leaning over her. Still gripped by the fear and anger of her dream, she instinctively lashed out at White, leaving the girl with a black eye and bruised ribs. White’s screams had alerted the Mistresses, who with great effort managed to drag the raging Dark off the stunned girl, preventing worse injuries. Raven did her best to comfort Dark who was visibly distraught over what she’d unknowingly done to the new girl, while Saffron tended to White’s injuries in the bathroom, doing her best to explain the troubled past that still tormented Dark.

As Raven finished relating the harrowing tale, White’s compassion and forgiveness – her unrivaled strengths in the house – took hold as she sprinted to find Dark still sobbing in Saffron’s arms sat on the floor. As White entered the room, Dark turned her unshielded eyes away, sobbing that she was sorry. “It’s okay Dark, I forgive you,” was Whites simple reply. Dark slowly raised her head from her Mistress’ chest, turning toward the newcomer with a mix of surprise and confusion. “I’d still like to be your friend if I may,” White added. Dark simply whispered back the word “please,” prompting a smile from White who instinctively reached for the blindfold hanging up on the wall, holding it out towards her new friend. It was a gesture of simple kindness, not intended to prove anything to her Mistresses, but rather to show Dark that she honestly meant what she said. She truly did want to be her friend.

From that day forward, Dark never raised a finger to White ever again and the friendship evolved into a loving partnership built on an unbreakable bond. As it turned out, it was Dark rather than the Mistresses, who became the greatest reward in the house for White. Raven had spotted that in White when she first noticed the girl with her friends. Raven had worked for a few months in Daisy’s home town, and quickly took to observing the girl’s interactions. She quickly surmised that socially, Daisy was everyone’s friend yet nobody’s best friend, often in a crowd but on the periphery of it. And she could tell that the girl desperately longed for a more meaningful friendship.

On introducing herself to Daisy, Raven had not been the predatory physical seductress that she had with Poppy. Instead, she slowly befriended the girl, timing her breaks to match Daisy’s, in the coffee shop where she worked. Daisy would sit and chat during her breaks, and as Raven learned more about the girl’s life, she came to realise that all of her assumptions about the girl were spot-on. Daisy clearly was missing something in her life…something she craved more than anything…her own BFF.

Her invitation to the house only came after they had indeed spent a night together, Daisy’s’ first with another girl. Raven had been very gentle with her, but it was clear that Daisy had enjoyed the lead given during that night – exactly how she had wanted it to be, the one on one attention. The following morning, Daisy fully opened-up to Raven, confessing how she so desperately ached to find someone to spend time with doing all manor of things, an intimacy that would be more than merely sexual. Raven suggested that there was someone very dear to her that she would like Daisy to meet, and extended an offer for the girl to spend a weekend at the house. White saw her decision to accept the offer as an opportunity to discover herself, always planning in her own mind to leave the house after a short while. Little did she imagine that her stay would extend to two years and counting!

As part of their simultaneous morning routine, Dark and White washed and dressed side-by-side like any other couple, with the exception of washing gently around their respective coloured collars. Such was their commitment that neither had ever removed their own collars. As their names inside the house indicated, their wardrobes were essentially colour-coded, matching those of their two mistresses but not in any way confirming dedication to one or the other. After all, it was Saffron, always resplendent in her white, be it silks and satins or jeans and heels, who had found Dark. And it was the dark-robed Raven who discovered the girl who favoured the pure colour she was named after, occasionally sneaking in a little pink when she could.

Saturday attire then. Saturdays were fun days and easy to dress for… essentially underwear…sports bra style tops with cute cut shorts. They finished their outfits with a suitably coloured blouse which they had both taken to tying in the middle. Once done, they took a moment to brush each other’s hair and then ceremoniously finish each other’s outfits with their signature extras. For Dark, this was of course her blindfold. Although she had a dozen variations that had been gifted to her by her housemates, a humble piece of silk fabric, handmade by White, with elasticity enough to slide on and off was her normal choice. Each day, White would do the honour of sliding it over Dark’s eyes, and always followed doing so by placing a gentle kiss on Dark’s forehead.

White’s adornment was as symbolic to her, as the blindfold was to Dark. Being very soft-spoken, White often feared not knowing what to say in any given social moment. Raven had sensed this when she met her, witnessing her palpable nervousness in the outside world. The house, however, was all about taking the negative elements of the outside world away from the girls, so that they could feel completely comfortable in their home. To this end, it was Raven who suggested the gag. It offered a way for White to not have to worry about any expectation to speak, because the gag’s limitation would remove all expectations. A simple white band of material had evolved into a rope gag, then to a metal ring, and finally settling on her current white leather harnessed ball gag…the ball itself bright pink. Dark now had the reciprocal honour of fastening White’s gag and she did this gracefully, despite her own blindfold being in place. Dark always placed her own kiss on the ball itself, which started as a bit of a joke but had stuck as part of their morning ritual.

Finally prepared for the day, the two held hands as they padded barefoot off to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the household, Dark’s hand gliding across the walls and furniture as they quietly tiptoed past their sleeping Mistresses. Dark’s and White’s friendship was a true testimony to harmony in the household, emulating the Mistresses’ own light and shade relationship.

