The Slave Girl Part 2: The Second Slave

I don’t know how long I lay inside the closet, probably several hours judging by growling in my stomach. Master hadn’t feed me since my arrival and while I did have a nice send off meal before leaving the slave house, it clearly wasn’t enough to last all day. The tiny room was also a little chilly, and my naked skin was ill-prepared to deal with it. I spent most of the time shivering.

After what seemed like forever, I finally heard footsteps by the door. The lock clicked and Master opened the door. I blinked in the sudden light, but Master didn’t pay any attention to that. He just took me by my leash and lead me back down stairs. There an unexpected sight greeted me: a man sat on the floor next to one of the dog bowls. He was naked except for a collar and cock cage. It seems like Master has a second slave, and a well trained one at that: he looked at least as famished as I was if not more, yet the pellets in his dog bowl remained untouched.

“Look Adrian, it’s my new slave.” Master said. The man-Adrian- looked up from his food looked at me with complete disinterest. His eyes shifted to Master pleadingly. Master shook his head. “I know you want to eat, Adrian, but what kind of slave eats before his Master? Just be patient.” Master then untied my hands and started giving me orders. “Everything you need is on the counter. Get to work.”

The counter held a pot and some macaroni and cheese Kraft dinner. I set to work, which thankfully didn’t take long. I was hungry myself, and at one point my stomach growled audibly and Master laughed. “Looks like everyone’s hungry! Better hurry slave or we might all stave.”

After about ten minutes, I finally finished, and after handing Master the finished produced he waved his hand in Adrian’s direction. The slave then shamelessly put his face to the bowl. I walked over to my own bowl and did the same; too hungry to care how it looked.

After Master was done eating he took Adrian by the collar, told me to stay where I was, and took him upstairs. After about a minute Master came down for me, and took me upstairs as well.

I was back in Master’s bedroom. Adrian had his hands tied behind his back; he was also leashed to the bedpost, keeping him in place. Master took out a riding crop and, to my shock, gave it to me.

“I don’t like how little Adrian here has been acting.” Said Master “He whines far too much, and has been very bratty recently. He is in desperate need for punishment, and you’re going to give it to him.”

“…Yes Master” I said hesitantly. I had never done the punishing before, and I couldn’t fathom why Master wanted me to do it. Still, if it was Master’s will, then so be it.

“You strike when I tell you to, got it?” Master said. I nodded and turned toward Adrian. I noticed the words ‘Bitch Boy’ were tattooed on his ass. “Now!” Master ordered. I hit Adrian’s ass with the riding crop, with a slight gasp escaping him.

Master shook his head. “He will never learn his lesson if you go easy on him, hit him again. This time harder.”

I obeyed, this time with all my strength. Adrian screamed at a pitch I didn’t even know men were capable of. Master looked pleased. “Yes, yes, just like that. Do it again!”

I repeated the action as many times as Master told me too. I had lost count of how many times I hit Adrian, but by the time Master took the riding crop back his ass was thoroughly bruised.

Master wasted no time giving me more orders. “Get on the bed, on your stomach with your pussy out.”

I did as I was told, sticking my ass out to provide Master easy accesses to my pussy. He touched the tip of the riding crop to it, and I grew worried. Would he punish me to? I thought back, wondering if I had done something to upset him when the crop was removed and quickly replaced with Master’s fingers. They slowly dipped inside, and I moaned. As I started to grow wet, Master stopped finger fucking me and slid his cock in my pussy. I was starting to enjoy myself until Master took his cock out and slammed it into my asshole.

I screamed and squirmed, earning me a strike from the riding crop. Master fucked my ass hard, occasionally hitting my thighs with the crop. He started to moan, kept going harder and harder on my ass until just as suddenly as it started he pulled out, and squirted his cum all over Adrian’s face.

Adrian, who had been watching with arousal, looked shocked and humiliated to find cum on his face. Master laughed and used his cock to spread it around some more on poor Adrian’s face and hair.

When Master was done, he sat between Adrian and me. “Alright slaves, start cleaning my cock.” He ordered. I leaned over and started licking Master’s cock clean. Adrian did the same, and our faces rubbed together and I got some cum on me. When Master thought his cock was clean enough he first tied my hands together, though this time by the front. He then took us both by our collars and walked toward the little closet space I had been stored in earlier and threw us both in. It seems like Adrian and I were meant to share this tiny space.


Story Teller

Story Teller

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The Slave Girl Part 2: The Second Slave

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