Once downstairs in the kitchen, Dark still blindfolded, quite capably found trays, bowls, cutlery and utensils, while White prepared fruit from the refrigerator and made a pot of coffee. White had taken over much of the food preparation, allowing her friend to remain blindfolded. Even when tending the gardens, Dark sheltered her eyes as much as possible with a large hat and veil, to maintain her secluded disposition.
Before heading back upstairs, they sat opposite one another as they did every morning, eating a bowl of cereal. Unaccompanied meal times were the only time, without a Mistress’ permission, that White would temporarily lower her gag. And even then, it was always Dark who did it for her, deepening the pair’s bond.

They both then proudly marched up the stairs, a tray in White’s outstretched arms with Dark holding her gently for guidance back into the master suite. Placing the tray on a stand beside the Grand bed, White poured Saffron her coffee and gently placed the cup down on her bedside cabinet. As the Mistresses awoke and sat up in bed, Dark and White took their places standing either side of them, next to their respective coloured Mistress. Dark feeling her way around the bed as she did every morning, her hand tracing around its edge. Raven turned to Dark as the girl lowered her head, kissing her on the forehead and reaching for her hand. “I hope you slept well my dear?” Dark answered quietly, “good morning Mistress, yes I did, thank you.”

At this point, a curious head had peered into view from the doorway to the girl’s rooms, observing the ritual being played out before her. She watched as White, silently of course, handed Saffron her coffee and similarly bowed her head for a kiss on her brow. “Thank you my dear,” Saffron acknowledged. The girls then swapped places, with White receiving her good morning kiss from Raven, and Dark tracing her way around the bed to Saffron and bowing her head. “Good morning Dark,” Saffron spoke softly. “Good morning Goddess,” the girl replied.

Poppy felt she should make her presence known. “Er…umm…good morning everyone,” she chirped as she stepped into the room, wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts, her neck newly adorned with her red silk collar. White spotted it immediately and skipped over to greet Poppy, reaching for Dark’s hand as she did. As the pair stood before the new girl, White’s eyes were twinkling with glee at what was around Poppy’s neck, and she guided her unsighted friend’s hand to it. Dark gasped, “A collar! A silk collar! May I please see Mistresses?” “Of course you can my dear,” spoke the Goddess who turned to Raven, the two of them exchanging smiles and reaching out to lace their fingers together.
Lifting her blindfold, Dark traced her finger around the silk. “It’s beautiful Poppy! Look at it White isn’t it perfect?” White was nodding, frantically switching her eye contact between the two, as Poppy felt herself suddenly overwhelmed by their excitement.

Dressed in a black silk full length gown, Raven had slipped out of the bed and walked around to the huddle of girls. She placed her fingers softly onto Poppy’s cheek and slid them down to the silk collar. She spoke softly, while staring down straight into the adoring eyes smiling back up at her. “Good morning Red. I hope you slept well with not too many disturbances.” She leaned down and kissed Poppy on the forehead, just as she had done with the others. Dark’s face beamed a smile. “Good morning Red!” she giggled, and kissed Poppy on the side of the head as White leaned in to kiss the other side.

Raven returned to her bed. The trio stood huddled together, as the girls admired the new adornment to Poppy’s neck. It was now Saffron, naturally in a long white silk gown to balance out her counterpart, who came over and kissed Poppy on the forehead. “It looks beautiful, Red,” she smiled. Poppy felt anxious in Saffron’s presence. “Thank you…er… Goddess.” She responded how she thought best. “You are our guest this weekend Red,” she smiled back, “you may participate in as many or as few of our rituals as you wish. We just want you to be comfortable at all times, is that okay?” Poppy instantly felt more relaxed at hearing these words. “Yes, Goddess, thank you,” dipping her head as she spoke, “I understand.”

“White, Dark would you take Red to the kitchen and see that she has a good breakfast? Maybe show her the garden, and we’ll see you a little later.” Silently the girls nodded, and White and Dark took Poppy by a hand each as they headed out of the room towards the stairs, Dark replacing her blindfold as they went.

Downstairs, they entered the kitchen and Dark once again felt around the furniture, opening a cupboard and then pausing to ask, “Er, what would you like for breakfast, Red?” Poppy smiled at the adoption of her new title, and sat down at the breakfast bar. Unlike when she first met the girls, the simple silk piece now around her neck made her feel a part of the household, and she loved having her house name. “Oh, er, what have you got, some fruit of some kind maybe?” Dark produced a bowl from the cupboard and with her hand out confidently found the edge of the breakfast bar and placed it down, she turned 180 degrees to face the refrigerator, opening the door and gently feeling for the lower shelf, knowing where the selection of fruit would be. “Oh, here let me help.” Red went to stand up, but as she did White intervened by silently raising her hand to catch Red’s attention. As they made eye contact, White quickly shook her head and Poppy returned to her seat. Seeing what she favoured, and hoping to assist Dark in some way, she spoke up. “May I have blueberries and strawberries please Dark?”

Dark felt the punnets of fruit and placed them over on the table, pushing the door of the refrigerator closed and taking a seat at the breakfast bar. White retrieved a spoon from one of the drawers. Red’s “Thanks” being met with a simple nod and a smile. The resident pair sat together opposite Red as she ate. White started to feel uncomfortable with the silence, but unable to do anything about it herself, she nudged Dark’s arm. “Oh, er…” Dark spoke. “So, would you like us to take you around the garden after your breakfast Red? “Thank you, that would be wonderful. I sneaked a peek from the roof last night,” the girl responded between mouthfuls. “Great, I’m sure you like it,” she smiled from beneath her blindfold.

Red sat there eating, trying not to stare, but overcome with curiosity she finally had to ask. “Um, do you wear those all the time?” As White nodded, Dark answered. “As much as we can, yes.” Silence once again descended. White’s eyes searched around in the silence, and finally after what felt like forever to her nervous mind, tapped four fingers in succession on Dark’s forearm. “Oh really? Okay,” she answered in response to what evidently was a coded touch from her counterpart. She reached over to her friends head and unbuckled her gag. Able to speak and feeling confident enough to do so, White quietly explained her own item’s relevance – that is was something symbolic about her character. She wasn’t forthcoming with Dark’s explanation, but did point out that they themselves chose to enforce it so diligently. It was their decision, and a way to honour the Mistresses. “You probably have a lot of questions,” Dark responded. “We’ll try and answer them.” “Thank you both,” Red sat with her empty bowl, “and I will ask, but I’m quite happy to observe for now.”

“Well, if it’s okay with you, I’ll put this back on,” White finished, gesturing to her restraint. Dark turned once more and assisted her friend skilfully and yet still unsighted. White then stood and took away the bowl and spoon. “Shall we head into the garden?” Dark asked. Red watched as White moved next to Dark and gently tapped on her friend’s temple. “Oh yes please, my usual one please,” Dark responded. With that, White left the room as Dark stood from her chair and walked carefully towards the entrance to the kitchen with her arms out, seeking guidance from the familiar features of the the furniture and walls. Red hopped down from her seat and cautiously touched Dark’s arm. “Would you like to take my arm Dark?” she happily asked, but Dark froze a little, obviously uncomfortable. “Er, erm no I…I’m fine but thank you.” Red backed off, a little surprised, but proceeded to follow the girl through the living room. She wanted to ask her more about the relevance of the blindfold, but sensed that it wasn’t the right time.

As they reached the large windowed doorway that overlooked the back garden, Dark stood with her hand flat on the glass until White caught up with them, now carrying a black cloth in her hand. White pressed a button on a nearby panel and the wall of glass silently slid aside, opening up the whole rear of the property onto the raised decking, which included a modest pool, and then steps down to meet the garden as it climbed up from the floor below. White took Dark’s hand and touched her with the material. Dark responded by lowering her head as White removed her blindfold and replaced it with the much thinner veil of material, enabling her to partially see, and the three of them proceeded to walk down the steps to the lawn ahead.

As Red felt her bare feet touch the soft grass, she thought of the contrast to the cool marble floor throughout the property. The three ambled up the centre of the lawn, adorned each side with flower beds, towards the large willow tree at the top of the hill. Beneath the tree was an expansive trellised outdoor seating area, built around a large bean bag structure. They turned and looked out at the view from which the whole of the property could be seen in it’s imposing size, but also the rest of the valley as it lay out beyond the house. White and Dark sat down side by side, White gestured for Red to cosy down beside them which she did. White and Dark cuddled together and White put her arm out to Red who instinctively sat down and snuggled in close as they all rested and took in the view together.

Poppy reflected on how the scene must have appeared, not that anyone could really see them. Three girls, in colour-coded collars and clothing, and not much clothing at that, enjoying one another’s delicate embrace and the peaceful morning. “I could stay here all day,” she exclaimed, smiling at her new friends, White nodding in agreement, her cheeks giving away her happiness. Looking at Red through her veil, Dark quietly spoke. “We have a few hours to relax until we’ll be needed by the Mistresses”.

Mistress Raven

Mistress Raven

A journey of self discovery over the last 5 years of my life has led me to who I am now, a confident feminine heel loving bisexual girl in a regular loving relationship with a feminine heel loving lesbian girlfriend. Along side her a dedicated submissive to whom I am Mistress whom I refer to as My Little One. With other special pets who I do my best to care for and nurture both locally and online. Naturally confident, aware of my imposing physical presence at over 5'10 before heels and being aware I tick the box on what the mainstream media currently deems as good looking. I have usually got who or what I want sexually. I don't follow anyone else's rules as a Mistress, finding my own natural way has worked so far. I have a caring protective nature and as with my day job as a teacher, a keen sense to develop and help any submissive willing to allow me to try. I have been medically confirmed as both an insomniac brought on by past events and a nymphomaniac, the latter I do not see as an illness that needs curing. I write, sometimes tragically, always emotionally. A House of Colours was inspired by my life, each character being based on a partner/much loved friend and it's in many ways helped me understand the coexistence of loving more than one person in an intimate way.

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“A House of Colours” Part 6 – Shadows & Light

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